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    Get Creative with PolyGlide Synthetic Ice

    Get Creative with PolyGlide Synthetic Ice

    There are now so many options when it comes to ice skating including owning your own PolyGlide Synthetic Ice rink to practice skating at home.

    Hundreds of thousands of people head out to the rink with each passing season to disconnect from their phones for a few hours just to enjoy a leasurely skate.

    Unfortunately, this may not be the case depending on where your live.

    Having easy access to ice can be a challenge for many people looking to hit the ice each year.

    Initial reports have some famous ice rinks closing due to health concerns and anticipated low attendance.

    Many of these rinks depended on hundreds of daily visitors.

    They can lose thousands of dollars in overhead costs and reduced business.

    Rink closures are a huge blow to avid ice skaters who look forward to ice skating with friends and family.

    Recently many ice rinks are forging ahead with implementing strict protocols in place for safety.

    For instance, the famous Cosmopolitan skating rink in Las Vegas will be going ahead as planned, limited to 60 skaters.

    For others, being fully operational to the public may not be possible.

    However, there may still be some ways that businesses and skaters can pivot to enjoy the ice sports they love so much.

    From going virtual to investing in synthetic ice tiles, here are some holiday ice rinks alternatives to consider.


    Culver City Ice Rink

    The Businesses of Ice Rinks

    Skating rinks and other holiday ice rinks may be seasonal, but the business is a multimillion-dollar market.

    Ice rinks make money from using the rink, concession stands, skate rentals, and even skate sharpening.

    Holiday ice rinks also employ hundreds of people for seasonal work. 

    Covid Rink Safety

    It’s All about Safety.

    While several rinks will be closed due to restrictions or profitability, for those who aren’t mandated, safety must be the top priority.

    Simple steps like masks, spaced out customer traffic, sanitizing equipment, and temperature checks can minimize issues.

    Even with safety protocols in place, there will still be a significant decline in traffic.

    So there are a few ways that businesses can pivot to make the most of the holiday season

    Consider Exclusive Rentals. 

    People love exclusivity, and for ice skating, it will be no different.

    To compensate for revenue, holiday ice rinks should consider renting out the rink on particular days for small corporate events like skating discos, team bonding, or fun tournaments.

    Companies are still looking for ways to improve their staff morale.

    A controlled event in an open space like ice skating can do just that.

    More importantly, rink owners can charge corporate rates per skater, increasing overall profit.

    These holiday rink owners will need to show safety protocols at the rink.

    Consider marketing to nearby firms, small businesses, and even celebrities to book as many personal, safe events as possible. 

    Skating Event

    Host a Virtual Skating Event.

    Why not put on a show?

    Collaborate with amateur and professional figure skaters or dance troupes to put on a virtual event.

    You can have skating enthusiasts pay for exclusive access to the event.

    With the impact of covid-19, virtual events have risen significantly.

    Persons are more likely to pay for special occasions they can view in the comfort of their own homes.

    The added income from virtual events can supplement the lost revenue from reduced capacity.


    Get Creative


    Care for a Collab?

     In these difficult times, businesses are stronger together.

    A collaborative event or effort can be profitable for both parties.

    How can your company team up with another to create a successful event or promotion?

    This may even mean collaborating with your competition.

    For instance, companies like ours sell synthetic ice tiles that can be used at home.

    Can your team provide virtual training lessons or sell skates to these users?

    For many holiday ice rink providers, staying afloat means being creative and stepping out of their comfort zones. 

    Home Skaters Need to Pivot Too.

    With over 6 million active skaters in the country, there will be always be a need for available ice time.

    For many, skating is more than a seasonal activity; it’s a way of life.

    Others are just excited to hone their skills, learn skating, or connect with their friends and family in a fun way.

    Best of all, it’s a tradition that connects thousands of families.

    With major ice rinks closing for the holidays, it seems to be all but over.

    We know the joy that skating brings and that joy is what motivated us to create our company.

    Luckily, there are a few ways to still enjoy skating no matter where you live, regardless of climate.

    Backyard Rink

    Build Your own Backyard Rink

    Have some space in your backyard?

    Why not take on a cool holiday project?

    Get your friends or family together and build a backyard rink.

    Even during these difficult times, you can build a relatively inexpensive rink.

    Look for a level surface in your back yard.

    If the space appears sloped, you’ll need to fill it in.

    You’ll also need to time it well, starting the days leading up to the first freeze.

    Then you’ll need materials for rink walls (wood, PVC, or special sideboards) and brackets to hold them in place.

    You can even get professionally made dasher boards for that authentic rink feel.

    Next, fill up your rink with water and let nature get to work.

    In short order, you’ll have a rink that you, your friends, and your family can enjoy. 


    synthetic ice


    Take it Inside with PolyGlide Synthetic Ice Tiles.

    Does setting up a DIY backyard rink sound tedious?

    Or maybe you don’t have the weather in your favor.

    Then consider investing in Polyglide Synthetic Ice tiles.

    Synthetic ice tiles are made of a strong but smooth polymer that’s perfect for skating and quite portable at only 10lbs. each.

    These tiles connect like puzzle pieces and can fit on almost any hard surface.

    On these smooth polymer sheets, you can use regular ice skates and have an amazng skating experience.

