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    10 Best Figure Skates For under $200 (2024)

    10 Best Figure Skates For under $200 (2024)

    Figure skating is dancing and artistry on ice.

    We love tuning in during the Winter Olympics to see the competition and near-impossible feats on figure skates.

    And if you've seen Disney on Ice, it's unforgettable.

    It's no wonder that there are over 180,000 registered figure skaters in America, with hundreds of thousands more who do it for fun. 

    What is also appealing is that you do not need much to start, just the ice and a great pair of figure skates.

    A common question PolyGlide synthetic ice customers ask is, "What are the best figure skates to buy?"

    That's a reasonable ask. Unfortunately, competitive professional figure skates can cost upwards of $700. 


    So if you or your kids are beginners, or you are returning to the sport as a hobby, that price point is a bit much regardless of your skill level.

    Besides, classic figure skates that your favorite  Professional Skater wears won't turn you into a great skater.

    In fact, it might slow you down or make skating more difficult. 

    All you'll need is a reliable, high-quality pair of figure skates that won't break the bank and allows you to train like a pro-figure skater without the extra cost.

    Down the road, once you're ready, you can always opt for advanced-level figure skates.

    We've gathered the 10 best figure skates under $200 that should help you enjoy your time on the ice so check out this wide variety of figure skates:

    Our Top Picks

    Best Beginner Figure Skates
    Riedell Skates 110 Opal

    Best Overall Figure Skates
    Jackson Ultimate Mystique (with Mark II blades)


    Here Are Our Picks For The 10 Best Figure Skates Under $200

    These are perfect for any kind of ice (natural or synthetic) and are often available for youths, men, and women. 


    Best Beginner Figure Skates

    Riedell 10 Opal Beginner Figure Skates 


    reidel 10 white

    If you're looking for some beginner figure skates for your kids, you can try Riedell's 10 Opal Beginner Skates.

    Riedell has been a leader in ice skates for decades, and this one does not disappoint.

    This sleek boot is lightweight but still provides stability that is necessary for first-time figure skaters.

    The inner foam padding gives added support for hours of comfortable figure skating.

    Opal also has a PVC sole that helps keeps your feet dry, which is important for performance.

    Remember to follow the size guide, as this beginner skate needs the right room in the toe box for your kids to skate comfortably.

    These are truly a great pair of skates for beginners.


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    Best Overall Figure Skates

    Jackson Ultima - Mystique Women's Figure Skates

    Jackson Ultima Mystique Women's
    Jackson Ultima Mystique produces some of the more affordable but high-performance figure skates on the market.

    The Ultima Mystique focuses on comfort, with padding right up to the ankles.

    Its microfiber upper reduces moisture while making it easy to clean.

    The PVC sole is one of the strongest available, and their patented chrome blade allows beginners to execute moves seamlessly.


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    Jackson Ultima Artiste (With Mark IV Blade)


    Jackson Ultima makes the list again with the Artiste model.

    The Artiste model focuses on style and comfort.

    The long, sleek boot and stylized PVC sole help skaters stand out in any competition.

    The inner boot contains memory foam, allowing it to fit into the shape of the user's foot.

    Jackson Ultima figure skates also come with standard, sharpened chrome blades, allowing you to skate right out of the box.


    A great skate and figure skate blade all in one.


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    Risport Scott Hamilton Ice Skates


    Italian-based Risport has been producing high-performance figure skates since the 1970s with a focus on style, craftsmanship, and technology.

    They've integrated technology, like 3-D printing, to improve fit and comfort.

    The Hamilton ice skate is made with a strong synthetic upper and reinforced padding that's perfect for hours of figure skating.

    The lightweight sole also focuses on speed.

    These boots are easy to break into, making them a great long-term investment.



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    American Athletic Women's Leather-Lined Ice Skates


    For a budget option, you can try American Athletic Women's ice skates.

    The sleek boot and PVC upper allows for optimal performance.

    The upper boot has added ankle support, which is a must for beginner skaters.

    A drawback comes with the blade.

    The nickel-plated blade may need occasional sharpening or replacement.

    However, if you need a skate to just get started, try the American Athletic Women's. Great skates for kids!

    Great skates for kids!


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    Botal Dagmar Figure Skates


    The Czech-made Botas Dagmar skates are designed to be durable and water-proof.

    The high boot and layered leather seek to secure the ankle as it sits right at the calf.

    This compensates for the extra padding you'll find on some of the models on this list.

    The boot comes outfitted with stainless steel SABRINA blades, which are European-certified for performance.

    Despite the focus on durability, Botas skates still provide comfort for children and adults looking to learn the sport or compete.


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    Lake Placid Alpine 900 Traditional Figure Skates 


    Lake Placid Alpine takes on the traditional look with gold rivets for the laces and a solid, smooth leather upper boot and tongue.

    The inside contains memory foam like the Jackson Ultima artiste, reducing the chances of tired, achy feet after hours of figure skating.

    It has a water-resistant sole to prevent moisture buildup, common when skating.

    The stainless steel blades on the Lake Placid Alpine also withstand figure skating on natural or synthetic ice


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    Riedell 114 Pearl (Steel Luna Blade) 


    Riedell Skates offers a mid-tier priced skate with the Riedell Pearl 114, which is an excellent option.

    The special grey PVC sole and pink inner lining gives it a fresh, stylish look when hitting the ice.

