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    7 Fantastic Hockey Training Aids To Improve Your Game

    hockey training equipment

    An athlete's success is not about the feats you see on the field, the mound, the pitch, or the ice. 

    Those achievements are like the iceberg effect.

    On the surface, the athlete makes it look easy. 

    When you dig deeper, you realize it's because of countless hours of work, dedication, failure, setbacks, and constantly improving one's craft.

    While working tirelessly on your sport helps, what you do and how you do it matters just as much.

    This is especially true for aspiring ice hockey players.


    Former Flyers center Eric Lindros once said, "It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice."

    Hockey is a sport that requires a particular set of skills. 

    Speed, agility, stickhandling, shooting, balance, and teamwork are all essential to succeed as a hockey player. 

    With the right hockey training aids, hard work, and consistency, those skills will translate to magic on the ice.  

    youth hockey player

    The Importance of Hockey Training

    Proper hockey training is crucial for improving performance and maximizing player potential. 

    It helps players develop the necessary skills, improve their physical condition, and enhance their overall game awareness. 

     Hockey is a unique and specialized sport.

    You can't depend on standard exercise programs.

    You'll need hockey training aids to help perfect the specific skills hockey demands from its players.  

    Furthermore, since hockey players can't always train on ice and may not always have access to an ice rink, they need to supplement their on-ice training with off-ice training. 

    On-ice and off-ice training are equally important in developing a well-rounded hockey player. 

    In both instances, training aids are essential tools that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of hockey training. 

    These aids can help players improve specific aspects of their game, such as stickhandling, shooting accuracy, speed, and agility. 

    Getting Started

    Incorporating hockey training aids can also make practice more challenging and can add variety to training sessions, keeping you engaged and motivated.

    If you're coaching a hockey team or a player, incorporating hockey training aids can make any training session fantastic and more effective. 

    Here are 7 that can take your game to the next level:

     1. PolyGlide Ice - Pro Glide Infused Panel

    pro-glide infused panel

    If you want on-ice training sessions but lack access to a natural ice rink, a PolyGlide Synthetic Ice Pro Glide Panel is the perfect solution. 

    This synthetic ice provides a realistic skating experience because its infused panel technology mimics the glide and feel of natural ice. 

    As such, players can get the sensation of skating and practice their hockey skills in a simulated on-ice environment. 

    With PolyGlide Synthetic Ice, you can make your synthetic ice rink at home, in the backyard, or any suitable space. 

    Since it's available in panels, you can order just one for specific close control drills or multiple panels for an at-home rink to get a similar on-ice training experience. 

    The panels are also easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient storage and portability. 

    Overall, this synthetic ice provides a cost-effective and accessible solution for hockey players who want to confidently train on ice-like surfaces. 

    2. Top Shelf Targets - Magnetic Shooting Targets

    Need to work on accuracy and precision in shooting?

    The Top Shelf Magnetic Shooting Targets are a must-have training aid. 

     These magnetic shooting targets can be attached to the metal goalposts or any suitable surface. 

    They provide visual targets for players to aim for, helping them improve their shooting accuracy. 

    These targets are incredibly durable and easy to use, making them ideal for individual and team training sessions. 

    This hockey training aid is also suitable for all ages and skill levels and can be used on and off the ice.

    Revbalance - Balance Board

    3. Revbalance - Balance Board Sports Trainer

    You've seen these interesting balance devices everywhere. 

    Are they worth the hype?


    Balance boards have various benefits for hockey training. 

    Primarily, they help improve balance and strength. You also wear ice skates, balancing your body on thin metal blades.

    Balance boards also help improve core stability, agility, and reaction time.

    The Revbalance Balance Board Sports Trainer is an excellent tool for hockey training. 

    It is handcrafted with high-quality materials and designed to withstand rigorous training sessions. 

    It also has a soft traction surface, so you can use it comfortably even with bare feet. This versatile tool will hone the flexibility and balance skills that will translate to the ice.

    slip slide board

    4. Slip Slide Board by PolyGlide Ice

    Because it provides an ice-like experience, the PolyGlide Ice Slip Slide Board can significantly help improve your skating skills, balance, and coordination.

    It also builds your lower body, strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. 

    Enjoy a full body workout with a multiple array of exercises that will improve your overall game.

    It can be used by players of different skill levels from beginners to professionals to strengthen their skating stride and overall performance.


    Agility Training Kit

    5. Agility Training Kit

    Agility and speed are skills essential for hockey players. 

    With agility and speed, players can quickly change directions, accelerate, outmaneuver other players, and react swiftly on the ice. 

    To enhance agility and speed, the Agility Training Kit is an excellent tool. 

    This particular Agility Training Kit includes a 20-foot agility ladder, 4 adjustable hurdles, 12 disc cones, a running parachute, a jump rope, and a carry bag. 

     All these can be part of a comprehensive training program to improve hockey players' agility, coordination, and speed on the ice. 

    You can also use it with other hockey training aids to hone skills such as endurance and power.