    You can choose infused ice, which are self-lubircating tiles.

    These maintain their smoothness and has less friction.

    Non-infused need a additional liquid enhancer but has been known to stay cleaner for longer.

    To set up your synthetic ice tiles:

    • Measure your room, driveway, deck or backyard. Leave a small space at the edges to compensate for swelling due to heat.
    • Order your panels. At Polyglide Ice, we have panels available for any skating activity. However, we can customize your panels to fit your space.
    • Once you receive them, install your panels using a soft mallet. Make sure the surface is flat and even. If it isn’t, plywood boards can help. 

    So if you have a spare room, basement, it’s a great way to start or continue skating in the safety of your home.

    Synthetic ice panels like ours can last more than a decade, so you can pick them up and reuse them for the holidays.

    Or you can use them around throughout the year to become an exceptional skater or stay in shape.


    PolyGlide Curling Rink

    Try Your Hand at Curling!

    With these changes in effect, it’s a great time to try something new.

    Besides ice skating, there are other fun, safe ice activities you can try at home.

    We’re a big fan of curling.

    The sport has been around for more than 400 years and involves sliding large stones along ice towards a target area.

    Curling rinks have gone indoors for some time now and our PolyGlide-Pro Curling Synthetic Ice Rinks can be installed virtually anywhere!

    You can set up a curling rink in a spare room or family room for hours of fun.

    A small, trusted group of friends could come over and enjoy the holiday your way. 

    Still Venture Out (Safely)

    While some popular rinks will be closed, there may be smaller rinks in your area open for business.

    If you’re comfortable heading out and confident in your safety protocols, then try a smaller rink.

    Research the rules and safety measures in place by the rink, to help you make a better decision.

    If possible, schedule the time you’ll be visiting to minimize your interactions.

    Take your own skates if possible.

    If you can safely navigate the rink, you’ll be doing your part to help rink owners stay afloat in what has been a challenging year. 


    The last few years have created an unfortunate blow to many businesses including the local ice rinks that we’ve enjoyed for years.

    With the large crowds some rinks draw, it’s understandable why most rinks have no choice but to close up shop; some of their biggest clients won’t be investing in rinks this year.

    However, for those that are up and running, these challenging times can bring out creativity and resilience that can help for years to come. 

    Skaters will also feel disappointed this year.

    However, there are alternatives, like a portable home rink, that anyone can enjoy with close friends and family.    

    Take a second and check out some of our most popular rink packages that are easy to assemble and will have you skating in no time!

    PolyGlide Ice - Home Ice Tiles

    PolyGlide Ice - Pro-Glide Panels


    Keep on Skating! 

    Jim Loughran, PolyGlide Ice


    Synthetic Ice: How To Build and Maintain Your Backyard Rink

    Synthetic Ice: How To Build and Maintain Your Backyard Rink

    The backyard ice rink has a long history....almost as long as people have been lacing-up!

    Ice skating is one of the oldest sports known and one of the first in the London Olympics in 1908.

    Since then, the sport has evolved to different disciplines including short speed skating and long speed skating.

    Ice skating also added team sports to the mix with hockey, curling, and other amazing sports.

    However, that meant avid skaters did not have access to skating facilities in the offseason.

    The creation of indoor rinks allowed ice skating year-round, but there was still one underserved group:

    the synthetic ice skating rink

    What is an Synthetic Ice Skating Rink?

    Artificial ice skating rinks are made of a strong, interlocking polymer sheet.

    The panels come infused with a self-lubricating compound that reduces friction and creates a fantastic skating experience. Some panels are non-infused and need occasional treatment with a gliding compound.

    The panels. could be cut into almost any shape, with rectangular panels the most popular.

    The panels connect like puzzle pieces and cover a large surface area.

    The area is cordoned off using plywood, or special boards, then a topper to make the rink look polished.

    One popular public rink is the Rockefeller Center, with several rinks popping up in malls, fairs, and amusement parks around the world. 

    backyard ice rink

    Moving to the backyard

    As synthetic panels became more affordable and accessible, hundreds of people across the country started creating their own artificial ice skating rinks.

    With all that space in the backyard, why not a backyard ice rink?

    It’s a great training tool for advanced ice skaters, figure skaters, and hockey players.

    Newcomers can have a fun space to learn skating and playing their favorite ice sport.

    However, there are some key steps everyone should take to build and maintain their backyard artificial ice skating rink.

    Choose your space

    Based on the size space you have available, you may have some options as to where you’ll place your backyard ice rink.

    That will also determine theoverall size.

    Make sure to avoid excess water or areas that could potentially damage your skating space.

    Choose Your Tools.

    The panels easily fit into each other, so you will need just a few tools to create the perfect rink.

    Helpful tools include a measuring tape, a level, and a soft mallet.

    If the rink will be self-contained, you will need boards for the enclosure.

    Depending on the size of the rink, you may need to recruit some help.

    Keep a level head

    It’s important to start out with a level surface area in the back yard.

    Artificial ice panels usually need hard surface but most backyards are grass-filled.

    An uneven surface can create a poor skating experience. Furthermore, uneven surfaces affect the longterm durability of your panels.

    Find the most even ground in the backyard.

    If your backyard space has no grass or soil, that’s perfect.