    But it's not all about style.

    The 114 has a higher toe box for added comfort and its patented Dri-Lex lining to prevent added moisture.

    The stainless steel blade allows for maximum speed and power when executing your favorite moves on these Riedell Skates


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    Glacier by Jackson Ultima (Toddlers and Women)


    jackson glacier

    The Glacier by Jackson Ultima allows for hours of recreational or figure skating with a traditional design.

    The boot has Suedine lining that provides both strong support and comfort.

    The felt-backed tongue and brown PVC outsole make this skate easy to maintain.

    The all-purpose nickel blade provides a nice finish to this conventional skate.

    Whether you're looking for adult or kids ice skates, the Glacier by Jackson Ultima is a structurally sound skate with a great look for any skater.


    order now on amazon



    Roces Women's Brits Figure Skates (Girls/Women)


    The Roces Women's is great for figure skaters who want an out-of-the-box design but the same performance.

    This funky plaid pattern and black laces allow girls to add some style points while learning the basics of figure skating.

    The padded footbed and reinforced upper provides both support and comfort.

    The Roces Women's carbon steel blade is durable, making the skate useful for figure skating or recreational skating.

    The synthetic upper may attract more moisture than you'd like, but it's still a great entry-level skate.


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    buyers guide

    Figure Skate Buyer's Guide

    Figure Skates vs. Recreational Hybrid Ice Skates

    While searching for the best figure skates, you have to remember this important fact: All ice skates are not created equal. 

    There are big, bulky ice skates that are perfect for hockey.

    These have hard, carbon fiber boots to protect the feet from wayward hockey sticks and flying pucks. 

    Figure skates are sleeker, smoother leather boots - usually white or black - that are great for movement and stability.

    The goal is to make sure you take off and land safely, performing flips, loops, and axels.

    Figure skates can also be confused with recreational ice skates, the type you pull out of the closet to hit Rockefeller Rink when it opens during the Holidays (not for figure skating competitions).

    In fact, they tend to look the same and can not be confused with professional figure skates.

    rack of ice skates

    How many types of ice skates are there?

    Because ice skating is such a popular activity that involves different sports and competitions, ice skates have been designed to meet each category's needs.

    The two types of skates that you've probably heard of the most are figure skates and hockey skates.

    When looking at these skates you can quickly see the differences in the size and shape of the boot and blade.

    Here's a quick look at a few different types of skates, their design, and respective sports or activities with a brief description of the skate:

    • Figure Skates: Figure skates are designed primarily for figure skating and ice dancing for either recreational use or competitions. The structure of the boot is typically made of leather with a high ankle for support. The blade has basically three parts, the toe pick and curved front end for spins and jumps followed by a long, slender back blade for gliding and stroking.
    • Hockey Skates: Hockey skates are designed for playing the sport of ice hockey. The structure of the boot is typically made of a hard, durable composite material with low ankle support for pivoting, quick starts, and stops. The blade is continuous with a well-rounded "rocker" shape that allows for quick turns, starts, and stops.             
    • Recreational (Rental) Skates: Recreational skates are designed primarily for public skating and are the most commonly used skates at many ice arenas. The recreational boot is available in both a soft, comfortable material and hardened plastic for durability with medium and high ankle support (adjustable skates are also available). The blade is available in both a hockey and figure skate design.
    • Speed Skates: Speed skates are designed primarily for racing and long-distance skating. The boot is typically made of a hard, low-cut material that allows for maximum ankle movement and extension. The blade is very long, straight, and slender which allows for faster speeds and longer glides and strides.
    • Touring Skates: Touring skates are designed for cross-country skating and touring on frozen lakes and rivers. The boot is typically made of a hard, durable material and has a high ankle for support. The blade is long and narrow, with a slightly curved shape that allows for stability on uneven terrain.

    As you can see, there is a large choice of skates in the skating industry that are designed for many different uses.

    While researching for your choice of figure skates you'll need to address your basic needs depending on your skill level and long-term goals.

    Here's what you need to look for in figure skates:

        The Figure Skate Boot

        Figure skating boots are much stiffer and heavier than recreational hybrid ice skates.

        The goal is to protect the ankles and feet when landing.

        The stiffer the boot, the more you can attempt (and often more expensive).

        There is also extra padding to reduce shock absorption.

        Recreational hybrid ice skates are softer, lighter, and break in easily.

        They often look like figure skates but lack the additional padding. 

         toe picks

        Toe Picks

        Toe picks are the serrated edges at the front of the blade.

        The pick helps figure skaters dig into the surface before exploding into a jump, pivot, or spin.

        Figure skates can have sharper, more defined skates.

        With recreational ice skates, toe picks feel like an afterthought.

        They are smaller and smoother, allowing for the occasional trick to impress your friends.  

        Figure Skate Blades

        Competitive figure skating blades are often sold separately from the boot.

        This allows the skater to find a blade that fits their style.

        With ice skates below $200, the blades are often standard steel, chrome, or nickel-plated.

        You want to look for chrome or steel blades that will last longer and requires fewer trips to get them sharpened. 


        Your ice skates should feel snug without feeling too tight.

        Figure skate sizes often differ by brand, with brands between one to one-and-a-half sizes smaller than regular shoe sizes.

        Skates also have a width size that helps you have a comfortable shoe box.

