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    Info & Tips — synthetic ice

    Inflatable Party Rental: 5 Advantages of Adding Synthetic Ice

    Inflatable Party Rental: 5 Advantages of Adding Synthetic Ice

     Parties were once a simple affair.

    All you needed was good food, good music, and a great atmosphere.

    Today, people looking for exciting and innovative experiences.  

    More and more event planners and part businesses are seeking to meet the demand, especially inflatable party rental businesses.

    If you own an inflatable party rental business, you probably have all the bounce houses, slides, and other fun inflatables in your arsenal. 

    However, to truly stand out and meet the ever-growing expectations of customers, adding synthetic ice to your inflatable party rental business can offer several distinct advantages.

    It's a way to truly serve your clients and capitalize on the millions of ice skaters looking to have fun during the Holidays. 


    synthetic ice attraction

    Synthetic Ice as a Unique Attraction

    For the uninitiated, synthetic ice are special panels that connect to form a skatable ice rink.

    Each panel is made of durable polyethylene combined with other patented materials to give a smooth finish that's functional and durable for ice skate blades.

    You simply measure the size of your space, purchase the necessary panels and connect them to form the rink.

    Each panel has edges that allow them to connect to the other like a puzzle piece.

    From there, you add rink walls and other safety accessories to complete an "ice rink" that does not need water, refrigeration, or cold temperatures to operate. 

    Offering synthetic ice as part of your rental business can set you apart from your competitors.

    Commercial spaces like malls, hotels, and play houses often rent synthetic ice rinks for the Holdiays to attract customers. 

    For a business centered around events and entertainment, buying a synthetic ice rink outright to rent to others can be a long-term, lucrative venture. 

    While bounce houses are popular choices for party rentals, adding synthetic ice can provide a unique and exciting attraction that is sure to draw in a new niche of customers. 

    inflatable bounce house

    Making Your Inflatable Party Rental Trendy

    With an inflatable party rental business, you have the opportunity to provide fun and entertainment for various events and occasions.

    It also allows you to stay ahead of the competition by constantly adding new and exciting attractions to your inventory.

    With a rental business, you can also capitalize on current trends and make your offerings more appealing to customers.

    Moreover, you can customize your offers with different themes or characters and more.

    One way to surely boost your inflatable party rental business and make it trendy is by adding synthetic ice to your inventory.

    Here are five reasons why adding synthetic ice to your inflatable party rental business can be advantageous:

    Reason #1: Year-round entertainment

    Regardless of the weather and season, synthetic ice can surely be enjoyed by your customers and their guests year-round.

    A hot summer day or a cold winter night won't stop the fun on synthetic ice.

    It may also be set up either indoors or outdoors, offering flexibility and expanding your potential customer base.

    In the colder months, you're less likely to get rentals for inflatable houses or slides, especially outdoors.

    Synthetic ice allows your party rental business to provide entertainment during a time where spending is higher. 

    Reason #2: Diversification of services

    For businesses to grow and thrive, there are only three options:

    1. Raise your prices.
    2. Increase the frequency which customers buy.
    3. Provide different services.

    Offering synthetic ice as part of your inflatable party rental business adds a new dimension to your offerings.

    It allows you to diversify your services and cater to a wider range of events and occasions.

    From holiday parties and winter festivals to corporate team-building events and birthday celebrations, synthetic ice can be a versatile addition that appeals to various customer needs.

    You'll continue to add to your bottom line as the product can last 10+ years from one investment. 

    Reason #3: Unique party experiences? Yes, please!

    Adding synthetic ice to your inflatable party rental business can provide customers with a unique and unforgettable party experience.

    You can pitch ice skating birthday parties, corporate events, product launches, and much more. 

    Guests will have the opportunity to skate and glide on a surface that feels like real ice, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere.

    Not only will this delight children and adults alike, but it will also create lasting memories for everyone involved.

    Reason #4: Rental business sustainability

    Aside from the immediate benefits of attracting customers and diversifying your services, adding synthetic ice to your inflatable party rental business can contribute to its long-term sustainability.

    The party rental business is competitive, with multiple options available in your city.

    How can you stand out?

    By offering a unique attraction like synthetic ice, you are establishing your business as innovative and adaptable to changing customer preferences.

    This can help ensure that your rental business remains relevant and in demand for years to come.

    Reason #5: An excellent marketing tool

    Incorporating synthetic ice into your inflatable party rental business can serve as an excellent marketing tool.

    By promoting your new synthetic ice offering through social media, online advertisements, and word-of-mouth, you can generate buzz and attract potential customers who are seeking a unique and exciting party experience.

    Adding influencers, holding ice skating events, and attending sales expos are just some of the ways you can leverage your new rink to bring in more clients. 

    Furthermore, promoting the use of synthetic ice as an alternative to traditional ice for winter sports and activities can also be a valuable marketing strategy.

    It highlights your business as forward-thinking and environmentally conscious, which can resonate with customers who prioritize sustainability.

     choosing the right synthetic ice

    Choosing the Right Synthetic Ice

    Synthetic ice is an investment that can greatly benefit your inflatable party rental business.

    Yet, it is crucial to choose a high-quality and durable synthetic ice product that will withstand heavy use and provide a realistic ice skating experience for your customers.

    Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right synthetic ice for your rental business:

    #1: Product Durability and Longevity

    One of your primary considerations when choosing the right synthetic ice for your rental business should be its durability and longevity.

    Remember that you would be offering the synthetic ice for rental purposes, which means it will be subject to frequent and heavy use.

    Therefore, you should carefully choose a synthetic ice product that is built to withstand wear and tear, ensuring that it will last for a long time without losing its quality or functionality.

    Additionally, selecting a synthetic ice product with a long lifespan will help maximize your return on investment and minimize the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

    This will contribute to the sustainability of your business and reduce long-term costs.

    #2: Installation and Maintenance Requirements

    Another important factor to consider when choosing the right synthetic ice for your rental business is the installation and maintenance requirements.

    You want to select a synthetic ice product that is relatively easy to install and maintain, as this will save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

    It's best to choose a synthetic ice product that does not require extensive and complicated installation processes or special equipment.

    This will allow you to quickly set up and dismantle the synthetic ice rink for each rental, making your business more efficient and profitable.

    Maintenance should also be minimal, with simple cleaning and upkeep procedures that can easily be incorporated into your regular operations.

    #3: A Realistic Skating Experience

    In order to provide an enjoyable experience for your customers, it is important to choose a synthetic ice product that offers a realistic skating experience.

    To achieve this, consider selecting a synthetic ice product that has been specifically designed and engineered to replicate the characteristics of traditional ice skating.

    This includes factors such as the glide and feel of the synthetic ice surface, which should closely mimic that of real ice.

    Additionally, the durability of the edges and the ability to support various skating maneuvers, such as turns and stops, are critical for creating an authentic and immersive skating experience.

    Furthermore, the synthetic ice should have a high-quality interlocking system that ensures a seamless and secure connection between the panels, preventing any shifting or separation during use.

     polyglide synthetic ice

    PolyGlide Ice Pro-Glide Infused Panel Is Perfect For Your Business

    The good news is you don't have to search far and wide to find a synthetic ice product that meets all of these criteria.

    The PolyGlide Ice Pro-Glide Infused Panel is the ideal choice for your rental business. This synthetic ice product offers several key advantages that make it perfect for your business.

    Firstly, the PolyGlide Ice Pro-Glide Infused Panel is designed with ease of installation and maintenance in mind.

    It features a straightforward installation process that does not require any special equipment or complicated procedures.

    This allows you to quickly and efficiently set up and dismantle the synthetic ice rink for each rental, saving you valuable time and effort.

    Additionally, the PolyGlide Ice Pro-Glide Infused Panel requires minimal maintenance.

    Using the PolyGlide Ice Pro-Glide Infused Panel for your business will also ensure that you can provide a realistic and enjoyable skating experience for your customers, as it closely replicates the feel and glide of real ice.

    Other Elements You Can Add

    As you aim to provide a unique and fun experience to your customers and their partygoers, you need to provide a complete set-up that includes additional elements beyond just the synthetic ice rink itself.

    Re recommend investing in other elements, such as  rental skates of different sizes, protective gear and helmets.

    To help beginners, you may also consider offering skating aids, such as walkers, which can help provide stability and support for those new to skating, minimizing liability and the risk of injury.

    Additionally, to enhance the overall atmosphere, you can consider adding decorative elements like lighting, music, and seating areas for spectators.

    By creating a comprehensive and inviting environment, you can ensure that your business stands out and provides an exceptional skating experience for all customers.

    unforgettable experience


    Your rental business can make any event truly unforgettable by offering synthetic ice skating.

    Including synthetic ice in your product offerings can help your business attract more customers and stand out in the competitive market.

    Not only will your customers have the opportunity to enjoy a unique and exciting activity, but they will also be able to experience the thrill of skating on a surface that closely resembles real ice.

    This can be a major draw for individuals and groups looking to host special events, such as birthday parties, corporate team-building activities, or even holiday gatherings.

    By providing the option for synthetic ice skating at these events, you can create a memorable and captivating atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

    Lastly, using Poly-Gldie Ice Pro-Glide infused panels ensures that your customers will have a smooth and realistic skating experience, further adding to the enjoyment and success of any event.



    Synthetic Ice Tiles vs Panels: What's The Difference?

    Synthetic Ice Tiles vs Panels: What's The Difference?

    So you're finally ready to take your ice skating to the next level and have decided on purchasing synthetic ice tiles.....or so you thought.

    While doing your research you find yourself asking yourself;

    "Do I want synthetic ice tiles or panels?"

    Well, There are many reasons why people purchase synthetic ice.

    Maybe your kids are eager to get in more reps to prepare for the new hockey season.

    Perhaps you've got a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, and you're going to make some money with a huge rink.

    Whatever the reason, you're probably thinking about synthetic ice.

    Synthetic ice is a great way to enjoy skating without natural ice.

    A common question we're asked is the difference between our synthetic ice tiles and pro-glide panels.

    Each product has its pros and cons.

    To get the most out of your purchase, we're going to outline the key differences, uses, and important facts you need to know.


    synthetic ice


    Understanding Synthetic Ice

    Before we go further, let's touch a bit on the concept of synthetic ice.

    Synthetic ice is made of a durable polyethylene material that's specially designed for skating.

    That means you can use your metal figure skates or hockey skates on the tiles or panels.

    In the past, it was crazy to think about skating on something that was not real ice.