    In the event the ground is made of dirt and uneven, try filling the uneven spaces with soil.

    That would help when it’s time to lay down the subfloor. 

    Measure twice, cut once

    Mark the area you’re going to use with some string after measuring with tape.

    That way you can calculate how many artificial panels you will need for the rink.

    Rink builders can waste time and money by ordering too many or few artificial panels.

    Feel free to contact the company to help estimate the panels you’ll need.

    You can actually save time and money by purchasing 1-2 large panels instead of smaller panels. 

    Time For a Subfloor

    With the panels in your possession, it’s time to decide on the subflooring.

    Do you need a sub-flooring? Well, it depends. If the yard is grass, sub-flooring is crucial.

    Even a paved surface may have uneven parts.

    An underlay such as ¾” plywood panels can help create a smooth skating experience.

    Measure the area and install the subfloor or deck before installing the artificial ice panels.

    Connecting your artificial ice panels

    Artificial panels come with interlocking edges for a smooth installation.

    Make sure the panels connect smoothly and fit well on top of the sub-flooring panel.

    Make sure to check the panels to make sure they are level. Use a level tool if necessary.

    Based on the size of the panels, you will need help to move them and fit them into place.

    Adding the boards

    To finish the rink, you may want to install some barriers. Ice skating may not need these boards.

    Ice hockey, however, can get a bit physical.

    Also, a hockey puck can travel at rapid speeds and damage the surrounding property.

    A dasher board is the lower part of the rink enclosure.

    Rink owners can opt for flexible plywood. In some cases, you can also use a similar polyethylene material to the ice panels.  

    Install the dasher board using brackets to fasten them to the boards.

    The boards cannot be fastened to the artificial ice panels.

    Those brackets can damage the panels in the long run.

    However, you can attach the dasher boards to the ground or subflooring.

    Install the panels around the space, leaving an open part for easy entry and exit. 


    A backyard ice rink can be fun for ice skating and hockey for your family.

    Synthetic panels are durable and usually lasts for several years.

    However, properly maintaining your rink makes sure this happens.

    There are some simple steps to take to make sure your rink stays fresh and even improves with quality over time.

    Cleaning your artificial ice rink

    A common question we get is “can I use my regular skates on artificial panels?”

    Yes, you can!

    Metal skates work well and will not damage your rink.

    Hard stops and turns, however, will create shavings, which is normal.

    Grooves in the panel actually improve the skating experience.

    You can clear the shavings with a soft broom.

    Over time, the rink will accumulate dust and dirt.

    Skating will leave grooves in the panels which can get scuffed.

    More importantly, dirt can increase friction, which can create a poor skating experience.

    Based on how often you and your family use the rink, clean the panels once weekly.

    Spray or spread a simple surface cleaner over the rink.

    Then use a clean mop to remove the dirt.

    Both infused and non-infused surfaces need to be cleaned based on the frequency of use. 

    Dealing with the weather

    If the rink is in the backyard, it will have to deal with different types of weather during the year.

    When installing the panels and dasher board, make sure there is space at the edges.

    Artificial panels, like laminate flooring, can expand with rising temperatures.

    Those hot summer days will be great for skating, however, be aware of other changes in weather.

    While some water on the rink is harmless, excess rain can reduce the life of the panels.

    During the months with excess rain, you will need to cover the rink when it’s not in use.

    Use a large tarp or other water-resistant covering. 

    The same goes for winter months if you live in an area that’s prone to snow.

    A frozen, artificial ice rink sounds like more fun. But ice can damage the artificial panels.

    As counterintuitive as it sounds, make sure to cover the rink during the winter. 

    Resurface your rink for best results

    Over time, you may feel like your skating experience is diminishing, even with excellent care.

    Like a car you’ve had for years, your infused and non-infused surfaces can use an occasional tune-up.

    Make sure to get a synthetic ice conditioner.

    The liquid is made of the same compound that gives the panels its skating ability. T

    o apply, mix some of the synthetic conditioner with some water and add to a spray bottle.

    Then mist it over the panel. You’ll have a skating experience that’s comparable to your neighborhood ice rink.


    Artificial ice skating panels have evolved over the years.

    Now they emulate the skating experience, are easy to install, and lasts for years.

    It’s no wonder that skating enthusiasts are choosing to create their own skate spaces in the backyard. 

    Use your imagination when skating.

    Play ice hockey with your kids and friends, pick up a new sport, shoot some video for YouTube, or practice your figure skating moves.

    At the same time, it’s important you maintain the rink. 

    Make sure to remove dirt with a simple cleaner occasionally.

    Avoid harsh chemicals that can strip the panels and cause excess friction.

    Make sure to protect the rink with a cover during harsh weather conditions. Treat your rink with a fresh coat of conditioner every now and then. 

    If you need help with building and maintaining your artificial ice rink, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    We can guide you with the right type, size of panels, and tools to build and maintain your space.

    Most of all, we love helping our customers with their DIY rink projects!



    Synthetic Ice: Green Future for the Ice Rink Industry

    Synthetic Ice: Green Future for the Ice Rink Industry

    The world is placing more and more attention on developing a greener future.

    At our current rate, we are at risk of leaving a damaged earth for our grandchildren.

    So now, green is everywhere.