    6. The Bouncebar - Rebounding Dasher Curb

    Improve your off-ice hockey training with The BounceBar - Rebounding Dasher Curb".

    This dual-purpose product combines the functionalities of a dasher curb and a puck rebounder into one seamless unit, perfect for any hockey training program.

    Whether you’re looking to perfect your puck handling skills or create a more engaging practice environment, the BounceBar offers the flexibility needed to transform your hockey stickhandling skills.

    wraparound hockey stick wrap

    7. Hockey Stick Protector for Off Ice Training

    Elevate your game without risking damage to your expensive hockey stick with our Off-Ice Hockey Stick Protector.

    Designed to replicate the feel of on-ice play on any surface, this protector is perfect for off-ice training sessions, street hockey, and more.

    Ideal for gifts and a must-have for any player's arsenal, our protector allows you to perform any on-ice maneuver off-ice, including full slap shots when taped.

    Enhance your performance safely and effectively with our Hockey Stick Protector.

    Common Hockey Drills

    So, how can you use these hockey training aids?

    • Stickhandling and puck-control drills focus on improving players' ability to handle the puck with their stick and maintain control while moving. This is crucial for players to maneuver the puck effectively during gameplay. The Potent Digital Stick Handling Trainer is an excellent tool for such drills.
    • Shooting drills are designed to improve a player's shooting accuracy, power, and technique. Training aids such as Magnetic Shooting Targets and PolyGlide synthetic ice panels can help players improve their shooting skills by providing realistic shooting surfaces and targets.
    • Skating drills are essential for improving a player's speed, agility, and overall skating technique. For players who can't train on traditional ice, the PolyGlide synthetic ice and slip slide board are valuable tools for simulating the ice-like experience and improving skating skills.
    • Conditioning drills focus on building endurance, strength, and stamina, essential for maintaining peak performance throughout a game. Some conditioning drills include interval sprints, shuttle runs, circuit training, and endurance skating drills. The agility training kit can be used with these drills to enhance agility and conditioning.
    • Checking drills teach players proper body positioning, timing, and technique for performing checks effectively and safely. Using training aids such as the Revbalance balance board can help players improve their balance and stability, which are crucial for executing checks with precision.

    Coaches and players can incorporate game-like scenarios into training sessions to improve their game sense and decision-making abilities in real game situations.

    improving your game

    Improving Your Game with Hockey Training Aids

    Hockey is a complex sport involving physical skills, mental acuity, and strategic thinking. 

    To excel in the game, players also need to be excellent at skating, stick handling, and shooting. 

    To improve your game, you need to focus on developing your skills in all areas and continuously practice and challenge yourself.  

    For these, training aids can be beneficial.

    Check out the 6 fantastic training aids listed above to elevate your game and take your skills to the next level.


    Best Hockey Training: 7 Off-Ice Exercises For Optimal Performance

    off-ice exercise hockey

    When you're a young beginner, your hockey training goals are simple and over several years, you'll develop these skills on the ice.

    With time, however, you'll realize you need to get stronger and faster. 

    Hockey will only continue to become more and more physical.

    On the ice, it's survival of the fittest. You'll get hit, and you'll land some, too. 

    But to advance your hockey training, you must include off-ice exercises to build a strong, resilient body.   


    Off-ice training enhances your physical attributes, making you better prepared to handle the game's demands. 

    Incorporating a well-rounded off-ice training program can improve your sports performance and longevity.

    These 7 simple off-ice exercises will help you pack on muscle, build functional strength, and improve your performance on the ice.


    1. Squats: Build Lower Body Strength and Power 

    Squats are a highly effective exercise for building lower body strength and power. 

    They help target multiple muscle groups, including the quads, hamstrings, and glutes, which can improve overall leg strength and power for hockey players.

    Perform squats by standing straight with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

    You drive your hips back and bend your knees, lowering the butt past the knees and getting as deep as possible.

    Come back to the starting position to complete one rep. 

    Squats also help improve joint stability and mobility.

    They are functional exercises that mimic movements we perform in ice skating.

    This makes them essential for maintaining proper biomechanics and preventing injury.

    Squats can be modified to suit your fitness level and goals, and incorporating weight or plyometric variations can help increase your workout's intensity. 

    You can start with a goblet squat using a single heavy dumbbell, then transition to barbell squats.

    Increase the weight and repetitions based on your trainer's recommendation or personal goals. 



    2. Planks: Strengthen Core Muscles for Stability on the Ice

    Strengthening your core muscles is crucial for stability, balance, and overall performance in ice sports such as ice hockey. 

    The plank exercise is considered one of the most effective ways to develop your core muscles. 

    Planks are a static exercise that involves holding a push-up position on your forearms with your body straight from head to heels.

    Holding a plank in 60-90-second intervals is ideal for beginners. Increase the length and intensity of the plank over time. 

    They are simple yet highly efficient and effective, targeting the abdomen, lower back, and shoulder muscles simultaneously.

    Planks also help improve overall posture and alignment, essential for maintaining balance and stability on the ice.