    Today, technology has allowed us to create these interlocking tiles or panels that feel close to the real thing.

    Synthetic ice is durable and makes skating accessible to thousands of people.

    If you want to learn more about synthetic ice and its uses, read our Expectations vs. Reality blog for a deep dive into the world of synthetics. 

    Option 1: Tiles

    When you head over to our site, you'll have the option of Home Ice Tiles or Pro-Glide Panels.

    Home Ice Tiles are our popular product and got a bit of notoriety thanks to our appearance on Shark Tank.

    When you order a kit, you receive four equally sized tiles in a convenient box.

    The tiles are about 1/4 inch thick and cover 32 square feet when assembled.

    This is our lightweight entry product (each weighs about 10 lbs) and can easily be shipped almost anywhere in the world.

    Keep in mind that there are several lightweight tile products on the market that have a hollow back and can be only skated on one side.

    When reaching out to manufacturers be sure to ask, "Can your synthetic ice tiles be skated on both sides?"

    People who opt for our home ice tiles love them for several reasons:

    Tiles Are Great For Skills And Drills.

    With 32 square feet of tiles per box, you basically get a mini rink with each order.

    That's fine because home ice tiles are perfect for skills and drills.

    For example, you can set up a space for hockey players to practice slap shots or stickhandling techniques.

    If you're a figure skater, you can practice beginner to advanced spins on your tiles.

    If you want a space where you can put in countless hours practicing specific skills, this is for you.

    They're Portable

    With a mallet and just a few minutes, you can have your home ice tiles in a designated space of choice.

    With the same speed you put them together, you can take them apart.

    Choose this product if you're setting up in a multi-use indoor space like a garage, basement or living room.

    We've even seen mini-rinks set up in kitchens!

    When you're done, you can store them away until it's time to skate the next day.



    You Can Customize Them For Almost Any Space

    Do you just have a long corridor to work with?

    Are you setting up your rink in a playroom or den?

    You can place your panels in a straight line, square or rectanglar shape.

    If you purchase multiple boxes of synthetic ice tiles, you have even more flexibility that will allow you to get the most out of almost any space.

    They're Easy To Maintain

    Large, natural ice rinks require a lot of maintenance.

    You'll have to clean and resurface the ice, protect it from rain (if it's outdoors), and buy several different maintenance products.

    If you're looking for a hassle-free way to skate, you can go for these tiles.

    Even large at-home rinks need minimal maintenance compared to natural ice rinks.

    You'll only need mild PH neutral soap mixed with water to clean your panels (with a cloth or dedicated mop).

    We also formulated our slip surface conditioner to help maintain a slick surface.

    They're Durable Yet Scalable

    With just a few clicks, you can add multiple boxes to your order.

    As the number increases, you double your square footage.

    That makes tiles scalable at an affordable cost.

    Remember, these are lightweight, interlocking tiles that are easily movable, customizable, and long-lasting.

    On average, our synthetic ice tiles last eight years or more.

    If you're planning a larger rink project to install in a dedicated space, your next option is pro-glide panel.




    Option 2: Pro-Glide Panels

    For the serious ice skater, home ice tiles may not be enough.

    And for a space to accommodate lots of skaters, you'll need something much more durable over time.

    In this case, our pro-glide panels are the preferred option.

    Pro-glide panels are twice as thick as our synthetic ice tiles, and each panel is almost twice as large, meaning fewer interlocking seams.

    One panel can weigh between 40 and 80 lbs and must be freight shipped to your location. Keep this in mind when ordering your panels.

    PolyGlide synthetic ice tiles and Pro-glide panels come infused with a special lubricant that helps it sustain its performance.

    However, you can grab an additional surface conditioner for maintenance purposes.

    As you can tell, the clear difference lies in the size, weight, and shipping options.

    So why choose pro-glide panels?

    You're Looking For A Durable Rink For Hardcore Use.

    Some customers want tiles for recreational use or for their kids to practice on the weekends.

    Others are hardcore, professional skaters that need the space and durability for training and practice sessions.

    These pros need the performance of a professional-grade rink without the hassle of maintaining natural ice.

    Furthermore, if you plan to have large groups skating at your home rink (for instance, teammates coming over to practice), you should invest in a more durable option.

    You Have Lots Of Space To Play With

    Professional grade panels are best if you have a large backyard or space, deck, garage, or barn that you'll be turning into a rink.

    The large panels mean fewer interlocking tiles and more seamless surface.

    It also means you spend less time installing your rink.

    The only caveat is that you'll need more help to construct your rink due to the weight and size of the panels.


    Large Rink


    Your Budget Is A Bit More Flexible

    If you have the space and a larger budget, professional-grade panels are a better choice.

    Compared to home ice tiles, you'll get a greater return on your investment over time.

    For heavy use, pro panels have the least amount of surface wear and do less damage to your blades.

    The larger rink could even start paying you back if you're a coach or influencer.

    It's Great For Commercial Spaces

    As it starts to get colder, the thoughts of ice skating heat up.

    Every year, businesses wishing to capitalize on that interest install large refrigerated rinks leaving small to medium-sized companies behind. 

    With professional-grade panels, you too can add some value to your business with a large rink.

    These panels are great for heavy traffic during the holidays or any special event throughout the year.