    The places where we consume the most energy, like agriculture and the food system, are taking steps to reduce climate change. 

    Even in sport and pastimes like ice skating, we can do our part.

    As creators of synthetic ice, we know all of its practical uses:

    • It’s easily accessible.
    • It’s durable
    • And scalable
    For the uninitiated, synthetic ice tiles are panels made of high-quality polyethylene material. These tiles can be placed in your desired location for “ice skating.” You use your metal skates for an experience that compares to the real thing.

    However, we also believe that it’s the ideal green future option.

    The healthier the environment, the more we’ll be able to enjoy the sport.

    Climate change, however, can and will affect skating.

    Here are some of the challenges skating faces today and in the future and how synthetic ice panels can do their part for a greener future. 

    outdoor rinks and climate change

    Outdoor rinks and climate change

    The dangers of climate change, pollution, and our massive carbon footprints permeate every facet of our lives, even skating.

    We don’t see the effects daily but over time it will begin to take its toll.

    For instance, we all wait excitedly for the winter so we can skate on frozen ponds or make our rinks at home. 

    What we may not realize is that we’ve lost 15 days of skating over the last 50 years.

    In certain parts of Canada, for instance, you can get 60 solid days of outdoor skating.

    In another 50 years, that will drop by one-third.

    It’s not impossible to see a future where kids won’t be able to skate outside anymore. 

    Robert McLeman, associate professor of geography and environmental studies at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., is running an experiment to track the temperatures of backyard rinks in North America.

    Based on the data, the temperatures are steadily increasing, which would impact the quality of ice.

    In a few years, when we lose precious days on the ice because of temperature swings, we’ll wonder if setting up our backyard rinks are even worth it (mainly because they are so time-consuming and difficult to get right).

    So what can we do?

    is going synthetic a green option

    Is going synthetic a green option?

    Opting for synthetic ice panels helps in a few ways.

    Having at-home panels or rinks means reducing our carbon footprint to get to and from an outdoor rink.

    It’s installed once and provides repeated use without hundreds of gallons of water and other materials.

    We also earn back some of those days we’ve lost skating in the winter.

    Synthetic ice panels are versatile, meaning they can last throughout the year.

    The same goes for businesses with ice rinks.

    Swapping your outdoor rink for a sustainable option significantly reduces energy and water.

    You get a positive return on your investment within the first year.

    Synthetic panel manufacturers have improved the sourcing of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

    That means our materials have a reduced impact on the environment.

    For instance, we developed our polymer panels with our patented “Pro Glide Infused” technology with non-toxic materials.

    We continue to look for ways to reduce waste, recycle materials, and provide more environmentally friendly products for our customers. 

    While synthetic ice a viable option, nobody wants to see ice rinks gone completely.

    Natural ice feels amazing, mainly through the winter months.

    That’s why we must all do our part to fight climate change.

    The minor changes can slow the effects and make skating accessible just a bit longer.

    refrigerated ice rink

    What about a refrigerated rink?

    Installing a refrigerated rink in your own home is the ultimate goal for some ice skaters.

    Our favorite NHL teams and figure skaters compete on massive refrigerated ice surfaces.

    So who wouldn’t want a rink they could use to practice their craft or have some fun whenever they wanted?

    Imagine the competitive advantage you’ll have training longer and harder than your peers.

    But is it the ideal “green” option?

    Running a sizeable refrigerated rink is an energy-intensive endeavor.

    A large, community refrigerated rink, for instance, can take a minimum of 600,000 kWh per year in just refrigeration alone.

    When you factor in lighting, pumps, temperature control of the facility, and other equipment, the energy consumption can easily be 3 or 4 times more. 

    When you factor in peak load times and rate changes, it can really add up.

    There’s also the matter of the materials used to operate a rink.

    For instance, the rink would need a liquid that would flow through pipes at a constant low temperature to keep things frozen. 

    While ammonia could save thousands of dollars in energy costs, its toxic nature goes against the very idea of a “green” rink.

    These same issues translate to an at-home rink.

    At-home refrigeration rinks are more accessible, using the same concept on a smaller scale.

    Now, there are some energy-saving steps to manage the rink.

    For instance, you can take steps to regulate heat loss and opt for eco-friendly lighting.

    You can even find ways to reduce water use for a greener image.

    However, you’ll still be using significantly more energy and adding a large carbon footprint. 

    should you then get rid of the ice

    Should you then get rid of the ice?

    In certain situations, like professional sports, refrigerated ice is required.

    But these organizations must do their part to reduce energy consumption and use sustainable energy.

    The NHL, for instance, has a range of helpful initiatives, including supporting rinks across the country to adopt sustainable practices and a pledge across the league to reduce energy costs and develop green business practices.

    The initiatives can impact some of the over 4,800 indoor refrigerated ice rinks in the country. 

    If you’re installing a synthetic ice rink at home, you too can do the same.

    There are more energy-efficient materials and chillers on the market. 

    However, you and your family should think about going synthetic, especially if you’re looking to have a green ice skating future.

    Replacing it with synthetic ice takes the refrigeration process out of the equation.

    If hundreds of homes around the country were to adopt this approach, we could save hundreds of thousands of kWh every year.                                                                                     savings for years to come  

    Savings for years to come

    Those savings aren’t realized in just one year.