        Sizes can range from AAAA to C.

        In other words, you can get the right size but the wrong width. 

        Having your skate properly sized will provide a comfortable skate and help you avoid getting painful blisters.

        Use this simple method to size skates before placing your order.

        get ready to figure skate

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What factors should be considered when selecting figure skates for professional use?

        When selecting figure skates for professional use, you should consider comfort, durability, and performance.

        Look for a boot with a snug fit, appropriate ankle and foot support, and a high-quality blade tailored to your skill level and skating style.

        Durability is also essential, as you'll want your skates to last through rigorous practice and competition.

        How should beginners approach choosing their first pair of figure skates?

        As a beginner, it's essential to find a comfortable and supportive pair of skates that offer appropriate ankle support and a forgiving blade for learning.

        A reputable figure skate store can provide recommendations and help size your skates accurately. It's best to try them on in person for the ideal fit.

        Which figure skates are recommended for intermediate level skaters?

        Intermediate skaters should look for a skate that offers a balance of comfort, performance, and durability.

        High-quality boots with increased ankle support and more advanced blade options will help you improve your skills.

        Consult with a figure skate expert or coach for personalized recommendations based on your skill level and style.

        What are the best figure skates available for adult skaters?

        The best figure skates for adult skaters depend on your skill level, goals, and personal preferences.

        A good starting point is to research reputable skate brands like Jackson, Riedell, and Edea.

        Consult with a professional skate fitter or coach for personalized recommendations that cater to your unique needs and preferences.

        Are there specific figure skate brands that are preferred by advanced skaters?

        Advanced skaters often have preferences based on personal experience and performance requirements.

        Trusted brands like Edea, Jackson, and Graf consistently produce high-quality skates designed for advanced skill levels.

        To find the best fit for your specific needs, consult a figure skate professional or coach.

        What are the highest quality figure skates available for under $100?

        While it can be challenging to find high-quality figure skates under $100, some brands offer entry-level options at more affordable price points.

        Consider researching brands like Botas,

        Lake Placid, or American Athletic for budget-friendly options.

        Keep in mind, investing in a more expensive pair can lead to better performance and a more comfortable fit that's worth the investment in the long run.

        Get Ready to Skate

        Choosing a skate can feel confusing. 

        There are several choices on the market at various price levels for both serious and recreational skaters.

        The best figure skates under $200 should have maximum performance at an attractive price. 

        Focus on fit, comfort, and a high-quality blade. 

        As you or your child progresses in the sport, you'll undoubtedly upgrade to a competitive-level skate. 

        Until then, these choices will perform well on any surface!

        You may even want to try our home synthetic ice surface to get in some extra practice between events!

        Happy shopping and....Keep on Skating!


        Jim Loughran, PolyGlide Ice




        10 Best Ice Skating Outfits For Women Under $100

        10 Best Ice Skating Outfits For Women Under $100

        Deion Sanders famously said, “When you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you play good.”

        Figure skating is part skill, part performance, and part pageantry.

        Looking your best is an important part of figure skating, especially when competing.

        It boosts self-confidence and complements inventive expression and performance.


        A nicely outfitted, thoughtfully designed outfit captivates your audience, connects with the judges, and contributes to a memorable experience.

        Skaters must also consider their outfit's practical and aesthetic factors.

        Choosing the Right Ice Skating Outfit

        Unfortunately, ice skating outfits can cost a lot, especially if they’re custom made.

        But you’re in luck, there are ice skating outfits for women under $100, if you know where to look.

        Here is a list of the 10 best ice skating outfits to help you look and feel your best on the ice.

        Our Top Picks

        Best Value Ice Skating Outfit
        Freebily Women's Figure Ice Skating Dress

        Best Overall Ice Skating Outfit
        ChloeNoel Velvet Double Layer Mesh Figure Skating Dress

        Freebily Ice Skating Dress

        1. Freebily Women's Figure Ice Skating Dress

        If you want to exude grace and glamor on the ice, consider this figure skating dress from Feebily.

        An all black look screams formal and is perfect for ice dancing, duets, or classical routines on the ice.

        Using polyester and chiffon, you get the shiny appeal while the bands of sequins help you glitter as you glide.

        The mesh sleeves and cold shoulder design brings formal style while keeping you warm.  

        Feel majestic as you skate in this highly rated, affordable ice skating outfit.


        Simple Ice Skating rOck

        2. ChloeNoel Velvet Double Layer Mesh Figure Skating Dress

        If you're looking to be subtle or exude class on the ice, this velvet double layer mesh figure skating dress is right up your alley.

        It's an elegant velvet dress with discreet crystals, a mesh skirt, and long sleeves for comfort and warmth.

        The premium quality materials allow for versatility in different competition styles and conditions. 

        It's easy to maintain with hand washing and reusable for practice, examinations, or future competitions. 

        With a flattering fit, it's an excellent choice for skating events. 


        Ice Skating Dress

        3. Alexandra Collection Women’s Sequin Mesh Dance Costume Dress

        Coming in at $50, the Alexandra Collection Costume Dress is an affordable option for teens and women diving into their first ice skating competition.

        Combining mesh and spandex, this navy dress is breathable, light, and versatile.

        The sequined cuffs and neck helps you glitter and glow as you stand out for judges.

        A simple yet powerful design, you’ll perform your best moves with ease.