    Also, unlike outsourcing a company to install and maintain your rink every year, the panels are yours.

    That means you can properly care for them and store them, then whip them out every winter.




    Plan Your Purchase With These Questions

    One thing's for sure; you know you wanted a durable, natural ice replacement for your home or business.

    Now you also see the difference between tiles and panels.

    With this info, now ask yourself these questions to make an easier decision:

    1. What am I going to use the rink for?
    2. How many people need access to the rink?
    3. Do I have enough space?
    4. How often would I/they be skating?
    5. What's my budget?
    6. Is it going to be a long-term rink or a temporary setup? Where will I store it when it's not in use?

    Our  product has made leaps and bounds over the years and can now support skaters in different scenarios.

    It would be unfortunate if you purchased the wrong type of tile/panel for your space and needs.

    Take your time and make the choice that's right for you.

    Tiles or Panels


    It's a common misconception to hear the term 'synthetic ice' and think they're all created equal.

    Remember, when we talk about synthetic ice tiles, think about a lighter, more customizable product that's easy to get to you.

    When we use the term 'panel,' we're thinking heavy-duty, large panels that must be freighted to you. 

    Even with a clear understanding of the difference and what you want, you may still need some help in terms of measurement, accessories, and so on.

    If that's the case, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help.

    What are you going to do with your synthetic ice tiles or panels?....Let us know!

    Take a look at some of our most popular rink packages!

    PolyGlide Ice - Home Ice Tiles

    PolyGlide Ice - Pro-Glide Panels


    Keep on Skating! 

    Jim Loughran, PolyGlide Ice

    How to Improve Your Party Rental Business With Synthetic Ice

    party rental business

    ve you been thinking of starting a party rental business?

    Do you already have a party rental business and you're eager to take it to the next level?

    Rentals are a lucrative business.

    Whether it's individuals who need items for birthday parties or businesses holding large corporate events, you provide:

    • Tents
    • Chairs
    • Props
    • Supplies
    • Games & Activities

    Along with all the other items necessary for them to have a fantastic event. 

    The great thing about a party rental business is that you only need to buy an item one time and rent it multiple times per month or year. 


    Despite the benefits of party rental businesses, you need a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

    How about an ice rink? 

    We're not talking about an NHL-style refrigerated ice rink but a large, versatile synthetic ice rink. 

    This could be the perfect item to take your party rental business to the next level.

     Transforming Events By Adding Synthetic Ice

    Transforming Events By Adding Synthetic Ice

    Creating unforgettable experiences is of utmost importance in the fast-paced party rental industry.

    It's how your customers will use word of mouth (and their social media accounts) to spread the word and keep your business sustainable. 

    Imagine your business with synthetic ice that gives a frosty feel without the cold.

    This innovation can make events more engaging, and help businesses stand out in a crowded market. Just imagine the happy reactions from your customers.

    Synthetic ice are tiles or panels made of high-density polyethylene materials.

    These are infused with a slip surface agent to give it a natural feel.

    Simply connect multiple tiles or panels together on a flat surface to create a skating rink of any side or shape. 

    Synthetic ice rinks were once exclusive to big businesses due to their expense.

    Now, with advancements in technology, manufacturing, and accessibility, almost anyone can own a synthetic ice rink.

    Individuals can buy small rinks cut to specific sizes to fill their backyards.

    And small businesses can acquire larger rinks to rent out to other businesses or place within their own spaces for a unique experience.

    This opens up new possibilities for party rental businesses like yours. 

    Let's explore the benefits, applications, and how you can leverage a synthetic ice rink to sustain your party rental business. 

    Benefits of Synthetic ice for Party Rentals

    Synthetic ice works for any almost any event, providing a wonderful ice skating experience for all. 

    You can also use it throughout the year as it is not bound by the laws of nature.

    The synthetic ice won't melt in the hot summer days or become too frozen for use in the cold winter nights. 

    It attracts a broader client base with different budgets.

    You can provide smaller rinks for intimate birthday parties by simply reducing the size of the panels. For corporate events, you can increase the size as needed. 

    Investing in this product is hassle-free and cost-efficient, freeing up resources for further improvements in your business.

    Also, it is a simple investment for businesses due to its easy maintenance.

    Most rinks can be maintained with a few simple supplies. 

     Enhancing your customer experience

    Enhancing Your Customer Experience

    For a party rental business, customer experience is a vital part of its sustainability. 

    The customer should have access to a wide range of rental services that can be easily installed and provide no damage or minimal complications for the client. 

    Once you have your rink, it should be easy for customers to understand the rental and installation costs, incidentals, and schedule the use of the rink. 

    The easy installation ensures they get maximum use of the rink. 

    Synthetic ice provides a fun activity for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. It adds a unique element to the party and creates lasting memories.

    Elevate satisfaction by offering a unique and enjoyable activity for all ages and skill levels.

    Synthetic ice can take your event to the next level, creating unforgettable memories and exceeding customer expectations.

    Making the Most of Your Synthetic Ice

    Marketing and promotion

    Marketing and promotion

    So you've invested in your own synthetic ice rink, now what?

    One of your first steps is to effectively market and promote the ice rink so you can land your first customer. 

    Broadcast the news of the innovative addition through advertisements and social media.

    Collaborate with local influencers to increase reach.

    Tap into your existing clientele list or the list of friends and family. 