    Because of the product’s durability, synthetic ice typically lasts for ten years (or more with some extra TLC).

    Imagine the energy a refrigerated space consumes over that same period!

    A commercial refrigerated ice rink, for instance, can consume as much as 2 million kWh of energy per year.

    If a few were to opt for non-refrigerated rinks instead, the savings would be a game-changer.

    What to consider when setting up an ice rink

    When you’re adding a rink to your space, whether home or business, you should be thinking about the long-term impact of your decision.

    Adopting a greener image before you start helps you make the right decision so you can get the best out of your space while not impacting the environment. Consider factors like:

    • What kind of energy will the rink consume?
    • How will I source the materials?
    • Will maintenance harm the environment?
    • What’s the cost (economic, social, etc.) of going synthetic/natural/refrigerated?

    When you become more intentional with your decision, you’ll realize that although synthetic ice panels have ‘plastic’ origins, their green benefits far outweigh that of other natural options. 

    Synthetic Ice: A real green option in ice skating

    When thinking about our future, everything we do must be green.

    We must have a world where our grandchildren will not feel the effects of our footprint.

    Since the 1960s, our carbon footprint has increased 11-fold.

    And while we’ve made some strides in improving our pollution, consumption, and energy use, it’s a small move compared to our current consumption habits.

    What does this have to do with synthetic ice?

    Everything we do, we need to consider the “green” option, from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and yes, even what we skate on.

    If there’s a way to reduce our energy use, water consumption and avoid toxic materials, we should take it.

    Synthetic ice has come a long way from its birth in the 1960s.

    Now, we make it with non-toxic, recyclable, and sustainable materials.

    Even the slip agents used to resurface synthetic rinks are environmentally friendly.

    Furthermore, synthetic ice can last for ten years or more.

    When the time comes to replace your rink, you can do so safely and sustainably. 

    At Polyglide Ice, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality synthetic ice panels on the market created with a green future in mind.

    If you’re looking to install your first rink in your home or business or upgrade your existing rink, contact us today. 





    How To Use Synthetic Ice Rinks For Party Rentals

    How To Use Synthetic Ice Rinks For Party Rentals

    Ice skating is one of the best activities to stay active, build strength, balance, and endurance.

    Best of all, it’s lots of fun.

    But, do you know where we have the most fun?

    Ice skating parties!

    Ice skating parties bring together skating enthusiasts or kids for birthdays.

    If you own a synthetic ice rink or you are thinking of building a rink, party rentals should be a part of your vision.   

    kids party

    Types of Ice Rink Parties 

    The pandemic has changed the way we enjoy experiences.

    We want small, personalized, niche events after spending so much time in quarantine.

    Today, there are almost three million active skaters.

    This is a great market to rent out an ice skating space for skating-themed events like parties.

    Here are some ideas to consider: 

    • Birthday parties: Kids will enjoy a themed birthday party on the ice. Think Frozen or Disney On Ice for your decorations. For hockey players, they would love a hockey-themed event. Parents can rent out an ice rink and encourage kids to come with their skates. 
    • Graduation parties: Teens love to throw separate parties to celebrate their high school graduation. A themed event on ice can be an experience they won’t forget.  
    • Holiday parties: The Holidays are all about the ice! Celebrate Christmas with your family or office team. It’s the busiest time of the year, so rink owners should encourage organizers to rent the rink in advance. 
    • Fundraisers: A party or special event on the ice is a great way to fundraise. People are always looking to contribute to causes they believe in. An ice rink party or event helps them to invest while having fun. 
    • Hockey or Figure Skating Team Parties: There are hundreds of hockey and ice-skating teams across the country. A party on the ice helps everyone celebrate a successful season. Ice rink owners can rent out the space to the team for a get-together with the team along with coaches and family members. 

    If you’re passionate about ice skating and have been thinking about setting up your own rink for commercial use, you’ll have a couple of options.

    The ice rinks most people think about are refrigerated ice rinks.

    These are the rinks you’ll see in NHL games and big spaces like The Rink at Rockefeller Center. 

    However, there are also synthetic ice rinks.

    These have surged in popularity and have many advantages, particularly for commercial use.

    Let’s touch on what is a synthetic ice rink, the pros and cons, and how you can set one up for party rentals.   

    Synthetic Ice Party Rentals 

    Metal Blades 

    What if you could ice skate with your actual metal blades on something that’s not “ice”?

    It’s not frozen water, but a material called synthetic ice.

    Synthetic ice is made of a unique, ultra-dense polymer.

    It’s crafted as large panels while looking and feeling just like ice.

    By simply connecting the boards, you can create an artificial space that anyone can skate with their actual metal skates.  

    Most are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE).

    These materials determine factors like durability and performance. Synthetic ice rinks have been around for decades.

    Technology and advancements in production have allowed rinks to be customized.

    You can now get synthetic ice for a small room in your home, a large backyard, or your commercial space like a mall or rooftop. 

    Refrigerated vs. Synthetic: Pros and Cons 

    If these rinks sound too good to be true, let’s look at the pros and cons.

    The best thing we can compare them to is your standard refrigerated rink.

    These rinks use a combination of water, coolant, and significant refrigeration components (like the ones in your home freezer).  