    3. Medicine Ball Exercises: Enhance Upper Body Strength and Coordination

    Medicine ball throws are a beneficial exercise for athletes and non-athletes alike.

    The exercise targets multiple muscle groups in the upper body, builds strength and endurance, and improves coordination and proprioception, enhancing the ability to perform complex movements more efficiently and accurately.

    Some example exercises:

    •  You can perform wall balls, throwing and catching the ball as high as possible against a wall.
    • Slam the ball against a wall or on the floor from an overhead stance.
    • Pick it up from the floor and release it over one shoulder, then repeat with the other.
    • If you're working out with a friend, throw it to each other. You can also sit back to back and pass it to each other from one side to the next. 

    Don't have a medicine ball? You can get an inexpensive option on Amazon, like the Yes4All Slam Ball.

    These dynamic movements require power, speed, and accuracy, making it an excellent addition to any fitness routine. 


    4. Lunges: Improve Balance and Agility

    When you get body-checked, you want to quickly recover from falls (or avoid falling altogether). 

    We'll continue the list with lunges to build strength in the lower body. 

    Lunges are a time-tested exercise used for centuries to improve balance and agility.

    This simple yet effective movement targets multiple muscle groups, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core, making it a valuable addition to any exercise routine.

    The primary benefits of lunges include improving balance and agility and preventing injuries by strengthening the knee and hip muscles. 

    You can perform lunges with added weight, like a kettlebell, dumbbells, or a barbell.

    Stand upright with your feet slightly apart.

    Take a large step (lunge) forward (or backward) and bend your knee, lowering your body until the back knee points to the floor.

    Return to the starting position and repeat with the opposite leg. 

    Lunges are an excellent way to increase movement speed and efficiency, making us more agile in sports and everyday activities. 

    With many variations of lunges available, we can target different muscle groups and challenge our balance and agility in new ways.

    5. Jump Rope: Increase Cardiovascular Endurance and Foot Speed

    Jump rope is a simple yet effective exercise that can be done almost anywhere with minimal equipment. 

    It is a versatile workout with many benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased agility and speed, and enhanced balance and coordination.

    Jumping rope at a moderate to high intensity can elevate your heart rate and work your cardiovascular system, helping to build stamina and endurance over time. 

    Your rope of choice also matters:

    Regular jump rope practice can enhance speed, agility, balance, and coordination. Its low-impact nature is gentle on the joints, making it an excellent option for individuals of all fitness levels. 

    resistance bands

    6. Resistance Band Exercises: Target Specific Muscle Groups for Hockey Movements

    You can perform almost any exercise using resistance bands. 

    Resistance band exercises improve muscle strength, power, and explosiveness, which are crucial for ice hockey performance. 

    These exercises can help target specific muscle groups important for ice hockey movements, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, calves, core, and upper body muscles such as the shoulders and back.

    Players can improve their performance on the ice by incorporating resistance band exercises into their training routine. 

    A set like the Gymreapers Resistance Bands are perfect for any skill level.

    Effective exercises include the resistance band squat, hip flexor exercise, and resistance band calf raise for lower body strength, as well as the resistance band plank, resistance band rows, and resistance band shoulder press for core and upper body muscles.

    7. Burpees: Full-body Exercise for Conditioning and Explosiveness

    It's considered the best exercise ever. Burpees are a popular full-body exercise that combines a squat, push-up, and jump, effectively targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously. 

    It is an efficient and effective way to improve overall physical fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, lung capacity, aerobic fitness, strength, muscle tone, agility, coordination, explosiveness, and power.

    Burpees can quickly elevate your heart rate, helping to improve cardiovascular health and stamina. 

    The continuous and dynamic nature of the exercise helps improve lung capacity and overall aerobic fitness.

    It is also an excellent exercise for building strength and muscle tone, engaging the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, shoulders, triceps, calves, and core muscles.

    The quick transitions between the squat, push-up, and jump require coordination and balance, helping to enhance overall body awareness and control.

    This can be particularly beneficial for athletes who rely on quick and precise movements in their sport.

    The explosive jump at the end of the movement helps develop fast-twitch muscle fibers responsible for quick and powerful movements, making it an excellent exercise for athletes in sports that require quick bursts of energy.


    off ice hockey training

    Off-ice Exercises to Elevate Hockey Performance

    Incorporating off-ice exercises into a hockey player's training routine can offer several benefits, such as improving overall fitness, building strength and power, enhancing agility and flexibility, and reducing the risk of injury.

    These 7 exercises are foundational and should be part of a well-rounded workout routine that suits your age, strength, and fitness goals.

    Adding running, cycling, circuit training, and HIIT exercises can help improve cardiovascular endurance and anaerobic fitness.

    Strength training exercises such as deadlifts, push-ups, and pull-ups can help develop lower and upper body strength.

    Plyometric exercises like box jumps, lateral hops, and burpees can improve agility and quickness.

    Off-ice exercises can strengthen the muscles and connective tissues that support the joints, helping players reduce the risk of common hockey injuries such as sprains, strains, and overuse injuries.