    Ask them to share the news or even provide an affiliate incentive for new clients.

    Use lively pictures and interesting posts on social media to showcase what synthetic ice can do.

    Consider offering special deals or discounts to attract new customers and discuss the business with them.

    Host an event with your party rentals like bounce houses, inflatables, and other party gear, while adding the synthetic ice rink to the mix. 

     Operational considerations

    Operational Considerations

    Next you'll need to work out the logistics. How are you transporting the rink? Who will manage it? What other products or services will you add to it?

    Setting up synthetic ice is a straightforward process.

    You can train a staff member to install and maintain the ice while in use. 

    By doing so, you can guarantee a hassle-free and secure experience for all participants.

    From there, invest in high-quality storage for synthetic ice panels to increase longevity and reduce replacement costs.

    As synthetic ice lasts for many years, it can be a long-term asset to any party rental business. 

    Learning From Success

    Once you land your first clients, you'll realize that synthetic ice is an excellent way to improve your party rental business. 

    You'll begin to get feedback from customers, successes, and failures.

    These lessons hlep to forge unforgettable events.

    More importantly, listen to feedback from satisfied customers.

    Let these success stories inspire and guide you toward making a significant impact.

    Engage with clients and other businesses, seek advice, and consider collaborating to exchange ideas and experiences.

    Establishing industry connections is vital in determining the best applications for synthetic ice and ensuring satisfied customers.

    Hotels, museums, carnivals, and amusement parks all use synthetic ice rinks at different points of the year.

    Establishing these connections can give you sustainable income for years. 

    Challenges and Solutions

    Despite the advantages, there are some challenges with synthetic ice rental.

    For instance, you may need to invest in rental skates, skating aids, rink walls, and other items for a complete experience. 

    Additionally, some surfaces may be uneven.

    You'll need plywood or similar flat material to place on the surface before installing your synthetic ice. 

    Party rental businesses must also inform clients of the risks and may even have to provide support in the event of an injury.

    Despite these challenges, view them as opportunities for growth. Solutions exist for every hindrance.

    Stay positive and overcome obstacles to strengthen the party rental business.

    Gathering customer and staff feedback to identify and address potential issues early on is essential.

    Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of synthetic ice and make necessary adjustments for a seamless experience.

    Continuous Innovation

    As a party rental business changes, keep introducing new ideas and events.

    Collaborate with local businesses to stay fresh and vital in event planning.

    Improving the party rental business requires gathering customer feedback and tracking popular trends.

    Continuously experimenting with new ideas is crucial, especially when introducing synthetic ice.

    It is advisable to keep the company fresh and up-to-date in event planning.

    This can be achieved by exploring new ideas and collaborating with local businesses.

    Gathering customer feedback about their preferences and staying up-to-date with popular trends is essential to improve the business.

    Therefore, it is recommended to ask customers what they like and keep a close eye on current trends.

    Community engagement and partnerships

    Community Engagement and Partnerships

    Strengthen the business presence by engaging with the local community.

    Consider partnering with schools, community centers, or local groups to host events and workshops showcasing the versatility of synthetic ice.

    To help your party rental business grow, connecting with the community and building a support network is essential.

    You can host events or workshops in the community to showcase the versatility of synthetic ice.

    Consider collaborating with schools, community centers, or local groups to bring the enjoyment of synthetic ice to a broader audience.

    This connection helps the party rental business grow by building a support network in the community.

    Investment in Sustainable Practices

    It is vital to incorporate eco-friendly practices to extend the sustainability of the business.

    We should emphasize the recyclability of synthetic ice materials and focus on reducing our environmental impact.

    Ensure these initiatives are included in the marketing materials to attract environmentally conscious consumers. 

    Consider partnering with environmentally friendly organizations or obtaining certifications to demonstrate care for the planet.

    Being eco-friendly not only benefits the environment.

    It also attracts customers who value sustainability.

    Future Opportunities

    The future looks bright for the party rental business with the introduction of synthetic ice.

    Continuously search for new and creative ways to grow and improve the business while staying up-to-date with evolving customer preferences.

    Embrace changes with an open mind and ensure the business remains dynamic and engaging for its customers.

    Keep a close watch on industry trends and technological advancements related to synthetic ice.

    Stay ahead by offering new, exciting experiences to attract more people and open doors for growth.

    Share information about the synthetic ice rinks promoted on TV and the internet, featuring advertisements.

    Collaborate with local influencers to increase awareness about the business.

    Use visually appealing content on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase the benefits of synthetic ice.

    Sometimes, discounts and special deals can be a great way to attract new customers to a business and generate excitement.

    The more people know about synthetic ice and fun events, the more successful the party rental business can be.


    Adding synthetic ice is an affordable, versatile, and easy way to change the party rental business.

    Using synthetic ice in a party rental business is not a one-time thing. It is a journey of growth and connecting with the community.

    Introducing this unique feature is about more than just hosting events. It is about creating unforgettable memories.

    Start with small steps and let your business grow naturally, thanks to satisfied customers.

    Gathering feedback and testimonials highlighting how synthetic ice can make events unique is essential.

    Sharing these stories on the website and in ads can boost customer trust and interest in unique experiences.

    It is also important to continue listening to customers' feedback, be eco-friendly, and explore new ways to grow the business.