    • The time to set up a synthetic ice rink is shorter than a refrigerated ice rink. Once you have the panels and rink walls, you connect the panels like puzzle pieces. Refrigerated rinks require professional installation, several moving parts, and even the possibility of failure. 
    • With synthetic panels, you save on electricity. Commercial refrigerated rinks require significant electricity to power the space continually.  
    • Synthetic ice rinks for commercial spaces due require an up-front investment. However, the cost is cheaper than a commercial refrigerated rink. The ongoing maintenance cost can rack up compared to a synthetic ice rink that needs minimal maintenance, which can be done by 1-2 persons. Synthetic ice panels are durable, lasting as much as ten years with proper care.  
    • Synthetic ice is excellent for party rentals because of its portability. Suppose the client has a large space available. The rink can be moved via truck to their location. Refrigerated rinks aren’t portable.  


    • Of course, synthetic ice rinks aren’t made of natural ice. Some skaters may prefer the feeling and atmosphere of a refrigerated rink. 
    • Synthetic ice rinks do contain a bit of friction. This can limit the speed and smoothness of skating. As a plus, skaters enjoy using synthetic ice rinks as the friction improves their power over time.  
    • Rinks can cause ice shavings over time. These ice shavings can limit the quality of skating if not cleaned consistently. 

    Rink Set Up

    Setting Up Your Rink 

    Now it’s time to get your synthetic ice rink for party rentals.

    Doing synthetic ice party rentals the right way involves setting up a business.

    Of course, several steps include registering your business, strategy, marketing, accounting, and so on.

    First, we will cover setting up your rink for the best results. 

    • You’ll need to determine where you’ll have your rink. Is the rink an indoor or outdoor rink? Will you allow the rink to be moved at the client’s request? Once you know the rink’s location, you can start measuring the rink’s dimensions. Remember, with synthetic ice, the panels are a standard size. That means you don’t need to have a 200-foot space standard in competitive hockey. You’ll want a space that’s perfect for a large group to skate comfortably.  
    • Contact your provider to order your rink panels. For example, at PolyGlide Ice, we help customers navigate commercial orders over the phone. You will need ‘panels’ and not ‘tiles’ for your rink. Panels are thicker, heavier tiles designed for heavy traffic. Tiles are great for at-home use. 
    • Once your tiles are freight-shipped to your location, you will need help to set things up. Using a rubber mallet and some manpower, you can carefully set up your synthetic ice rink. Each panel can weigh as much as 80 lbs., so don’t set it up alone! Add in your rink walls to give the rink a professional look. 
    • Your next steps will all involve the management of your party rentals. These steps include deciding if to move the rink to different locations at the customer’s request.  
    • Remember after every rental to clean your rink. Synthetic ice rinks are easy to maintain. Remove the shavings with a soft brush or mop and clean any dirt with warm, soapy water. Occasionally, you’ll need to reapply a surface conditioner to keep the rink in top shape. Surface conditioner is a special liquid that improves the skating experience of the panel.  


    Business Plan

    How Much Should I Charge For My Ice Rink Party Rental? 

    With an ice rink party rental, you have the power of flexibility.

    You can charge per hour or a set price for the entire day.

    There are additional transport and setup costs if you need to move the rink to another space.

    As you begin to understand your process, you can add other services to increase the value of your synthetic ice rink.

    For instance, you can have a complete package to plan the event, including food, games, and activities.   

    Look at similar businesses or rental services, compare costs, and apply your prices accordingly.  

    Should You Include Ice Skates? 

    ice skates

    You can’t use a rink without ice skates! Unfortunately, we all don’t own a pair of ice skates.

    If your client wants to use your rink for a party rental, the question about skates will pop up.

    Including ice, skates can make your rental more attractive to clients.

    However, there are added responsibilities and costs that come with rental skates.  

    Get a costing from a wholesale supplier or supplier of skates for commercial rinks.

    From there, you can compare the costs of acquiring and managing the skates (e.g., sharpening the skates) to the benefits of having the rink.

    Of course, you will earn more from skate rentals, so weigh the pros and cons.

    Another option is collaborating with a company or wholesaler to provide the skates for your events or rentals.

    That way, you can be hands-off with the skates and focus on your synthetic ice rink. 


    Have a rink that clients will love 

    Synthetic ice rinks are becoming more popular, particularly for home use.

    Yet, there are some ways you can maximize your investment.

    These fantastic panels have various commercial uses, and party rentals are a great income stream.

    Ice skating parties are a fun way to connect and celebrate.

    You can position yourself as the primary provider of these services in your town, city, or even state.

    Start with one rink, build packages, have rental options, and expand your business as you see fit.

    The possibilities are endless.  

    Thousands across the country have used our commercial-grade synthetic ice panels.

    We understand what rink owners need, having built several rinks ourselves.

    If you have the vision and need guidance, fill out our quote questionnaire or email us for a consultation.

    We will walk you through ordering your tiles, shipping them, and providing friendly advice on the only way PolyGlide Ice can do it.

    We’ve seen major success with our synthetic ice business, and we can’t wait to see what you will do with yours. 

    10 Business Opportunitites for Your New Synthetic Ice

    10 Business Opportunitites for Your New Synthetic Ice

    When we lace up our skates and hit the ice, all we think about is gliding across the ice, competing with our friends, or having a great time with our family.....but what about the possible business opportunities?