    Best of all, it helps you build the strength necessary to impose your will, body-check your opponent as needed, and dominate for years to come. 

    Also, try implementing some Slip Slide Board training into your workout along with those listed above and you'll be sure to improve your overall hockey skills!


    10 Tips To Find The Best Ice Skating Blades At Any Budget

    10 Tips To Find The Best Ice Skating Blades At Any Budget

    You've been participating in ice sports for some time now. 

    Whether you've been figure skating or playing hockey, you love what you do, and now, you're looking for ways to improve.  

    One of the best ways to improve on the ice is to invest in the best ice-skating blades you can find. 

    It varies between most brands and models, but for most ice skates (except the cheaper ones), you can swap out the blades for a new pair. 

    Why should you do that, you may ask? 

    Blades, like any tool used for sport, can suffer from wear and tear.  


    You Should Consider Swapping Out Your Blades 

    Your skating may not be as fast or efficient as you might think, all because your blades are nicked, rusted, or bent. 

    Blades last for several years but can lose their luster depending on how often you skate.  

    Even the slightest imperfections can be unsafe and limit your performance.  

    Sometimes, sharpening does not feel right, and the blades lose their edge.  

    More importantly, you're getting better.  

    You may need new blades to match your capabilities.  

    Beginner skaters prioritize stability. 

    As you advance, you probably want to go faster or have more control in tight situations. 

    An advanced pair of ice-skating blades can do that.  

    Best of all, the ice skating world, like most others, is constantly changing. 

    There are new production techniques, new materials, and features that you want to try out just for the hell of it.  

    The best figure skaters and hockey players don't just buy entirely new ice skates.  

    They also mix and match boots and blades for the optimal fit and performance.  


    The Anatomy of the Best Ice Skating Blades

    The Anatomy of the Best Ice Skating Blades 

    So what's the big deal? 

    It's just a sharp piece of metal that cuts through the ice and allows you to move, right? 


    This metal is made up of multiple components that come together to form the perfect tool for ice skating. 

    The blade design also differs from that of ice hockey and figure skating.  

    In short, the best ice skating blades are broken down into: 

    • Runner: The long, flat portion that makes contact with the ice. Runners are made of different types of metal, such as chrome-plated carbon steel.  
    • Toe Pick: The jagged tip at the front of the blade is used by figure skaters to initiate jumps and spins. Toe picks do not exist on hockey runners.  
    • Edge: The blade consists of two sides that run on the inside and outside of the runner. The edges are crucial for executing certain moves, stops, pushing off, and turning.  
    • Rocker: The curvature of the blade. When the blade is flat on the ice, how much of it is curved upward? It's a game of inches, but the blade's rocker impacts stability, maneuverability, and jump height. There are different types of rocker styles.  
    • Hollow: Ice skating blades have a small grove that's ground into the runner, giving it a concave appearance. The depth of the hollow impacts control and speed and can be adjusted with sharpening tools, but only for so long.  
    • Mounting System: How does the blade connect to the boot? Figure skates connect to the boot via a plate or removable mechanisms. With hockey skates, this mechanism even allows you to eject and change the blade seamlessly.  

    Now you know the blade's anatomy. 

    You'll notice that by manipulating the measurements of the blade, you can improve your performance! 

    When you're buying your new ice-skating blades, follow these tips to come out with the best pair possible. 

    Match the Blade to Your Discipline

    1. Match the Blade to Your Discipline 

    You can pick up the wrong blade if you're not too careful.

    Remember that each discipline has specific needs.

    You can even get more granular, choosing blades for dance, freestyle, and more.

    Research the best in each sub-niche. 

    2. Look for High-Quality Ice Skate Blade Material 

     Blades are usually made of carbon steel and chrome-plated.

    You can explore other variants, like nickel and nickel-plated chrome.

    There are new innovations in metal, so keep an eye out. 

    3. Stay Sharp on the Ice 

    You should not only look for a blade but a sharpener or sharpening process.

    Invest in a good quality sharpener or find a reputable sharpening service to maintain the edge's bite into the ice.

    4. Get the Right Profile  

     Blades have a profile, the natural lines from the rocker to the pick.

    Choose a blade with a profile based on your current skill level and goals.

    Your coach can help you choose and shape your profile. 

    5. Let's Get Boot Compatibility 

    The blade should install seamlessly with your boot.

    Placing a $1000 blade on a $100 boot may not be possible as the boot may not have the capability to hold your blade.

    If this is an issue, you'll also need to change your boot.   

    radius of hollow

    6. Rocker and Radius 

    Do you know some blades come with a double or combination radius?

    You can have different depths at two parts of the runner.

    There are new rocker and radius options that combine both stability and agility.

    Research blades that give you this versatility and consider this in your purchase process. 

    7. The Weight is Over 

    Blades also come in different weights.

    Lighter blades increase speed at the expense of control and vice versa.

    What are you trying to achieve as you take your skills to the next level? 

    8. Versatility in Your Hollow 

     Your hollow impacts factors like speed, control, and turning.