        LIUHUO Ice Skating Dress

         4. LIUHUO Blue Velvet Ice Skating Dress

        The LIUHUO store has a wide range of ice skating outfits for women under $200 but this one stands out.

        At $69, you get a smooth velvet feel adorned with fantastic sequins.

        Look graceful on the ice with this spandex and polyester combination that’s great for kids and teens alike.

        It’s soft and warm, so you’ll stay cozy with its long sleeves while on the ice.

        The flared skirt adds a bit of elegance that’s expected on the ice.

        You or your loved ones will surely get compliments from this one!


        Feebily Ice Skating Dress

        5. Freebily Women's Adult Rhinestone Mesh Ice Skating Dress

         The Freebily dress is great for young adults or women looking to impress at their next competition. 

        An elegant, durable, and flexible option, this easy to maintain option is a popular cost-effective dress for figure skaters in multiple competitions. 

        The red ice skating dress is perfect for performances with its unique sparking rhinestone detail at the front.

        Made with premium quality mesh, chiffon, and polyester, it's ideal for indoor and even outdoor ice skating performances. 

        This dress is ideal for skaters looking to elevate their performance in comfort.


        Ice Skating Training Dress

         6. Mondor Figure Skating Examination Dress

        Is it time for you to move up a level in your figure skating journey? 

        Are you getting ready for your first competition?

        This figure skating examination dress is what you need.

        Mondor is known for their ice skating apparel and they’ve created this dress so you feel comfortable during your next test.

        The long-sleeved black dress is made of a snug velvet material that’s warm, yet functional.

        The classic skirt flows fell, allowing you to perform your turns and jumps with ease.

        It’s a simple, affordable dress for practice and testing time.


        Osado Ice Skating Flower Dress

         7. ODASDO Girl Ice Figure Skating Dress

        If your tween or teen girl is looking for a dress that reflects their attitude, it's the ODASDO figure skating dress.

        This is a versatile piece with a built-in adjustable leotard shorts, making it great for skating, gymnastics, ballet, and anything else in between.

        The large embroidered flower and stones makes it a standout option. 

        While sleeveless, the mesh shoulders and skirt still provides style with a comfortable spandex torso.

         This dress offers style and durability at an affordable price tag. 


        Agoky Ice Skating/Gymnastics Dress

         8. Agoky Women's Long Sleeve Ice Skating Dress

        Do you need a blue option for your next ice skating competition?

        Check out Agoky's long sleeve dress.

        The combination of polyester and spandex ensures a form-fitting look that shimmers. The blue mesh sleeves and shoulders are covered in studs for a classy finish.

        Available in multiple colors and sizes, this dress is great for dance class, ice skating, and much more.  


        Jacket and pant ice skating outfit

        9. Spiral Jacket and Pants Set For Girls

        Sometimes you need a comfortable jacket and pants set for practice, examinations, or friendly competitions.

        This spiral set made from polyester is just what you need.

        Comfortable enough for young girls and teens to skate, while fashionable to hit the ice in style, you can wear this on and off the ice.

        Made from durable, sustainable materials, you can get the set on Amazon in multiple colors for an affordable ice skating outfit. 


        Ice Skating Training Dress

        10. LIUHUO Figure Skating and Training Dress

        Whether for training or competing, some skaters prefer comfort. 

        You get a comfortable yet functional and beautiful option with this LIUHUO dress.

        The pink and blue gradient design with sequins on the upper frame does just enough to catch the attention of audiences and judges. 

        The 3D cut, hand-sewn garment fits like a glove while the long sleeves and polyester helps to keep you warm and comfortable. 

         Perform loops and axels with grace in this trendy figure skating ensemble. 


        Find the Perfect Outfit Without Breaking the Bank 

        Whether you’re figure skating, ice dancing, practicing, or getting ready for an examination, how you look matters.

        Presentation can earn you that extra place in competition or give you the confidence to really give it your best.

        Our list focuses on appeal and function, while staying under the reasonable $200 mark for a truly remarkable figure skating outfit. 

        Choose one (or more) that can match your routine. 

        And wow everyone when you step onto the ice. 


        Sport Court Tiles vs. Synthetic Ice For Outdoor Hockey Training

        sport court tiles vs. synthetic ice

        Hockey is a sport that requires a high level of skill, agility, and endurance. 

        As with other sports, players must train and practice regularly to develop these skills and improve their performance. 

        While hockey training can occur in various settings, such as indoor ice rinks or open outdoor spaces, the choice of surface can significantly impact the training experience. 

        Two popular options for outdoor hockey training are sport court tiles and synthetic ice.   


        Both options offer unique benefits and drawbacks, and the choice between the two depends on various factors such as budget, maintenance, and intended usage.

        Outdoor Hockey Training

        Why Players Need Outdoor Hockey Training

        Outdoor training allows players to adapt to different playing conditions and surfaces, which can help improve their overall game. 

        Players also enjoy a fresh and invigorating environment

        An outdoor space can offer a change of scenery and a break from the confines of an indoor rink, allowing players to connect with nature and experience the elements. 

        Outdoor training offers the opportunity for players to practice in larger spaces, mimic game conditions, and work on their endurance and stamina. 

        Natural lighting positively affects mood, testosterone, and vitamin D levels, enhancing outdoor training experience.