    We barely – if ever – think about how the ice got there in the first place.

    There are hundreds of rinks around the country of different sizes and uses.

    Some are professional-sized rinks, and others are portable synthetic ice projects.  

    If you’re reading this article, you may be thinking about moving from the consuming side of skating to the producing side.

    You’ve got that entrepreneurial itch, and you’re trying to marry your passion for the ice with creating your own skating business.

    Starting an ice rink sounds like a daunting (and expensive!) task, and it can be.

    However, there are ways to turn this drip of an idea into a full-flowing rink everyone can enjoy.

    Starting an ice rink has many moving parts, but the location of your rink is essential to its success.  

    The location will ultimately determine the profitability of your new venture.

    Of course, you’d want to be in a space that can attract nearby skaters or pique the curiosity of new customers.

    Placing your ice rink in the right space will give you the right mix of traffic and avid skaters.

    This is especially important during the winter, where ice skating is more accepted.

    If you’re struggling to decide on a location for your rink, these ideas can help get your creative juices flowing.  

    Some of these locations will sound far-fetched.

    However, with synthetic ice, you’ll be able to use almost any surface or area to install your rink.

    We’ll cover a bit on synthetic ice later, but let’s jump into the list for now. 

    Business Opportunities

    1. Spruce up an Unused Warehouse 

    Warehouses are an excellent place to set up an ice rink.

    These are often ideal locations with massive, covered floor space.

    A warehouse can be converted into one massive rink or multiple smaller rinks for different uses.

    For instance, one rink can be for hockey training, another for private events, and another for recreational activity.

    Look for warehouse locations in the area and negotiate with the owner.

    Warehouses are generally cheaper to rent per square foot than a corporate space, usually because you’ll have to put some extra resources into making it into the area you desire.  

    2. Ice-Up that Corporate Space 

    The 2020 pandemic brought an exodus of corporate spaces but has also provided many business opportunities.

    More and more businesses decided to go remote, leaving large corporate spaces unused.

    Many companies still show no signs of returning to the office anytime soon and have changed their business structure to accommodate their employees.

    However, you can convert some of these large corporate spaces into something else.

    Building owners are eager to get new renters into the area, so you can negotiate to set up your ice rink.

    Corporate spaces may be smaller (and more expensive) than warehouses.

    However, you have the advantage of being in a high-traffic location, often with high-income earners.

    Your ice-skating business can attract customers interested in skating for exercise, providing extra training for kids, or finding a space for fun on a Friday night.  

    Parking Lot

    3. More than a Parking Lot 

    Do you have an existing business?

    What about access to a business spaces?

    Some enterprises have unused or underutilized space.

    You can turn that space into a small rink if you own the business.

    If you have a relationship with a business owner, you can come to an agreement.

    Place the rink in the business for a small rental fee.

    You don’t need to stay inside the business.

    If there is a parking lot available, the rink can go there too!

    This specific location gives you more space and offers skaters easier access.

    Of course, you will have to worry about the elements, so consider a large canopy tent to keep customers nice and dry. 


    4. A Rink in the Mall 

    If you can put a bowling alley in a mall, you can put an ice rink too.

    Ice rinks in malls are becoming more popular, with the ice rink at Dubai Mall being the most notable.

    You may not have access to real estate of this scale but you still need to consider the business opportunities and ice rink brings by creating floor traffic to the shops.

    You will quickly find out that your local mall will always appreciate an ice rink!

    You can bring your rink idea to the mall owners.

    Rinks in malls are often in open spaces on the ground floor.

    For these rinks, synthetic ice usually works best.

    Synthetic ice locations for malls are common and provide less risk to the mall owners.

    If you notice a local mall or shopping complex is missing a rink, that’s a great opportunity to take the entrepreneurial leap. 

    Westfield Mall PolyGlide Ice RInk 

    5. Outside the Mall Also Works Well 

    If inside the mall is too much of a constraint, why not outside of the mall?

    Most malls have massive parking lots.

    These lots are perfect for a large ice-skating rink.

    We mentioned parking lots before, but a mall lot is that idea on steroids.

    With the traffic from mall patrons and those looking for a fantastic skating experience, you can’t go wrong.

    Make sure to review any building and safety rules for a smooth installation.  

    6. Skate at Your Local Amusement Park, Fair, or Carnival 

    Who does not love amusement parks and carnivals?

    These are popular and back on the rise after closures due to the pandemic.

    Most parks on the East coast start opening from May and run into September, while the west coast can be open year-round.

    Most local carnivals and parks are missing ice skating rinks.

    This is an excellent opportunity to pitch ice-skating during the off-season.

    Some people still love skating, regardless of the time of year.

    If you opt for a synthetic ice rink, it brings ease of location.

    Synthetic ice locations are an excellent option for carnivals and amusement park users.

    These rinks do not require the complicated setup of refrigerated rinks.  

    Rooftop Rink

    7. Rooftop Skating, Anyone? 

    What do museums, hotels, restaurants, gyms, and community centers have in common?

    These are often in large buildings with massive rooftop areas.

    These rooftop areas are prime real estate for an ice rink and make for great business opportunities.