    Your blade comes with a standard hollow, but you want one that's versatile.

    Get the type of hollow that helps you work with your skate sharpener to form the best one for you. 

    9. Get Exceptional Customer Support 

    Buying ice skating blades can be challenging.

    Blades are also expensive.

    You want a manufacturer that can answer questions, provide support, and help you get the right one for you.

    Look at customer reviews to help you determine the best option.  

    10. Break it in Like a Pro

     New, high-quality blades often have a "break-in" period where the edges become more receptive to sharpening.

    What's the break-in period of your new blade?

    Ask the retailer or determine the average break-in time for your brand of choice. 


    Common Brands and Price Points

    Common Brands and Price Points 

    • John Wilson: A long-time popular brand and gold standard known for high-quality blades used by many top figure skaters. Their blades can range from $500 to $1200+  
    • Edea: Arguably the luxury brand of boots. They also carry blades ranging from $500 to $1000+ 
    • Jackson Ultima: Another popular brand offering a variety of blades for different disciplines and skill levels. Prices typically range from $200 to $800+ depending on the model. 
    • Wilson Coronation: A widely used blade known for its durability and performance. Coronation blades can range from $300 to $600+ 
    • MK (Mitchell Kendall): MK has a variety of blades for figure skating, hockey, and recreational skating. Prices can vary from $150 to $500+ depending on the model. 
    • Riedell/Bauer/CCM: Your trusted hockey brands also carry individual runners. Blades typically range from $60 to $200+ 
    • SP-Teri: A brand known for innovation and high-performance blades. Their blades can be on the pricier side, ranging from $400 to $1000+ 


    The best ice skating blades ensure you get optimal performance on the ice. 

    Some you can change yourself.

    Others you'll need to take to a skate shop. 

    You can even sharpen and mold them to your expectations. 

    Best of all, you'll have a spare that you can swap out based on the circumstances.  

    Blades are often overlooked, with skaters focusing on the comfort and performance of the boot. 

    However, the boot is one of the best ways to get an edge on the ice.  

    There are different brands and factors you need to consider. 

    But if you keep these tips in mind, you'll find the best ice-skating blades on any budget. 

    Here's some more interesting info on skates that may interest you!


    6 Hockey Protective Equipment Products that Every Beginner Needs

    ice hockey protective equipment

    If you measured all sports in terms of injury rate, hockey would be right up there with football (and, surprisingly, basketball). 

    Injuries to the face, mouth, head, and extremities are the most frequent.  

    Losing a tooth feels like a rite of passage.  

    So you'll need hockey protective equipment, especially if you're a beginner. 

    Safety should always come first. 


    A realm of skill and thrill greets beginners in ice hockey, and every moment is full of adventure. 

    But that first serious collision or fall becomes a wake-up call.

    As Mike Tyson said, "Everyone has a plan until they're punched in the mouth."

    Yes, hockey is a physical game, but the appropriate safety gear unlocks the full potential for enjoyment and mastery. 

    Key Takeaways

    • Investing in quality protective gear is crucial for beginners to ensure safety and confidence on the ice.
    • Selecting the right fit and comfort will help maintain mobility and enhance overall performance.
    • Proper maintenance of hockey equipment not only extends its longevity but also optimizes player performance

    Every stride on the ice should be met with confidence and resilience, so we've created a list of 6 essential hockey protective equipment to navigate the icy expanse with poise and assurance.


    Ronin hockey visor

    1. Hockeyninja - Ronin Hockey Visor 

    As you get older and better at hockey, the game gets faster.

    The puck flies quicker and with significant force.  

    Shielding the eyes and face from potential impacts and high-speed projectiles is imperative in hockey. 

     The Hockeyninja Ronin Hockey Visor offers unparalleled protection without compromising visibility. 

    Crafted with durable, anti-scratch materials and coating, the visor ensures clear vision throughout the game.

    Its fog-resistant properties maintain clarity and peripheral vision, even in intense gameplay situations.

    More importantly, it can protect your eyes from stray pucks, sticks, or collisions. 

    The Hockeyninja Ronin Visor is easily installed and is compatible with most hockey helmets. 

    It is a must-have for any beginner gearing up for the ice.

    Buy The Ronin Hockey Visor here.


    hockey wrist guard

    2. Bauer Hockey Slash Wrist Guard

    Competing for the puck can lead to wrist and forearm injuries. 

    Protecting your wrists from slashes and impacts is vital to prevent injuries that can hinder your game.  

    The Bauer Hockey Slash Wrist Guard provides exceptional protection without restricting mobility.

    Its lightweight design ensures a comfortable fit with adjustable straps for beginners and seasoned players alike. 

    This wrist guard offers optimal support and protection during intense gameplay with reinforced padding in critical areas. 

    The Bauer Hockey Slash Wrist Guard is designed with durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability for aspiring hockey players.

    Buy the Bauer Hockey Slash Wrist Guard here.


    ice hockey shoulder pads

    3. STX Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads 

    To check or be checked. That is the question. 

    You'll run into your fair share of opponents on the rink in an attempt to nab the puck. 