    By doing this, synthetic ice businesses can thrive and provide long-lasting, memorable customer experiences.

    To find our more about the best way to utiliza and add synthetic ice to your rental business inventory, reach out to PolyGlide Ice for rink package options.

    Synthetic Ice: How To Build and Maintain Your Backyard Rink

    Synthetic Ice: How To Build and Maintain Your Backyard Rink

    The backyard ice rink has a long history....almost as long as people have been lacing-up!

    Ice skating is one of the oldest sports known and one of the first in the London Olympics in 1908.

    Since then, the sport has evolved to different disciplines including short speed skating and long speed skating.

    Ice skating also added team sports to the mix with hockey, curling, and other amazing sports.

    However, that meant avid skaters did not have access to skating facilities in the offseason.

    The creation of indoor rinks allowed ice skating year-round, but there was still one underserved group:

    the synthetic ice skating rink

    What is an Synthetic Ice Skating Rink?

    Artificial ice skating rinks are made of a strong, interlocking polymer sheet.

    The panels come infused with a self-lubricating compound that reduces friction and creates a fantastic skating experience. Some panels are non-infused and need occasional treatment with a gliding compound.

    The panels. could be cut into almost any shape, with rectangular panels the most popular.

    The panels connect like puzzle pieces and cover a large surface area.

    The area is cordoned off using plywood, or special boards, then a topper to make the rink look polished.

    One popular public rink is the Rockefeller Center, with several rinks popping up in malls, fairs, and amusement parks around the world. 

    backyard ice rink

    Moving to the backyard

    As synthetic panels became more affordable and accessible, hundreds of people across the country started creating their own artificial ice skating rinks.

    With all that space in the backyard, why not a backyard ice rink?

    It’s a great training tool for advanced ice skaters, figure skaters, and hockey players.

    Newcomers can have a fun space to learn skating and playing their favorite ice sport.

    However, there are some key steps everyone should take to build and maintain their backyard artificial ice skating rink.

    Choose your space

    Based on the size space you have available, you may have some options as to where you’ll place your backyard ice rink.

    That will also determine theoverall size.

    Make sure to avoid excess water or areas that could potentially damage your skating space.

    Choose Your Tools.

    The panels easily fit into each other, so you will need just a few tools to create the perfect rink.

    Helpful tools include a measuring tape, a level, and a soft mallet.

    If the rink will be self-contained, you will need boards for the enclosure.

    Depending on the size of the rink, you may need to recruit some help.

    Keep a level head

    It’s important to start out with a level surface area in the back yard.

    Artificial ice panels usually need hard surface but most backyards are grass-filled.

    An uneven surface can create a poor skating experience. Furthermore, uneven surfaces affect the longterm durability of your panels.

    Find the most even ground in the backyard.

    If your backyard space has no grass or soil, that’s perfect.

    In the event the ground is made of dirt and uneven, try filling the uneven spaces with soil.

    That would help when it’s time to lay down the subfloor. 

    Measure twice, cut once

    Mark the area you’re going to use with some string after measuring with tape.

    That way you can calculate how many artificial panels you will need for the rink.

    Rink builders can waste time and money by ordering too many or few artificial panels.

    Feel free to contact the company to help estimate the panels you’ll need.

    You can actually save time and money by purchasing 1-2 large panels instead of smaller panels. 

    Time For a Subfloor

    With the panels in your possession, it’s time to decide on the subflooring.

    Do you need a sub-flooring? Well, it depends. If the yard is grass, sub-flooring is crucial.

    Even a paved surface may have uneven parts.

    An underlay such as ¾” plywood panels can help create a smooth skating experience.

    Measure the area and install the subfloor or deck before installing the artificial ice panels.

    Connecting your artificial ice panels

    Artificial panels come with interlocking edges for a smooth installation.

    Make sure the panels connect smoothly and fit well on top of the sub-flooring panel.

    Make sure to check the panels to make sure they are level. Use a level tool if necessary.

    Based on the size of the panels, you will need help to move them and fit them into place.

    Adding the boards

    To finish the rink, you may want to install some barriers. Ice skating may not need these boards.

    Ice hockey, however, can get a bit physical.

    Also, a hockey puck can travel at rapid speeds and damage the surrounding property.

    A dasher board is the lower part of the rink enclosure.

    Rink owners can opt for flexible plywood. In some cases, you can also use a similar polyethylene material to the ice panels.  

    Install the dasher board using brackets to fasten them to the boards.

    The boards cannot be fastened to the artificial ice panels.

    Those brackets can damage the panels in the long run.

    However, you can attach the dasher boards to the ground or subflooring.

    Install the panels around the space, leaving an open part for easy entry and exit. 


    A backyard ice rink can be fun for ice skating and hockey for your family.

    Synthetic panels are durable and usually lasts for several years.

    However, properly maintaining your rink makes sure this happens.

    There are some simple steps to take to make sure your rink stays fresh and even improves with quality over time.

    Cleaning your artificial ice rink

    A common question we get is “can I use my regular skates on artificial panels?”

    Yes, you can!

    Metal skates work well and will not damage your rink.

    Hard stops and turns, however, will create shavings, which is normal.

    Grooves in the panel actually improve the skating experience.

    You can clear the shavings with a soft broom.

    Over time, the rink will accumulate dust and dirt.

