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    The BounceBar Dasher Curb

    The BounceBar is a dasher curb and rebounder all built into one!

    Designed to provide any synthetic ice surface with a finished perimter edge that allows for puck containment and sidewall action without the need for pricey dasher boards.

    This heavy-duty dasher curb has built-in high reaction foam that provides great rebounding action for standard ice rubber and off-ice training pucks.


    • Measures 72" Long X 3" High X 4" deep,
    • High-Action rebounding foam.
    • Easy to install rubber grommet anchors.
    • Joining top cap rail for multiple bar mounting.
    • Constructed using safe, recycable plastics

    May be installed on any synthetic ice rink surface so you can spend more time training and less time chasing pucks.

    Each BounceBar can be easily removed and set in mutlipe angles and positions to accomodate any off-ice training program.

    Custom Sizes:

    Bouncebar can easily be trimmed with any carpenters saw using a fine-toothed wood blade to match your rinks linear rink dimension.

    Corner turns can be mitered for a tight, clean connection similar to wood molding.

    Feel free to get creative using multiple-size Bars to meet your hockey off-ice training needs.

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