    After a game, you'll leave the rink with some sore shoulders, even with protection. 

    That's why you need high-quality shoulder pads to avoid any long-term injury. 

    The STX Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads offer superior coverage and impact resistance, minimizing the risk of injuries during gameplay. 

    They are engineered with advanced materials thanks to their ergonomic design.

    These shoulder pads provide maximum protection without compromising mobility.

    They fit like a glove when you slip them on, thanks to their customizable, adjustable straps.

    The right shoulder pads help you to focus on improving your skills without fearing injury.  

    A common concern is the accumulation of moisture, which can impact discomfort and speed. 

    The STX Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads feature moisture-wicking properties to keep players dry and comfortable throughout the game. 

    Despite their affordable price, these will last hundreds of hours on the ice. 

    Buy the STX Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads here.



    best hockey mouth guard

    4. Goon Guard Hockey Mouth Guard

    Concussions and mouth injuries are the most common in ice hockey.

    A stray puck or elbow to the mouth can leave you drinking out of a straw for a few days.

    An occupational hazard, yes.

    But it does not have to be with the right mouthguard.

    Mouthguards are a requirement in hockey, and the Goon Guard is one of the best in the market. 

    The Goon Guard Hockey Mouthguard offers superior protection and comfort, ensuring optimal safety during gameplay. 

    The strapless design comprises high-quality materials, and its custom moldable feature ensures a secure fit.   

    The Goon Guard Hockey Mouth Guard comes with a carrying case for hygienic storage and easy transport, keeping your mouth guard clean and accessible at all times.

     Buy The Goon Hockey Guard Mouthguard here.


    best hockey protective gear

    5 Winnwell Complete Hockey Protective Gear Set

    Okay, you want the complete package—a starter set that will fully protect you on the ice. 

    We've got you covered.

    The Winnwell Complete Hockey Protective Gear Set is ideal for beginners looking for comprehensive protection. 

    This all-in-one package has essential protective gear, including shin guards, elbow pads, and gloves provides full-body coverage for optimal safety on the ice. 

    Each piece of gear is crafted with durable materials, such as nylon, and has an ergonomic design. 

    With everything you need in one convenient set, beginners can focus on honing their skills without the hassle of purchasing individual pieces of equipment.

    This hockey protective equipment is available in various sizes, accommodating players of all ages and body types. 

    Get The Winnwell Complete Hockey Protective Equipment set here.


    best hockey butt pads

    6. Soared 3D Protection Butt Pads 

    Protecting your lower body from impacts and falls is essential in hockey. 

     It's an often overlooked piece of hockey protective equipment, but collisions and spills are inevitable in this sport. 

    Repeatedly landing on your butt can bruise your tailbone, leaving you on the sideline for at least four weeks. 

    The Soared 3D Protection Butt Pads provide superior cushioning and impact resistance. 

    The padding minimizes the risk of bruises and injuries during gameplay. 

    These butt pads feature a lightweight and breathable design for enhanced comfort and flexibility. 

    A common concern is the added bulk, but the versatile padding allows beginners to move freely on the ice without restriction. 

    With reinforced padding in critical areas, such as the hips and tailbone, these pads provide optimal protection against hard falls and collisions.

    They give beginners the confidence to skate fearlessly. 

    With long-lasting performance, the Soared 3D Protection Butt Pads offer reliable protection for countless hours of gameplay.

    Get the Soared 3D Protection Butt Pads here.


    As a beginner in the world of ice hockey, it's crucial to invest in the right protective gear.

    This will not only help you stay safe on the ice but also allow you to focus on your game and enjoy the sport. 

    Remember, fit and comfort are important when selecting any piece of hockey equipment.

    Don't be afraid to try on different brands and sizes, and seek advice from fellow players or trained professionals at your local hockey shop.

    Equip yourself with these essential protective items, and you'll be ready to hit the ice with confidence and safety in no time.

    Good luck!



    Bounce House on Ice: Enjoy the Ulitmate Party Rental idea

    Bounce House on Ice: Enjoy the Ulitmate Party Rental idea

    Imagine hosting a party that your guests will never forget—one that combines the excitement of ice skating with the convenience of staying close to home.

    By renting a synthetic ice rink, you can make that dream a reality.

    This unique "Bounce House on Ice" party idea brings exhilarating fun and unforgettable activities to any gathering, whether it's a family reunion, birthday party, or a special event.

    Synthetic ice rinks offer a fantastic alternative to traditional ice rinks, with a low-maintenance and easy-to-assemble design that still provides an authentic ice-skating experience.


    Your rink rental will include everything you need for a seamless setup, and no experience is required for you or your guests to enjoy the fun on the synthetic ice.

    In addition to the effortless installation and versatility of a synthetic ice rink rental, you can customize the experience with party details like music, lighting, and even a visit from a surprise guest.

    With the freedom to create the perfect atmosphere, your synthetic ice rink party will be an event that everyone will remember for years to come.

    synthetic ice rink party

    Benefits of a Synthetic Ice Rink Party

    Versatility and Convenience

    A synthetic ice rink party offers unparalleled versatility and convenience compared to traditional ice skating events.