        Finally, outdoor training can foster a sense of camaraderie and community among players, as it often brings together teams or groups for practices and friendly games.

        sport court tiles

        Sport Court Tiles for Outdoor Hockey Training

        Sport court tiles are popular for outdoor hockey training as they provide a versatile and durable surface. 

        These tiles are often made of high-quality materials such as polypropylene or PVC, which are built to withstand the elements and heavy usage. 

        They are also weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use in various climates, and can be easily installed and removed as needed.

        Advantages of Using Sport Court Tiles for Hockey Training

        Sport court tiles are designed to mimic a smooth and fast playing surface, which is great for practicing different sports that need hard surfaces, like hockey. 

        They offer excellent traction and grip, which allows players to practice their skills, drills, and game strategies with a stick and puck.

         This can help players develop their technique and adaptability to different playing surfaces. 

        Furthermore, the consistent and reliable surface of sport court tiles makes them ideal for training, as players can hone fine motor skills essential for ice hockey. 

        Limitations and Considerations for Sport Court Tiles

        While sport court tiles offer numerous benefits for outdoor hockey training, there are some limitations and considerations to remember.

        One major limitation is that sport court tiles are not real ice, so training with ice skates are impossible. 

        This can impact the players' ability to accurately simulate game conditions and may require adjustments in their gameplay strategies. 

        While the surface is smooth, puck will not move like ice, impacting speed and variability of ice. 

        Another consideration is the initial cost and maintenance of sport court tiles.

        Installing and purchasing sport court tiles can be costly, and regular maintenance may be required to ensure the longevity and performance of the surface.

        synthetic ice panels

        Synthetic Ice for Outdoor Hockey Training

        Another option for outdoor hockey training is the use of synthetic ice. 

        It is a type of artificial ice surface made of polyethylene plastic or polymer materials that closely resemble the feeling of real ice. 

        Using synthetic ice for outdoor hockey training can provide several benefits.

        Advantages of Using Synthetic Ice for Hockey Training

        Synthetic ice offers a realistic skating experience, allowing players to practice their skills and techniques in a way that closely resembles real ice. 

        It provides a smooth and low-friction surface, allowing for ease of gliding, stick-handling and maneuvering. 

        Additionally, synthetic ice is durable and can withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use. 

        Synthetic ice for outdoor hockey training is a viable option for players looking to practice and develop their skills in an environment resembling real ice.

        Best of all, you can practice in full gear as this surface is designed for skating with ice skates. 

        Limitations and Considerations for Synthetic Ice

        One limitation of synthetic ice is that it may not have the same level of grip or responsiveness as real ice.

        Yet, it provides a better approximation of the feel and performance of real ice compared to other surface options thanks to its low coefficient of friction. 

        Moreover, the cost of installing and maintaining is relatively higher, but the long-term benefits and realistic experience it offers may outweigh these considerations.

        which one is better

        Comparing Sport Court Tiles and Synthetic Ice

        At this point, it's no wonder why sport court tiles and synthetic ice are the most popular options for outdoor hockey training.

        Evidently, both surfaces offer significant advantages for players.

        However, there are still key differences between the two:

        1. Sport court tiles provide a versatile and customizable surface that can be used for multiple sports, not just hockey. On the other hand, synthetic ice is specifically designed for hockey training (though we've had some roller skaters and curlers).
        2. Sport court tiles provide a higher level of traction and grip compared to synthetic ice, which is preferable when training with inline skates.
        3. Synthetic ice provides a more realistic skating experience that closely resembles real ice, while sport court tiles may not offer the same level of authenticity.
        4. The cost of installing sport court tiles is generally lower compared to synthetic ice, making it a more budget-friendly option for some players or facilities.
        5. Synthetic ice is more durable and requires less maintenance, while sport court tiles need regular maintenance, such as cleaning and re-coating, to ensure optimal performance.

        Opting for Synthetic Ice?

        If your main purpose is to replicate the feel and experience of real ice for hockey training, choosing synthetic ice would be a practical choice.  

        By using synthetic ice, players can practice their skating techniques, shooting accuracy, and checking abilities in a setting that closely simulates real ice. 

        While you may also find many options for synthetic ice, it's important to carefully consider factors such as quality, durability, and cost before making a decision. 

        Given these, you might want to check out the synthetic ice from PolyGlide Ice.

        PolyGlide Ice Pro-Glide Infused Panel

        PolyGlide Ice showcases the latest technology in synthetic ice surfaces in its Pro-Glide Infused Panel

        This synthetic ice panel is made of premium grade specially formulated polymer plastic that is infused with a proprietary glide enhancer. 

        This ensures a smooth and realistic skating experience, enabling players to hone their skills effectively.

        It also has an interlock system that provides a seamless and secure connection between panels, creating a stable and reliable surface. 

        There are several packages available to choose from, depending on your size requirement and budget. If you're unsure how many panels you may need, feel free to reach out to PolyGlide Ice and ask for a quote for your specific needs.

         hockey training


        Sport court tiles and synthetic ice both have their advantages and can be great options depending on your specific needs and preferences.  

        For example, if you are looking for a versatile surface that can also be used for various sports and activities (aside from hockey), sport court tiles may be the better choice. 

        However, if your primary focus is on hockey training and replicating the experience of real ice on your edges, then synthetic ice would be a more suitable option. 

        Regardless of which option you choose, both sport court tiles and synthetic ice offer their own unique benefits and can greatly enhance the training experience for players.


