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    ABout Us

    Our Mission Statement: For years the ability to learn the skill of ice skating depended solely on your geographical location or proximity to the closest Ice Arena. Our aim is to offer an array of premium-grade synthetic ice products that can bring ice skating to the masses no matter where they live. An artificial ice surface with a "real-ice" feel that introduces ice skating as an enjoyable experience that will last a lifetime.

    Our Team                                                                                                       

    After many years of development, PolyGlide Synthetic Ice has quickly become a leader in artificial ice manufacturing. It has been a total team effort every step of the way and our group, with over 75 years combined experience in the plastics and construction industry, takes pride in the end product. Throughout our development we have learned to listened closely to the feedback that matters most.....our customers!

    We're Here for You
    We want to hear from you and we welcome your call! We can help guide you through your rink project no matter how big or small. We welcome you to rely on our experience from past projects to make sure yours is a successful one that we're sure you'll enjoy! Give Us a Call or Message us (below right): 855-765-9423

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