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    After years of receiving customer feedback as to what best suits their synthetic ice "needs" we have narrowed it down to two (2) options for you to consider while going through the decision-making process. We have listed some of the most popular rink packages to help you get an idea of what product best suits your overall needs and budget (If you're not quite sure please "Request a Quote"):


    Starter Kits


    Lightweight, portable home ice tiles ideal for any small indoor rink project. Double-sided panels (can be skated on both sides). Choose from single or mutliple box sets.


    Full-size, premium grade panels ideal for dedicated spaces and commercial installations (indoor or outdoor use). The cream of the crop in synthetic ice surfaces. 

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    order here to buy now button


    When trying to determine "Actual Size" dimensions of your assembled rink be sure to use the panel shipping size below then subtract the seam depth:

      • Home Ice Panel (4-per kit) = ¼” thick X 24” X 48” (1" Seam), 10lbs.each panel / 40 lbs. per box. (Box Shipped)
      • Pro-Glide Panel (Full-SIze)= ½” thick X 46” X 92” (1-1/2" Seam), 80 lbs. each panel. (Freight Shipped)
      • Pro-Glide Panel (Half-SIze)= ½” thick X 46” X 46” (1-1/2" Seam), 40 lbs. each panel. (Freight & Individually Box Shipped- Call for pricing).

      NOTE: Pro-Glide Panels available in Commercial Grade UHMW - Call for pricing: 855-POLY-ICE 


      Some of the standout features of every PolyGlide Ice Panel are:

      • Solid Core, one-piece construction (no pins).
      • Double-Sided and can be skated on both sides.
      • Patented Proprietary slip agent only available with PolyGlide Products.
      • Premium grade special formulated polymer plastic with extended warranty.
      • Glide-Infused surface (No spraying required).
      • Patented Grip-Lock dovetail interlock providing secure installations.
      • UV protected for temporary outdoor use.
      • No weight limit

      The PolyGlide Difference

      the polyglide difference

      Todays market is being flooded with so many different synthetic ice products, many of which claim to be the 'real deal', making it hard to decide which one to buy.

      Yet, as many skaters have experienced firsthand, many will leave you disappointed. 

      But what makes these alternatives fall short, and why has the quest for the perfect synthetic ice been so elusive?

      • One-sided Use: Most all the skating tiles being sold are manufactured using an inexpensive method known as injection-molding. These tiles are all single-sided and once one side wears out, they’re rendered useless, redusing the lifespan of the product.
      • Inadequate Glide: The essence of ice skating lies in the glide. However, many other products lack that authentic glide factor, feeling more like dragging rather than skating.This not only diminishes the joy of skating but can also hamper proper skill development and training.
      • Maintenance Hassles: Some panels demand frequent upkeep, be it cleaning, smoothing, or additional treatments.This not only disrupts one’s regular skating rhythm but also adds hidden costs and labor.
      • Limited Durability: Often, synthetic tiles may show quick wear and tear signs, especially at high-contact points, leading to unevenness and potentially unsafe conditions.
      •  Material Flaws: Many brands resort to cheap, injection-molded materials in an effort to cut costs. These can wear out quickly, leading to uneven surfaces and compromising the skating experience.

      It's these persistent pitfalls that deter many from fully embracing synthetic alternatives, keeping the dream of perfect at-home skating always just out of reach.




       Verified Purchase 

      Got our starter kit and have been skating ever since!!! The kids can't get enough so it looks like we'll be buying more! Great product and easy to install....highly recommended!!!


       Verified Purchase 

      AWESOME!! Only problem is I am going to have to keep buying more in order to provide more skating area. Really awesome stuff!!! We live in an area where the ice rink is only available from Oct-Mar every year. Bought this product to keep the kids skating throughout the summer months.

      AMAZING GIFT : )

       Verified Purchase 

      What am amazing gift, we just received this set for our three year old and could not be happier. Thank you PolyGlide for making outdoor ice skating possible in Florida!!!

      MY SON LOVE IT!!!

       Verified Purchase 

      This is the best stuff ever! My son was so excited when we got it for him and has skated every day since - amazingly easy to set up and just start skating. I had to try it out too and was amazed with how well it works. The only problem is you are going to keep wanting more!


       Verified Purchase 

      I had been shopping the idea of synthetic ice for my backyard for a while and could not find a product that offered the ability to add size as I go or the affordability of PolyGlide. I have had it for a week now and it's an amazing product. It doesn't hurt that the customer service I have received has been off the charts as well. If your shopping for synthetic ice this is the place to buy!