    Skating will leave grooves in the panels which can get scuffed.

    More importantly, dirt can increase friction, which can create a poor skating experience.

    Based on how often you and your family use the rink, clean the panels once weekly.

    Spray or spread a simple surface cleaner over the rink.

    Then use a clean mop to remove the dirt.

    Both infused and non-infused surfaces need to be cleaned based on the frequency of use. 

    Dealing with the weather

    If the rink is in the backyard, it will have to deal with different types of weather during the year.

    When installing the panels and dasher board, make sure there is space at the edges.

    Artificial panels, like laminate flooring, can expand with rising temperatures.

    Those hot summer days will be great for skating, however, be aware of other changes in weather.

    While some water on the rink is harmless, excess rain can reduce the life of the panels.

    During the months with excess rain, you will need to cover the rink when it’s not in use.

    Use a large tarp or other water-resistant covering. 

    The same goes for winter months if you live in an area that’s prone to snow.

    A frozen, artificial ice rink sounds like more fun. But ice can damage the artificial panels.

    As counterintuitive as it sounds, make sure to cover the rink during the winter. 

    Resurface your rink for best results

    Over time, you may feel like your skating experience is diminishing, even with excellent care.

    Like a car you’ve had for years, your infused and non-infused surfaces can use an occasional tune-up.

    Make sure to get a synthetic ice conditioner.

    The liquid is made of the same compound that gives the panels its skating ability. T

    o apply, mix some of the synthetic conditioner with some water and add to a spray bottle.

    Then mist it over the panel. You’ll have a skating experience that’s comparable to your neighborhood ice rink.


    Artificial ice skating panels have evolved over the years.

    Now they emulate the skating experience, are easy to install, and lasts for years.

    It’s no wonder that skating enthusiasts are choosing to create their own skate spaces in the backyard. 

    Use your imagination when skating.

    Play ice hockey with your kids and friends, pick up a new sport, shoot some video for YouTube, or practice your figure skating moves.

    At the same time, it’s important you maintain the rink. 

    Make sure to remove dirt with a simple cleaner occasionally.

    Avoid harsh chemicals that can strip the panels and cause excess friction.

    Make sure to protect the rink with a cover during harsh weather conditions. Treat your rink with a fresh coat of conditioner every now and then. 

    If you need help with building and maintaining your artificial ice rink, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    We can guide you with the right type, size of panels, and tools to build and maintain your space.

    Most of all, we love helping our customers with their DIY rink projects!



    Synthetic Ice Tiles : Portable Rink in a Box for 2024

    Synthetic Ice Tiles : Portable Rink in a Box for 2024

    Throughout the winter season, millions of Americans think about dusting off their skates to have some ice skating fun.

    Yes, it's freezing cold at times, but it's an opportunity to figure skate, ice skate, play hockey, or your favorite ice games.

    Over the years, a new skater emerged from the hoards of ice skating enthusiasts and professionals.

    This new skater wants convenience and affordability while having a positive impact on the planet.

    The result has been the development of portable synthetic ice skating tiles.

    You can now get your very own synthetic ice rink in a box.

    A synthetic ice rink in a box is a set of tiles or panels set together to form a large or small rink.

    You'll use your actual metal blades for hockey, figure skating, or recreational skating.

    Synthetic ice is excellent for people who don't have access to natural ice or wish to have a personal or commercial rink at a significantly cheaper cost.

    We've developed our tiles using the latest in synthetic ice technology that offers optimal glide and performance.

    You'll be set up and ready to skate on these lightweight, reversible tiles in a just a few minutes.


    ice rink in a box


    Here's What Your Ice Rink In A Box Will Look Like

    When you order your synthetic ice, you'll be excited to get started.

    Your delivered package is literally a rink in a box.

    Each Starter Kit Box comes with four panels covering 32 square feet, and each panel weighs about 10 lbs.

    You'll be surprised at how accessible and easy it is to set up your ice rink-in-a-box will be.

    However, before you 'add to cart,' you should know a few things so you can get the most out of your experience.

    1. It's Close To The Real Thing.

    Why should I want to skate on synthetic ice?

    Many potential customers have this thought when thinking about an at-home or commercial rink.

    In the past, if you wanted an ice rink, you would need lots of water, materials for the rink walls, and cold weather (aka the First Freeze).

    If that were not an option, you would opt for the very expensive refrigerated ice rink.

    Today, it's more accessible thanks to synthetic ice products.

    Synthetic products did not just stand still since their inception.

    The technology and materials used to make these tiles as close to the real thing as possible.

    A difference would be the degree of friction you'll get that's almost non-existed with natural ice.

    However, technology has evolved to make it as close to the real thing as possible.

    With the best products on the market, the friction is just about 10%.

    Forgoing 10% friction for a convenient, durable skating option sounds like a no-brainer.


    Rink Usage

    2. You Should Know What You're Using It For

    With a synthetic ice rink, the skating possibilities are almost endless.

    If you have a clear idea of the purpose of your rink, you'll be able to work out other factors we'll mention soon.

    Here are some common reasons you'd want your synthetic ice rink in a box:

    • You want to start or restart a recreational skating hobby.
    • In a house of skating kids, you need practice space.
    • You're an ice hockey athlete who needs to work on specific skills.
    • You're a figure skater that needs a space to practice or train others.
    • You want a large rink for your business or community without the hassle and expense of refrigerated ice.