    Ice rinks on rooftops are popular, giving an intimate, somewhat niche way of skating.

    Rooftop rinks are a great way to turn unused space into an income-generating vehicle.

    You can rent your rink out to these spaces or form a partnership and manage the rink yourself.

    Rooftop rinks are popular in the winter months but can be available throughout the year in special circumstances. 

    8. Next to a Famous Landmark 

    The rink at Rockefeller is arguably the most famous ice-skating location globally, especially around the holidays.

    What makes it popular is The Rockefeller Center, a renowned landmark that houses Radio City Music Hall and many others.

    The idea of skating near a landmark is a great draw for tourists and locals alike.

    The same concept can be applied to almost any famous landmark, even in smaller cities and towns.

    You can negotiate a rink near your City Hall or local architectural wonder.

    With the right persistence and network, you can set up an ice rink that everyone can enjoy.  

    Night Ice Skating 

    9. Skating Under the Stars 

    Over the last few years, consumers have been looking for memorable, intimate experiences.

    Skating under the stars is a great way to bring these unique moments to them.

    A large backyard or garden location is an ideal space to set up a rink.

    The rink will need some special considerations as grassy areas can be uneven.

    Once you can get a level space (for instance, with plywood), you can install your rink to be used for garden parties, holiday skating, or other events.

    This outdoor skating allows skaters to enjoy the night, the location, and the skating.  

    10. Build Your Training Center From Scratch  

    Building an ice rink facility from the ground up is probably the most audacious plan of all.

    Training centers are facilities specific to hockey, figure skating, and everything in between.

    Most facilities contain multiple rinks and other training services.

    This will be a significant undertaking that involves many moving parts and can sometimes cost millions.

    However, a training facility can be lucrative when done right.  

    Games Changer 

    How Synthetic Ice Can Be a Gamechanger 

    Almost all the rinks you’ve ever seen or skated on were refrigerated rinks.

    These are rinks made with a combination of water, insulation, and refrigeration methods.

    This brings a smooth skating surface on the ice.

    This ice is like the rinks on lakes or what you see in NHL games. 

    However, this is not the only way you can install an ice rink.  

    Synthetic ice is an excellent way to create rinks with ease.

    These rinks utilize a specially infused polymer that allows you to use your metal skates.

    Once you place the rink and connect the panels (like puzzle pieces), you can have a rink of any size.  

    Synthetic ice has quickly become popular for home use because of its customizable qualities.

    However, larger commercial panels are available.

    We work with new rink owners like you and those looking to expand their rink empires.  

    Of course, with any product, there are pros and cons compared to refrigerated rinks: 


    • Synthetic ice is more cost-effective. You can install a large ice rink at a fraction of the cost of a refrigerated rink.  
    • Rinks can be used throughout the year, especially outdoors. 
    • Refrigerated rinks can take extensive construction, installation, and manpower to complete. Synthetic ice is panels that can be installed with just a few capable personnel. These rinks are faster to install, meaning a quicker launch. You also reduce the chances of costly hiccups during the installation process. 
    • Synthetic ice rinks are easy to maintain with some simple cleaning and resurfacing techniques. Refrigerated ice rinks need expensive equipment and expertise to resurface and maintain.  
    • Commercial-grade panels are durable, even standing up to metal skates. On average, these can last 5-10 years, depending on the degree of traffic.  
    • Since the product is made of unique polyethylene material, it can be cut or customized for irregular spaces. Some refrigerated rinks are only available in large spaces with specific stipulations.  
    • While the facilities will use utilities, the rink itself will not consume electricity or large amounts of water. This makes synthetic ice an eco-friendly approach to skating. This is a benefit you can sell to potential clients, businesses, and future skaters. 


    • Some synthetic ice brands can dull skates, increasing the need to sharpen your blades. 
    • There is some noticeable friction with synthetic ice compared to refrigerated ice. With refrigerated ice, the skates glide thanks to the thin film of water left on the surface. Synthetic ice panels are infused to help with skating. However, some skaters will notice the difference.  
    • You may not attract professional skaters or hockey players until the off-season.  
    • There is the public perception that synthetic ice is ‘artificial’ or ‘inferior.’ Navigating these notions to attract new skaters could be challenging.  


    The locations we mentioned provide great business opportunities for synthetic ice rink owners.

    It’s cost-effective, easy to set up, and will provide less friction with shareholders.

    In just a few hours, you can have a large rink, complete with rink walls, installed at a museum rooftop, parking lot, or amusement park.

    The possibilities are only limited by imagination since synthetic ice allows for customization for the smallest spaces.  

    There are over 3 million ice skaters and climbing in the USA.

    These figures will only grow as more synthetic ice locations become available.

    Installing a rink of any kind is a tall order that requires sound business skills and a little bit of innovation.

    These locations will get your creative juices flowing so you can reach out and start your rink right away.  

    Understanding the type of synthetic ice you need can be a challenge.

    Our team at PolyGlide synthetic ice not only helps residential customers with rinks but commercial customers as well. 

    Commercial customers have a dream to install the perfect rink, and we’re always excited to help them on that journey.

    So don’t hesitate to contact our team or consult us.

    We can have your commercial rink freight-shipped and ready to go so you can turn one of the mentioned locations from dream to reality.