        Store Your Skates: 10 Best Ice Skating Bags Under $200

        Store Your Skates: 10 Best Ice Skating Bags Under $200

        Nothing makes ice skating more enjoyable than a great pair of ice skates.  

        And with any athlete, the more you take care of the tools of the trade, the longer they last and perform. 

        While trivial for some, storing your ice skates in an ice-skating bag, especially when traveling to practice at the rink, competition, or abroad, can be a game changer.  


        The right bag is functional, durable, stylish, keeps you organized, and, best of all, keeps your skates protected. 

        Like our best figure skates under $200 guide, accessories should also be affordable.  

        Our Top Picks

        Best Value Ice Skating Bag
        Ealer Ice Skate Backpack

        Best Overall Ice Skating Bag
        GOBORUS Roller Skate/Ice Skate Backpack

        Store your skates in one of the 10 best ice-skating bags under $200 for 2024. 


        Ealer Ice Skating

        1. Ealer Ice Skate Backpack  

        If you're looking for a bag with a more traditional backpack style, consider the Ealer SBH200 Series.  

        The bag has two compartments to hold each side of your skates, divided by a third compartment to carry all your other ice skating items.  

        At the back are a pair of straps to carry it on your back and a canvas handle whenever you tire of lugging it around.  

        Made of durable, waterproof material, it's a great option to subtly carry your prized boots.

        Roller Skate Backpack

        2. GOBUROS Roller Skate/Ice Skate Backpack 

         During our research for this list, we were pleasantly surprised to come across this bag. 

        The GOBUROS backpack can hold skates up to Men's size 13, thanks to its large, cube-shaped appearance.  

        It's a backpack, so you get the standard padded straps to carry it on your back. 

        But what makes it great is the skate compartment; a large, adjustable pocket at the back of the bag. 

        You get immediate access to your skates without disrupting the other items in your bag. 

        At the top are a pair of zippers that open another compartment for holding a helmet and other accessories.  

        With additional pockets at the front and sides, this is a versatile bag that any skater will appreciate.  

        While not as flashy as some of the other bags on this list, it's a comfortable bag that's the perfect size made with durable nylon. Expect this to be your go-to bag for years to come.  


        Hytiland Ice Skating Bag

        3. Hytiland Roller Skate/Ice Skate Bag

        Yes, you'll stand out with this bright, colorful bag. But you'll enjoy all its features too. 

        The L-shaped bag holds ice skates, roller skates, hockey skates, and everything in between.   

        The bag is large enough to hold a size 13 men's skate, so you have lots of room.  

        Hytiland bags also have four additional compartments, so you can hold everything you need for skating without carrying additional bags.  

        The bag has an adjustable strap and a handle to hold it however you wish.   

        At less than $50, this is a great investment to support your skates that will last for years.  

        Jackson Ice Skating Bag

        5. Jackson Ultima Oversized Ice Skate Bag 

        Looking for an affordable, functional bag to store your skates? 

        Grab this colorful canvas bag designed to store skates of all sizes and shapes. 

        Jackson Ultima is known for its high-quality skates, and they have bags to keep them safe. 

        This triangular-shaped bag has a sturdy zippered pocket wide enough to hold your skates, soakers, guards, and anything else.  

        It's compact enough to fit in a larger bag or equipped with a strap to carry on its own.  

        This bag gets the job done without breaking the bank. 

        Athalon Ice Skate Bag


        5. Athalon Skate Boot Bag

        The Athalon Skate Boot Bag is great for ski boots, ice skates, and even roller skates.  

        Store your skates in the large middle pocket or any of the mesh side compartments.  

        The middle compartment is big enough to hold a helmet, clothes, or other ice skating items. 

        This bag is popular due to its lightweight materials and bright, reflective colors.  

        Athalon is also a backpack-style option, with large, comfortable handles and padding to support your back and shoulders as you carry your skates to the rink. 


        Edea Cube Ice Skate Bag

        6. Edea Cube Skate Bag

        Edea is the gold standard of ice skates.  

        Some of the best skaters in the world use Edea as their brand of choice. 

        So it makes sense that Edea will have a bag to hold their (sometimes pricey) skates. 

        Reminiscent of a lunch bag, the cube design provides enough space for skates, clothing, and accessories.  

        The strong polyester materials is responsible for its shape and durability. There are multiple pockets on the inside and outside of the bag, so there is no need to carry another bag to training. 

        Edea is all about details, so you'll love the embossed logos, study straps,, handles, and well-designed zippers.  

        Once you use it, the cube can easily turn into your go-to bag for ice skating.  


        Edea Rolling Trolley Bag

        7. Edea Rolling Backpack Trolley Bag

        If you need to hop a flight or travel long distances to compete, you'll need a bag that does it all. 

        Edea understood the assignment and created a rolling backpack for skaters.  

        Strap this large backpack on your shoulders as a carry-on for your flight.  

        Store the skates in the large compartment and your skating clothes and accessories in the other two pockets. Side pockets and zippers complete this backpack as a fully functional accessory. 

        When you're fed up with carrying your bag, open the back compartment and pull out the handle for the trolley option.  

        The smooth dual wheels at the bottom of the bag allow you to pull your skates with ease.  

         Before using the trolley feature, you can detach the backpack straps and store them away for future use.  