    With a portable synthetic ice rink, you have the freedom to host your party anywhere, such as your backyard, a banquet hall, or even indoors!

    You don't have to be limited by the availability of a local ice rink or be restricted to specific hours.

    Another advantage of synthetic ice is that it can be used in any weather, making it a perfect choice for planning outdoor parties during the warmer months or rainy days.

    The portable nature of these rinks means that you can easily transport and set up the rink at your desired location, ensuring a fun-filled ice skating experience for your guests.

    Maintenance and Durability

    Synthetic ice rinks are well-known for being low maintenance and highly durable.

    They do not require any water or electricity to function, which not only reduces costs but also makes them an eco-friendly option.

    To help illustrate the maintenance comparison between synthetic and traditional ice rinks, consider the following table:

    Maintenance Factors Synthetic Ice Rink Traditional Ice Rink
    Water Usage None High
    Electricity Usage None High
    Surface Resurfacing Occasional Frequent
    Ice Maintenance None Necessary

    As you can see, synthetic ice rinks are much easier to maintain.

    Their durability ensures that the rink's surface remains smooth and enjoyable throughout the duration of the party, providing your guests with a consistently excellent skating experience.

    Family and Kid-Friendly Entertainment

    When it comes to family and kid-friendly entertainment, a synthetic ice rink party is an excellent choice.

    The rink's surface is designed to replicate the feel of real ice, providing an authentic ice skating experience that everyone can enjoy.

    Furthermore, synthetic ice rinks are generally considered safer than traditional ice rinks due to their lower risk of injury.

    The surface is slip-resistant and doesn't produce the cold, wet conditions associated with real ice, making it a safer environment for children and beginners to learn and practice skating.

    A synthetic ice rink party offers numerous benefits, including versatility, convenience, easy maintenance, and family-friendly entertainment.

    By hosting a party with a synthetic ice rink, you can ensure a unique and enjoyable experience for all guests.

    synthetic ice flooring

    Essential Equipment and Setup

    Choosing the Right Synthetic Ice Panels

    When planning your synthetic ice rink party, selecting the right panels is crucial.

    High-quality synthetic ice panels are built to last and ensure your guests have the best possible experience.

    Look for panels made of durable materials with low friction, allowing smooth skating and minimal maintenance.

    Here's a simple breakdown of what to consider when choosing your panels:

    • Material: Opt for panels made from high-quality polyethylene for optimal performance.
    • Panel size: Make sure you have enough panels to create your desired rink size.
    • Thickness: Panels should be thick enough to withstand extended use and heavy skater traffic.
    • Locking system: Look for panels with a well-designed locking system to prevent separation and ensure a seamless skating surface.

    Skate Rentals and Sizes

    To accommodate all your guests, it's important to make sure your Bounce House vendor provides an assortment of ice skates in various sizes.

    Ideally, you should offer a range of sizes starting from children's sizes to adult sizes, including half sizes when possible.

    A good rule of thumb is to offer the following:

    • Youth Sizes: 10Y-13Y
    • Junior Sizes: 1-3
    • Women's Sizes: 4-11
    • Men's Sizes: 6-13

    Offering additional comfort and hygiene, consider providing disposable skate socks and optional padded inserts for a better fit.

    Adequate Fencing and Safety Measures

    Ensuring the safety of your guests is paramount.

    One key aspect of a synthetic ice rink setup is temporary  perimeter fencing.

    Proper fencing not only prevents skaters from accidentally leaving the rink area but also provides a support system for those who may be unsteady on their feet. Here are a few essential tips for setting up fencing:

    • Choose sturdy fencing materials like aluminum or steel for maximum durability.
    • Opt for fencing at least 42 inches high to prevent falls and provide support.
    • Ensure the fencing is set up to fully enclose the synthetic ice rink.

    Lastly, scheduling professional delivery of your rental equipment is vital to ensure that all components are transported and installed correctly.

    This will save you time and hassle while minimizing the risk of damage to the equipment.

    With these guidelines in mind, you'll be well on your way to hosting an exceptional synthetic ice rink party.

    planniing your party

    Organizing The Ultimate Party

    Selecting a Theme for Your Event

    When planning a synthetic ice rink party, the first step is to choose a theme that suits the occasion.

    Selecting a theme will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also help in tailoring activities around it.

    Consider the following themes when organizing your ultimate ice rink party:

    1. Hockey Night: Ideal for birthday parties or corporate events. Set up a mini-tournament to showcase everyone's skills.
    2. Figure Skating Spectacular: Perfect for fans of figure skating. Incorporate spins, jumps, and choreographed dances for an elegant event.
    3. Curling Challenge: A unique yet entertaining curling experience for all ages. Set up a mini-league for friendly competition.
    4. Winter Wonderland: A mix of all aspects of ice sports, complemented by a snow-themed décor, great for a more general celebration.

    Integrating Social Media

    To make the party more engaging and memorable, consider integrating social media.