    Whatever the reason, getting clear on why you need it means you'll get maximum enjoyment from your rink.


    Grage Rink


    3. You Should Know Where To Set It Up.

    Where do you plan to install your synthetic ice rink?

    Before getting your ice rink in a box, you should have an idea of where you'll set it up.

    What would be disappointing is if the area is not available, has multiple uses, or is not structurally sound for your rink.

    You'd want your rink on a flat, hard surface like a spare room, den, garage, or playroom.

    An uneven ground leads to a poor skating experience.

    Make sure to check that the sub-flooring is flat with no large dips or offests in elevation.

    If it isn't, you'd need to invest in some Birch or OSB (Advantech) plywood to act as the base for your synthetic ice.

    If your looking for a permanent, outdoor rink, our larger Pro-Glide panels are an ideal option and durable enough to face any weather.

    Wherever the set-up, make sure to protect it from heavy foot traffic as it will only make your surface harder to keep clean

    Knowing where you want to set up will also determine if you're going to purchase tiles or panels, which we will cover later.




    4. You Should Know Your Measurements.

    Just as important as the location is a measure of the area.

    A simple tape measure is enough for you to determine if your ice rink in the box can fit in the designated space.

    If you're taking up the corner of a room, garage, or just a part of your living room space

    simply multiply your length X width and divide by 32 to determine how many boxes you may need

    (Example: 12ft long by 8ft wide = 96 SF / 96 divided by 32 = 3 Boxes).

    However, if you want a larger rink, you'll realize that you need more than one ice rink-in-a-box.

    For instance if you have a large backyard or commercial space in which you want to place a more prominent rink you may want to opt for our larger Premium grade Pro-Glide panels.

    5. You're Not Limited To An Ice Rink-In-A-Box

    This article is about getting your first ice rink-in-a-box, but that might not be enough in some cases.

    For rinks that will experience heavy use or for commercial use, you'll need a heavy-duty product. You can choose from our panels that are heavier, thicker, and more durable.

    Each weighs about 80 pounds for the full size and covers about 30 square feet. Some panels are half the weight and square footage.

    With just a few full-sized panels, you can create your dream rink, perform indoor skating classes at a studio, or add to your business to increase foot traffic.

    Please note that the budget is significantly higher than a rink-in-a-box and will require freight shipping to your location.


    Slip Surface Conditioner


    6. You May Consider A Surface Conditioner.

    Buying synthetic ice tiles does not mean you can set them and forget them.

    These tiles will need maintenance to continue performing at a high level.

    Over time, especially with heavy use, the tiles can accumulate dust and dirt from foot traffic.

    To keep this from happening, you'll need to clean and recondition your tiles or panels.

    Think of it as resurfacing your ice rink with hot water.

    Get some Slip Surface Conditioner to apply on a clean surface occasionally along with a PH neutral soap.

    How often you'll need to apply the conditioner depends on how often you use the rink.

    If the skating experience starts to decline, then you'll know it's time to reconditione the surface.

    The conditioner is easily accessible and made with bio-degradable, non-toxic ingredients.

    7. There Are Other Helpful Accessories To Consider.

    To get a finished rink appearance, consider including some practical accessories.

    For instance, you can add our new perimeter BounceBar (Rebounding Dasher Curb) for hockey players to help keep the puck from straying off the surface.

    Other accessories to keep in mind include our "Slip Peel & Stick Tape" to keep your surface from sliding along with other training aids.


    Budget and Plan


    8. Budget For Shipping And Taxes.

    A common mistake is failing to account for shipping costs, shipping timeframe, and taxes.

    The sales taxes vary by state, so you should keep that in mind when getting your ice rink in a box.

    Also, if you're opting for our Larger Pro-Glide panels, understand these panels are shipped on a pallet and would require freight shipping.

    9. It's Built To Last.

    Are you worried if you'll need to replace the tiles soon?

    That's a common concern when purchasing your first tiles or panels.

    However, the technology behind rinks has evolved to improve the durability of these tiles.

    On average, tiles can last ten years, even with heavy use. In addition, most come with a 5-year warranty, which speaks to the quality of the tiles.

    That being said, you can expect your synthetic ice to serve you well for many years.

    10. You'll Have Lots Of Fun.

    It won't hurt to take some time to think about how much fun you'll have on your rink.

    To this day, we still have lots of fun setting up and skating on our rinks, and we know you will too. So invite neighbors, family members, and teammates to your space.

    And if you're looking at this from a commercial perspective, your customers will appreciate that you took the time to add this fantastic winter pastime.


    Simple SKate



    Are you ready to bring the rink home?

    Is it time to build your own commercial rink?

    You can start with four panels and take it from there.

    Getting an ice rink in the box is a simple yet effective way to ice skate.

    Before your first purchase, remember the basics - location, space, use, and hidden costs.

    If you're still struggling to decide or need more information, our team is eager to help.

    We know once you get it right, you'll love skating on our synthetic ice as much as we do!

    Simply fill-out our quote request form and we'll get started on drafting your free quote with the latest discount offers we have available!

    For additional information or request a quote simply Click Here

    Take a look here at some of our most popular rink packages!

    PolyGlide Ice - Home Ice Tiles

    PolyGlide Ice - Pro-Glide Panels