        As a versatile backpack, you get the quality standards of Edea to hold your precious skates and accessories.  

        Zuca Ice Skating Bag

        8. Zuca Rolling Sport Bag – Navy Blue

        It's time to pull out the big guns. 

        The biggest and most expensive option on our list when it comes to ice sports storage, this bag delivers. 

        It starts with a lightweight yet super-strong aluminum alloy frame with wheels to use as an additional piece of luggage. Unfortunately, it does not meet FAA requirements for carry-on luggage.   

        The telescoping handle gives you the versatility to transport vertically or horizontally.  

        Zuca's capacity is up to 300 lbs, so you can hold multiple skates and everything you need for a successful skating trip.  

        The main compartment opens outward like a standard suitcase, with inner zips and compartments to organize your items. 

        The large inner compartment is also removable and hand washable, made from durable 600D polyester. 

        Weighing in at just 9.4 lbs (frame and bag), it's lightweight without compromising on strength. 

        Available in multiple colors, you can get one of the best ice skating bags under $200 on the market in your own style.  


        Warrior Pro Ice Skating Bag

        9. Warrior Pro Wheeled Hockey Backpack

        Is this bag for hockey? Yes.  

        Can you use it to store all your figure skating or ice skating needs? Also, yes. 

        The Warrior Pro Wheeled Hockey Backpack is the best ice skating bag you need for carrying ice skates, clothing, accessories, and much more. 

         The bag comes with pockets to hold each side of your skates and large compartments for everything else you'll need for skating.  

        Durability and versatility are key with this option.  

        Like the Edea backpack, transform the Warrior Pro into a wheeled bag when the load gets too heavy to carry.  

        Rink Rabbit Skate Pack

        10. Rink Rabbit Skate Pack

        Rink Rabbit is a trusted roller skating and inline skating brand.  

        They carry some great storage items, like their skate pack.  


        This bag gives laptop bag vibes with what seems like countless compartments and pockets. 

        And as luck would have it, the bag has a laptop compartment so you can carry your computer for work during the day and then go skating in the evening. 

        Each pocket has its own zipper to stay organized during training or road trips. 

         But it's made for skaters to easily transport their skates and anything else they'll need to perform at their best.  

        The double-padded, reinforced bag ensures your skates stay dry. With breathable mesh fabric inside and outside the bag, it can also stay ventilated.  

         This thoughtfully designed bag is a best seller and a go-to for ice skating enthusiasts. 


        Can you carry your skates in any backpack? ...Of course!

        But why would you want to?  

        A bag that's designed with your skates in mind ensures your skates stay dry, protected, and easy to access.  

        These are 10 of the best ice skating bags under $200. 

        Be stylish and functional as you head to the ice for practice or your next skating competition.  



        10 Best Kids Ice Skates For Newbies

        10 Best Kids Ice Skates For Newbies

         Aubrin Sage is a 5-year-old social media superstar known for her wholesome quips while skiing and snowboarding in her dinosaur costume with her dad, Robert Garlow.  

        The family's genuine love for the slopes has encouraged other families to get their kids to pick up ice sports. 

        Unfortunately, not everyone has access to powdery winter mountains. 

        But they can get to a local ice rink.  


        Ice skating is a fun, engaging, and challenging sport for newbies. It's a great entry-level sport.  

        Kids as young as four can pick up skating and keep growing with it well into their teens.  

        The main tool your child will need is a pair of reliable ice skates. 

        There are many on the market at varying price points.

        So which should you choose? 

        this wide variety of figure skates:

        Our Top Picks

        Best Beginner Kids Skates
        Lake Placid Nitro Adjustable

        Best Overall Kids Skates
        American Athletic Tricot Lined Figure Skates

        Here are 10 of the best kids' ice skates for newbies:


        Lake Placid Ice Skating

        1. Lake Placid Nitro Adjustable Figure Skate

        Lake Placid skates have been around for decades as a reliable, beginner-friendly ice skate brand. 

        These are akin to the pair you'd find to rent at a local ice rink, so it won't hurt to pick up a pair for your kids to call their own. 

        The boot is made of a sturdy plastic shell to protect the ankle and foot from falls.  

        There are no laces but two sturdy cam lever buckles to secure the boot. These buckles are also adjustable, allowing your young one to grow into the skate.  

        A carbon steel, nickel-plated blade can last for years with consistent sharpening.  

        These are great for fun, casual ice skating but may need to be replaced if your kid wants to take their skating to the next level.  


        American Athletic Ice Skates

        2. American Athletic Tricot Lined Figure Skates

        When it comes to the best kids ice skates, it's all about American Athletic. 

        American Athletic is renowned for its professional-level skates, and its beginner ice skates do not disappoint.  

        This skate has a professional design and fit, helping kids to get accustomed to performance and comfort. 

        The PVC upper boot is all about durability and longevity.  

        American Athletic also focuses on comfort, with a large, padded split tongue and full quarter padding. 

        A hollow-ground nickel-plated steel blade completes the package, allowing you to sharpen it for precision and control. 

        As these are entry-level skates, upgrading may be necessary as your kid improves for enhanced ankle support.   


        Lake Placid Figure Skates

         3. Lake Placid Cascade Girl's Figure Ice Skates

        Another Lake Placid option on the list, this skate follows the style of the traditional figure skate instead of harder rental boots.  

        The Cascade figure skates have a synthetic PVC outer material for extended durability. The firm upper material also helps with ankle support.  

        Comfortable woven materials line the inside of the boot for maximum warmth.  

        The Lake Placid Cascade comes with a stainless-steel blade complete with a toe pick, so your kiddo can attempt beginner spins, stops, and turns.  

        Few skaters can beat this option for a great skating experience at a competitive price.  


        Bauer Ice Skating

         4. Bauer Colorado Glides

        Bauer is known for its hockey skates, but it carries a range of recreational and figure skating boots, like the Colorado Glides.  

        When you look at these, you think of rugged and sturdy winter boots. You're right. The materials combine synthetics, hard leather shells, and thick inner lining for fantastic support and comfort.  

        The Colorado Glides have additional padding for warmth and insulation for outdoor and indoor use.  

        The pre-sharpened hockey-style blade gives your boot the speed, support, and endurance worthy of a beginner.

        You can get this in youth and adult sizes so you can join your kids on the ice! 


        Jackson Ultima Ice Skates

        5. Jackson Ultima Figure SoftSkate

        While more expensive than the others we've mentioned, The Jackson Ultima delivers.  

        Jackson is the preferred brand for some of the world's best skaters. 

        The SoftSkate is a beginner to intermediate option that ticks all the boxes. 

        Separated into multiple parts, the boot consists of a reinforced vinyl upper to help navigate jumps and turns while supporting the entire foot.  

        The tongue and boot have a fluffy but durable inner lining for amazing comfort and warmth.  

        You also get the standard Jackson Mark 1 Blade with a toe pick for speed and support as you glide on the ice.  

        It's a great upgrade from rental skates that can last for years.  


        Riedell Ice Skating

         6. Riedell Soar Recreational Skates 

        Like Bauer, Riedell is another sports brand that focuses on ice sports like hockey. 

        However, their Soar Recreational Skates are great for kids starting their ice-skating journey. 

        Riedell skates are engineered with a perfect blend of comfort and performance. 

        The 3M Thinsulate insulation and plush foam-padded velvet linings ensure warmth and coziness, so you can skate indoors and outdoors.  

        The Velcro strap at the top of the boot provides additional support, especially for beginners.  

        Riedell has a no-maintenance PVC sole, making them not only durable but also easy to care for.  

        These are great skates for weekly visits to the rink or for those who are taking beginner classes.  


        Botas Ice Skating

        7. Botas Kids Skates 

        Botas is another trusted figure skating brand for beginners and advanced skaters alike. 

        The leather, waterproof boot has that sleek look that's appealing to figure skaters at a fraction of the price of professional skates.  

        The David and Diana versions both boast a thick inner lining and durable textiles on the tongue for support and comfort.  

        The leather boots are attached to PVC soles and Sabrina blades, which can cut through the ice with ease.  

        With consistent care and sharpening of the blade, Botas skates can last for years.  


        K2 Ice Skates

        8. K2 Rink Raven Boa Ice Skates 

        With over 30 years of excellence, K2 is known for its recreational and freestyle skates.  

        K2 also has a wide range of beginner skates, with the Raven Boa great for kids who want to get their feet wet in the sport.  

        This boot combines the durability of a hard shell outer with the comfort of a soft boot inner piece.   

        The Raven Boa has adjustable straps, allowing you to buy them slightly bigger and adjust them accordingly.  

        The stainless steel blade is great for beginners or those who want to delve into freestyle skating.  

        The light boot focuses on speed, performance, and safety, converging to create a truly exceptional skating companion. 


        Obensky Ice Skates

        9. OBENSKY Adjustable Ice Skates for Kids

        If your kids want a cool-looking pair of skates (while you're concerned about comfort and safety), look no further than OBENSKY's adjustable skates. 

        OBENSKY combines bright colors with the jet-black design on its hard plastic cap and soft boot. 

        These skates have multiple adjustments for each size, allowing your kids to grow into each pair. 

        The breathable inner liner helps this boot to be breathable, comfortable, and durable.  

        Safety is a top priority. The skates feature adjustable safety lock buckles, a Power Strap, and laces, providing triple protection for your child while skating. 

         Enjoy hours of skating both indoors and outdoors with these fantastic adjustable skates.  

        Jackson Ultima

         10. Jackson Ultima Softec Figure Skate

        Similar to the Figure Softskate, the Softec uses a thicker microfiber for more durability.   

        As part of the Softec series, the lightweight, plush padding provides great warmth while maintaining its speed.  

        The sleek design of the boot not only provides a stylish appearance but also offers exceptional ankle support for enhanced stability during maneuvers. 

        The factory-sharpened Mark 1 blades are guaranteed to elevate your child's skating experience.   

        With all the benefits of a professional skate, it's hard to beat the Jackson Ultima brand.  



        Ice skating is a wonderful sport for kids of all ages. 

        Investing in a pair of skates allows you to choose when and where you can skate while saving you money on rentals.  

        With the many brands and options available, finding the best kids ice skates for newbies is challenging.

        Aim for a pair that's durable and comfortable with sharp blades to make skating easier.  

        This list is great for all surfaces, including synthetic ice.   

        These options are also affordable, with the most expensive at only $125.00. Some professional skates can be ten times this price! 

        And who knows? Ice sports may open doors for your child as it did for many of the other young skaters we see online.