    This can not only create buzz around the event but also offer a platform to share photos and get creative:

    • Use a unique event hashtag on Instagram and Twitter for attendees to share their experiences.
    • Set up a Facebook event page for updates, RSVPs, and post-event discussions.
    • Create a Snapchat filter exclusive to your event location for a fun addition to all those captured moments.
    • Use live streaming to engage people who couldn't make it to the event.

    Catering to Different Ages and Skill Levels

    A successful synthetic ice rink party should cater to various skill levels and age groups. Keep the following tips in mind while organizing your ice rink party:

    • Divide the rink: Split the rink into designated areas for different age groups and skill levels. This allows all participants to enjoy themselves safely.
    • Non-skating activities: Offer alternative activities for those who prefer not to skate, such as off-rink games, crafts, or photo booths.
    • Skating lessons: Hire an instructor to provide basic guidance, tips, and support to make everyone feel comfortable on the ice.

    Remember, a well-organized synthetic ice rink party with a great theme, engaging social media, and activities for all ages is bound to be a memorable event for everyone involved.

    a fun experience

    Enhancing the Experience

    Lighting and Decoration Ideas

    To set the perfect mood for your synthetic ice rink party, consider experimenting with different lighting options.

    You can use colored LED lights, fairy lights, or even simple white lights to create a dazzling ambiance.

    Furthermore, you can add decorations such as banners, balloons, and themed props to elevate the aesthetic experience.

    Incorporating Music and Games

    No party is complete without great music and engaging activities.

    Compile a playlist of upbeat tunes or hire a DJ to keep everyone on their toes. Incorporate fun games and activities, such as:

    • Ice skating races
    • Relay races
    • Figure skating contests
    • Team building games

    These games will not only entertain your guests but also promote team building and enhance the overall experience.

    Hiring Staff and Coaches

    To ensure a smooth and enjoyable event, consider hiring professional staff and coaches.

    Some of the roles you may need to fill include:

    Role Responsibilities
    Event planner Organizing and coordinating the entire event
    Host/hostess Greeting guests, answering questions, and overseeing safety
    Skating coach Providing instructions and guidance for beginner skaters


    When hiring coaches, make sure they have experience teaching various age groups and skill levels, ensuring all guests can experience the joy of ice skating.

    With the help of experienced staff and coaches, your synthetic ice rink party will be a memorable, fun, and stress-free event.


    bounce house

    Marketing Your Bounce House Rink Rental Service

    Leveraging Online Reviews and Testimonials

    To establish a strong online presence for your synthetic ice rink rental service, you should focus on gathering reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

    Encourage customers to leave reviews on popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

    A well-reviewed service is more likely to attract potential renters in Danville, KY and Lexington, KY.

    Create a testimonials section on your website to showcase happy customers' experiences with your service.

    Additionally, share these testimonials on your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to reach a wider audience.

    Platform Actions
    Google Claim your business listing and encourage reviews
    Facebook Utilize the reviews feature, share testimonials
    Instagram Share user-generated content, tag happy customers
    YouTube Upload video testimonials, promote user-generated content

    Promoting through Local Events and Festivals

    Participating in local events and festivals is an excellent way to raise awareness of your synthetic ice rink rental service.

    Reach out to organizers of popular events such as the Winter Festival in your area to explore sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

    This not only connects you with potential clients but also positions your business as a credible service provider.

    A list of local events to consider for promotion:

    • Winter Festival
    • Community skating events
    • Holiday markets
    • Outdoor sports competitions

    Consider offering a discounted or special "Extreme Rental" package during these events to entice potential customers.

    Partner with local businesses to collaborate on cross-promotional activities.

    To maximize your reach, utilize your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to share updates, photos, and videos from these events.

    Engaging with your audience online will boost interest in your synthetic ice rink rental service and aid in the growth of your business.


    Synthetic ice rinks offer an exciting and unique twist to any party or event.

    By choosing to rent one for your next celebration, you'll provide guests with a memorable experience that combines the joy of ice skating with the convenience of a portable rink.

    Your synthetic ice rink party will be a hit, thanks to its:

    • Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, regardless of the weather or season.
    • Accessibility: Accommodates skaters of all levels, from beginners to experienced participants.
    • Easy setup and cleanup: The rink can be quickly assembled and disassembled, allowing for minimal disruption to your venue.

    To make your event truly stand out, consider incorporating the following elements:

    1. Themed decorations: Customize the rink's appearance with banners, signs, and other festive decor.
    2. Skating lessons: Hire a professional instructor to teach guests new skills and help them gain confidence on the ice.
    3. Music and lighting: Create the perfect ambiance with a custom playlist and special lighting effects.

    Remember that safety is paramount, so don't forget to provide helmets, knee pads, and wrist guards to protect your guests as they glide across the synthetic ice.

    A synthetic ice rink party promises to be an unforgettable experience that blends fun, excitement, and novelty.

    Your guests will surely cherish the memories of this exceptional event for years to come.

    For more information on the different synthteic ice size and cost options, please visit our website at: