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    How to Decide on what Synthetic Ice Rink to Buy

    How to Decide on what Synthetic Ice Rink to Buy

      So you've finally decided you like the idea of investing in a synthetic ice rink for your hockey player or figure skater so they can enjoy ice skating at home.

    Then as you start to do your research you quickly become overwhelmed and wonder which way to turn after trying to educate yourself on what is truly the "Best" synthetic ice product available at a reasonable price.

    When things start to get a little crazy it's always best to take a step back and evaluate the reasons why you started your search in the first place.

    This can help you access what makes the most sense moving forward BEFORE buying your synthetic ice rink.

    your research and take pen to paper to consider these four basic questions that you need to ask yourself before beginning your Home Rink project:

    Beginner Skater

    Who is the Rink For?

    This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself once you begin the process.

    How would you classify your skater?:

    Beginner or Advanced Skater?


    If your synthetic ice rink is intended for a beginner that wants to learn how to skate, trust me when I say you do not need much more than 100 square feet to achieve this goal.

    The nice thing is there are many options available today that can help you create either a "skating lane" or runway for forward and backward strides or mini-rink shape for cross-overs and turns.

    The age and/or size of the skater will help you decide on the overall size of your start-up rink.

    Advanced Skater

    Advanced Skater:

    If the rink project is for an advanced skater that you know has already committed a lot of time to work on their skills then you may feel more comfortable investing in a larger rink knowing it will be put to good use.

    Keep in mind that an advanced skater can also can make great use out of a smaller space

    What is the Purpose of your Rink?

    There are so many applications and reasons to install an artificial ice rink but simply put lets classify them as:

    Recreational Use:

    If you simply want the easiest skating experience that feels the most natural when compared to real ice then purchasing an infused surface would be your ideal choice.

    An infused or “self-lubricating” synthetic ice surface is manufactured with a slip agent additive during the manufacturing process that makes it extra slick and reduces surface friction.


    If your skater is focused on trying to become a stronger skater then "positive resistance": is a good thing (as many trainers will tell you) and you don't necessarily have to find the product with the lowest coefficient of friction to achieve your goals.

    What Size Should Your Rink Be?

    In today’s day in age there really is no limit to how big or small you can make your synthetic ice rink project.

    People looking for a simple gift for a friend or young one can purchase just a few lightweight panels and call it a day.

    By opting for a smaller"starter" surface your could opt for lightweight skating tiles that work well for indoor applications

    You could then continue to grow your rink a little at a time as the skater improves their overall skills.

    Other folks may be avid skaters and want to go “all-in” with a scaled-down professional looking rink complete with Dasher Boards, Players Benches and Penalty box with scoreboard.

    As with any backyard or home rink project there is literally no end to what you can create with a little bit of know-how and ingenuity!

    To help you work through this process let’s classify it simply as Small and Large:

    Small Rink

    Small Rink (under 300 SF):

    Considering an average 1-car garage measures around  12ft x 22 ft. a standard 12’ X 20’ rink layout would maximize this space.

    If your rink is for a young skater to learn the basic skills of ice skating and hockey this is plenty of space.

    USA Hockey has trumpeted the Small Games approach for many years now as a great way to repeat the fundamentals in a small confined space.

    Stride, crossover, turn, pivot and shoot!.....repeat!….repeat!….repeat!!

    With figure skaters this is enough space to work on jumps and spins, two of the most important fundamentals of any routine!

    You DON’T need a lot of space to exercise the fundamentals of either of these sports!

    When choosing a panel size for a small rink layout you have many options to consider for indoor rink projects.

    Thinner, smaller synthetic ice tiles are lightweight and portable and can be easily stored away.

    If your small rink is outdoors then a heavier ½” thick panel would be recommended in regions with large temperature swings from night to day.

    Large Rink

    Large RInk (Over 300 SF)

    If you've allocated a large dedicated space for your rink (over 300 SF) you may want to opt for larger panels with less seams over your rink layout.

    If you’re planning a larger budget for a dedicated space then it makes no sense to use a small skating tile that will “pepper” your rink with seams that will accumulate dirt and be a challenge to keep clean.

    Dovetail Connection

    Connection Types and Panel Sizes:

    If you prefer a quicker connection method then the "dovetail" profile will help make your project a quicker one.

    If your space is for multi-purpose use and not just dedicated for the rink then it would be wise to choose a lighter, more portable panel.

    This would allow for an easy set-up and breakdown so the space can be quickly utilized for other things when not in use.

    WIth a dedicated space you would want to consider a larger panel that will have less connections and overall seams on your synthetic ice surface.

    If you're not pressed for time with the installation of your rink you could entertain a spline or "tongue and groove" connection method that takes a little longer and involves multiple parts (locking dowels or splines).

    Rink Budget

    What is Your Budget?

    No doubt, this one is the overall Bottom Line!

    Be sure to limit yourself to what you can afford BEFORE getting your synthetic ice project started.

    This is the ultimate reality check in deciding what truly makes sense and will address all your needs without making you broke.

    The good news is that there are now lightweight panels available on the market that can help you “Grow your Rink” along with your budget.

    If your rink project is for a young “learn to Skate” beginner you can simply set-up a small space for them to start taking Baby Steps that will soon turn into strides!


    As you can see there are many factors that go into the decision on which size skating rink is right for you and your family.

    If this sounds like something that interests you but you need a little more help then please let us know.

    We’ll get started working on a plan that will fit your needs AND budget!

    We can help you figure out which is the right rink panel for you by providing a list of all the different sizes we have available to suit your needs.

    Knowing some key information about how space at home affects the choice in rink sizes may help make things easier when deciding where to install your new rink!!

    Simply fill-out our quote request form and we'll get started on drafting your free quote with the latest discount offers we have available!

    For additional information or request a quote simply Click Here

    Take a look at some of our most popular rink packages!

    PolyGlide Ice - Home Ice Tiles

    PolyGlide Ice - Pro-Glide Panels


    Keep on Skating! 

    Jim Loughran, PolyGlide Ice

    Synthetic Ice Tiles vs Panels: What's The Difference?

    Synthetic Ice Tiles vs Panels: What's The Difference?

    So you're finally ready to take your ice skating to the next level and have decided on purchasing synthetic ice tiles.....or so you thought.

    While doing your research you find yourself asking yourself;

    "Do I want synthetic ice tiles or panels?"

    Well, There are many reasons why people purchase synthetic ice.

    Maybe your kids are eager to get in more reps to prepare for the new hockey season.

    Perhaps you've got a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, and you're going to make some money with a huge rink.

    Whatever the reason, you're probably thinking about synthetic ice.

    Synthetic ice is a great way to enjoy skating without natural ice.

    A common question we're asked is the difference between our synthetic ice tiles and pro-glide panels.

    Each product has its pros and cons.

    To get the most out of your purchase, we're going to outline the key differences, uses, and important facts you need to know.


    synthetic ice


    Understanding Synthetic Ice

    Before we go further, let's touch a bit on the concept of synthetic ice.

    Synthetic ice is made of a durable polyethylene material that's specially designed for skating.

    That means you can use your metal figure skates or hockey skates on the tiles or panels.

    In the past, it was crazy to think about skating on something that was not real ice.

    Today, technology has allowed us to create these interlocking tiles or panels that feel close to the real thing.

    Synthetic ice is durable and makes skating accessible to thousands of people.

    If you want to learn more about synthetic ice and its uses, read our Expectations vs. Reality blog for a deep dive into the world of synthetics. 

    Option 1: Tiles

    When you head over to our site, you'll have the option of Home Ice Tiles or Pro-Glide Panels.

    Home Ice Tiles are our popular product and got a bit of notoriety thanks to our appearance on Shark Tank.

    When you order a kit, you receive four equally sized tiles in a convenient box.

    The tiles are about 1/4 inch thick and cover 32 square feet when assembled.

    This is our lightweight entry product (each weighs about 10 lbs) and can easily be shipped almost anywhere in the world.

    Keep in mind that there are several lightweight tile products on the market that have a hollow back and can be only skated on one side.

    When reaching out to manufacturers be sure to ask, "Can your synthetic ice tiles be skated on both sides?"

    People who opt for our home ice tiles love them for several reasons:

    Tiles Are Great For Skills And Drills.

    With 32 square feet of tiles per box, you basically get a mini rink with each order.

    That's fine because home ice tiles are perfect for skills and drills.

    For example, you can set up a space for hockey players to practice slap shots or stickhandling techniques.

    If you're a figure skater, you can practice beginner to advanced spins on your tiles.

    If you want a space where you can put in countless hours practicing specific skills, this is for you.

    They're Portable

    With a mallet and just a few minutes, you can have your home ice tiles in a designated space of choice.

    With the same speed you put them together, you can take them apart.

    Choose this product if you're setting up in a multi-use indoor space like a garage, basement or living room.

    We've even seen mini-rinks set up in kitchens!

    When you're done, you can store them away until it's time to skate the next day.



    You Can Customize Them For Almost Any Space

    Do you just have a long corridor to work with?

    Are you setting up your rink in a playroom or den?

    You can place your panels in a straight line, square or rectanglar shape.

    If you purchase multiple boxes of synthetic ice tiles, you have even more flexibility that will allow you to get the most out of almost any space.

    They're Easy To Maintain

    Large, natural ice rinks require a lot of maintenance.

    You'll have to clean and resurface the ice, protect it from rain (if it's outdoors), and buy several different maintenance products.

    If you're looking for a hassle-free way to skate, you can go for these tiles.

    Even large at-home rinks need minimal maintenance compared to natural ice rinks.

    You'll only need mild PH neutral soap mixed with water to clean your panels (with a cloth or dedicated mop).

    We also formulated our slip surface conditioner to help maintain a slick surface.

    They're Durable Yet Scalable

    With just a few clicks, you can add multiple boxes to your order.

    As the number increases, you double your square footage.

    That makes tiles scalable at an affordable cost.

    Remember, these are lightweight, interlocking tiles that are easily movable, customizable, and long-lasting.

    On average, our synthetic ice tiles last eight years or more.

    If you're planning a larger rink project to install in a dedicated space, your next option is pro-glide panel.




    Option 2: Pro-Glide Panels

    For the serious ice skater, home ice tiles may not be enough.

    And for a space to accommodate lots of skaters, you'll need something much more durable over time.

    In this case, our pro-glide panels are the preferred option.

    Pro-glide panels are twice as thick as our synthetic ice tiles, and each panel is almost twice as large, meaning fewer interlocking seams.

    One panel can weigh between 40 and 80 lbs and must be freight shipped to your location. Keep this in mind when ordering your panels.

    PolyGlide synthetic ice tiles and Pro-glide panels come infused with a special lubricant that helps it sustain its performance.

    However, you can grab an additional surface conditioner for maintenance purposes.

    As you can tell, the clear difference lies in the size, weight, and shipping options.

    So why choose pro-glide panels?

    You're Looking For A Durable Rink For Hardcore Use.

    Some customers want tiles for recreational use or for their kids to practice on the weekends.

    Others are hardcore, professional skaters that need the space and durability for training and practice sessions.

    These pros need the performance of a professional-grade rink without the hassle of maintaining natural ice.

    Furthermore, if you plan to have large groups skating at your home rink (for instance, teammates coming over to practice), you should invest in a more durable option.

    You Have Lots Of Space To Play With

    Professional grade panels are best if you have a large backyard or space, deck, garage, or barn that you'll be turning into a rink.

    The large panels mean fewer interlocking tiles and more seamless surface.

    It also means you spend less time installing your rink.

    The only caveat is that you'll need more help to construct your rink due to the weight and size of the panels.


    Large Rink


    Your Budget Is A Bit More Flexible

    If you have the space and a larger budget, professional-grade panels are a better choice.

    Compared to home ice tiles, you'll get a greater return on your investment over time.

    For heavy use, pro panels have the least amount of surface wear and do less damage to your blades.

    The larger rink could even start paying you back if you're a coach or influencer.

    It's Great For Commercial Spaces

    As it starts to get colder, the thoughts of ice skating heat up.

    Every year, businesses wishing to capitalize on that interest install large refrigerated rinks leaving small to medium-sized companies behind. 

    With professional-grade panels, you too can add some value to your business with a large rink.

    These panels are great for heavy traffic during the holidays or any special event throughout the year.

    Also, unlike outsourcing a company to install and maintain your rink every year, the panels are yours.

    That means you can properly care for them and store them, then whip them out every winter.




    Plan Your Purchase With These Questions

    One thing's for sure; you know you wanted a durable, natural ice replacement for your home or business.

    Now you also see the difference between tiles and panels.

    With this info, now ask yourself these questions to make an easier decision:

    1. What am I going to use the rink for?
    2. How many people need access to the rink?
    3. Do I have enough space?
    4. How often would I/they be skating?
    5. What's my budget?
    6. Is it going to be a long-term rink or a temporary setup? Where will I store it when it's not in use?

    Our  product has made leaps and bounds over the years and can now support skaters in different scenarios.

    It would be unfortunate if you purchased the wrong type of tile/panel for your space and needs.

    Take your time and make the choice that's right for you.

    Tiles or Panels


    It's a common misconception to hear the term 'synthetic ice' and think they're all created equal.

    Remember, when we talk about synthetic ice tiles, think about a lighter, more customizable product that's easy to get to you.

    When we use the term 'panel,' we're thinking heavy-duty, large panels that must be freighted to you. 

    Even with a clear understanding of the difference and what you want, you may still need some help in terms of measurement, accessories, and so on.

    If that's the case, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help.

    What are you going to do with your synthetic ice tiles or panels?....Let us know!

    Take a look at some of our most popular rink packages!

    PolyGlide Ice - Home Ice Tiles

    PolyGlide Ice - Pro-Glide Panels


    Keep on Skating! 

    Jim Loughran, PolyGlide Ice

    The Health Benefits of Ice Skating with Synthetic Ice

    The Health Benefits of Ice Skating with Synthetic Ice

    So you were wondering what the health benefits of ice skating with synthetic ice are?

    Could be the reason is you find yourself feeling out of shape during the long, cold winter months?

    Is it difficult to stay motivated to exercise, particularly when there's frost on the ground?

    Are you ready to ice skate your way to good health?

    The good news is that now with PolyGlide Synthetic Ice you no longer have to live near a rink to ice skate.

    If your home exercise equipment or local gym is failing to get you up and out of your easy chair we have an answer.

    It may be time to try a new type of exercise that will get you in shape.

    How about something that:

    • Gets your heart beating 
    • Improves your balance
    • Will Keep You Fit
    • Adds Fun to your Workout

    Why not try something new that now can be done in the Comfort of your own home?

    Ice skating might just be the perfect fit for you!

    You may follow figure skating competitions or snow sports during the winter Olympics or enjoy watching your favorite hockey team square off against its rivals — but do you ice skate yourself?

    It’s never too late to learn and now you can bring the rink home with your own PolyGlide Synthetic Ice.

    There's no need for electric, no water or messy rink liners.

    Just grab a few panels and start skating!

    You can learn to ice skate your way to good health at any age.

    Learn more about the benefits of this fun and invigorating winter activity and how you can get to enjoy working out.

    It's easier on joints than running or jogging and improves coordination and agility.

    The great news is that now with PolyGlide Synthetic Ice you can practice ice skating in the comfort of your own home whithout even getting in your car.


    Health benefits of ice skating

    • Skating is a Great Way to Improve Your Mental Fitness

    Ice skating can improve your mental fitness with each workout.

    As you learn to skate, you’ll challenge your mind and body to develop new skills, increase your self-confidence, and exercise mental control.

    Hitting your local ice rink together can help you unwind and relieve stress in the company of loved ones.

    This fun seasonal activity is also a great way to spend time with friends and family members.

    • Skating Helps Relieve Stress by Getting Your Heart Rate Up

    Ice skating is great for your heart and lungs with every stride!

    It provides an aerobic workout, getting your heart pumping and improving your circulation. 

    This can help you feel more alert and energetic, while lowering your risk of heart disease.

    • You'll Burn More Calories Skating for an Hour Than You Will Walking for the Same Time Period 

    Ice skating can also help you lose weight, especially if you combine it with a healthy and well-balanced diet.

    You can potentially burn more than 200 calories for every half hour of skating, reports Harvard Medical School.

    • Skating Strengthens the Muscles in Your Legs, Hips, and Back

    Ice skating also tones and stretches your muscles as you learn to engage your abdominals, thighs, and calves to maintain your balance.

    The more you skate, the more strength and endurance you’ll develop.

    Before you get started

    Talk to your doctor

    As with any exercise program, it's wise to check with your doctor before starting to ice skate.

    They can help you decide if you're in good enough health to take on the challenge.

    They can also help you understand the risks and benefits, and strategies to avoid injury as you ice skate your way to good health.

    Stock your closet

    It’s important to dress warmly but in layers when you skate, so you can shed clothing as you start to warm up (Unless of course your skating on your own home PolyGlide Synthteic Ice rink).

    Leggings and stretchy fitted tops allow freedom of motion.

    Wear microfiber socks rather than cotton socks. They will absorb moisture and fit well on your feet, reducing your risk of blisters.

    Wear gloves, not only for warmth, but also to protect your hands if you fall.

    Consider wearing hip, knee, elbow, and wrist pads or guards to protect your joints against injuries.

    A helmet can also help you stay safe by avoiding head injuries.

    Wearing protective equipment is especially important if you're not confident in your balance.

    These precautions can help you avoid injury and continue skating, even after a fall.

    Rent or Buy Skates

    When you first start, consider renting your skates at the local rink instead of buying them.

    That will give you the chance to try different styles to learn what you like and don't like.

    When it comes time to buy, you’ll have more experience and knowledge on which to base your purchasing decision.

    If you want to buy skates right away, get some advice from a reputable skating instructor.

    They can help you determine which skates may be best for you.

    Whatever you decide, make sure your skates fit well to your foot.

    Skate sizes don't always match shoe sizes. Your heels should be snug against the back of your skates, and you should be able to wiggle your toes up and down.

    Hitting the Ice

    Once you've got your doctor’s approval and basic apparel, you're ready to go skating.

    You can choose a public skate time at your local rink OR invest in a synthetic ice starter kit to practice your training at home.

    Lessons - You can invest in group or private lessons.

    Or you can ask a friend or family member who knows how to skate to help you learn.

    Relax - Try to relax as you fall, so you don't land too stiffly.

    Protect your wrists, elbows, hips, and knees if possible. If you can, land on your backside.

    That's the least likely part of your body to get injured.

    Falling - You’ll probably fall a few times along the way, so it’s important to learn how to fall in ways that will minimize your risk of injury.

    Tuck your hands in close so other skaters don't run over your fingers when you are down.

    Stopping - Practice stopping as soon as you can.

    This will be your most important skill.

    You can use the T-stop, where you drag one skate behind the other at a 45-degree angle.

    Or you can use the snowplow stop, where you push your skates apart and form a pigeon-toed position, using the inside of the blades to shave the ice and slow your momentum.

    Stay Positive - Try not to become discouraged. Remember you're learning something entirely new.

    It’s important to be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey.


    The hardest part as with any training program is just getting started. 

    By now, we hope you’ve learned plenty about the joys of ice skating and how you can ice skate your way to good health.

    But there is so much more than just learning how to skate!

    Be sure to check out our other related blogs for even more information on this fun and healthy lifelong activity!

    Are you ready to start skating?

    Take a look at some of our most popular rink packages!

    PolyGlide Ice - Home Ice Tiles

    PolyGlide Ice - Pro-Glide Panels


    Keep on Skating! 

    Jim Loughran, PolyGlide Ice


    Liquid Synthetic Ice Products by PolyGlide Ice

    Liquid Synthetic Ice Products by PolyGlide Ice

    What is Liquid Synthetic Ice?

    Liquid synthetic ice is a special type of chemical compound that helps reduce skate blade friction to provide more of a natural ice feel when ice skating.

    It can be applied as a topical surface coat for both infused and non-infused synthetic ice surfaces to help create optimal glide and performance.

    It is also available as an epoxy resin that can be sprayed on a substrate though this method can be damaging to the skate blade due to the hardness of the resin.

    PolyGlide Liquid Synthetic Ice

    PolyGlide Liquid Synthetic Ice products are the newest advancement in synthetic ice technology that reduces the friction between your skates and the surface, making it easier to skate.

    It's a bio-degradable, environmentally safe product that can be used on any synthetic ice rink surface that will improve your rinks overall perfromance AND help keep the surface clean.


    There are a number of benefits to using liquid synthteic ice by PolyGlide Ice. 

    Some of these benefits include:

    User Experience

    Improves User Experience

    Providing an optimal glide on any synthetic ice surface enhances the overall user experience.

    Skaters will require less effort to perform skating manuevers with the ease of each stride.

    Implementing a consistant maintenance schedule is the best way to keep your skaters happy.

    Help Keep your Skates in Better Condition

    Did you know that using synthetic ice glide enhancer can help protect your skate blades?

    If you're a hockey player or figure skater, then you know how important it is to keep your skate blades in good condition. 

    It helps create a smooth surface on the ice, which makes it easier for your skates to glide across the ice.

    This can help reduce wear and tear on your skate blades, and it can also help prevent nicks and scratches.

    If you're looking for a way to protect your skate blades and prolong their lifespan it's critical to reduce your surfaces coefficient of friction.

    Improve Your Rinks Glide and Performance. 

    Trust us when we say there is no such thing as "Maintenance Free" surface so buyers need to beware when hearing such claims.

    Synthetic ice surfaces are no different than any other flooring and in fact require more regular maintenance to keep them clean and slick to perform well.

    By implementing our "CLEAN, CONDITION AND COAT" routine into your maintenance program you will insure that your synthetic ice surface will perform well and last for many years.


    Liquid Options

    Emulating the real feel of natural ice has gotten a lot closer with the recent development of three new liquid synthetic ice "Slip" products by PolyGlide Ice.

    Relying strictly on the synthetic ice surface alone to mimic the feel of natural ice is fine for training and conditioning but when you add surface conditioners and finish coats you achieve a real "ice-like" feel.

    PolyGlide Ice has developed three new liquid synthetic ice products that are stable and safe to use, making it the perfect choice for amateur and professional athletes alike.

    Slip Conditioner

    PolyGlide Ice Slip Surface Conditioner was developed to provide a slip agent conditioner that can be used regularly on any synthetic ice rink surface.

    This non-toxic, environmentally safe conditioner can be used on infused and non-infused surfaces and achieves ice like results with just a light application.

    Simply mix with water and broadcast an even mist of across your synthetic ice surface to enhance the performance of your rink.

    It can also be applied along with a cleanser to keep your rink from "gumming-up" with dust and dirt which can slow down any synthetic ice skating surface.

    Implementing Slip Surface Conditioner as part of your weekly maintenance will reduce skate blade friction and help protect your skate blade edges from dulling too quickly.

    Slip Frost Coat

    Slip "Frost Coat" by PolyGlide ice provides the latest technology in liquid synthetic ice surface. 

    Frost Coat is simple to apply and just a light application goes a long way to improving the performance of any synthetic ice skating surface.

    This proprietary formulation utilizes the same infused slip agent compound used in all PolyGlide Ice synthetic ice skating surfaces. 



    Slip Blade Coat

    Did you know that using synthetic ice glide enhancer can help protect your skate blades?

    PolyGlide Ice "Blade Coat" is a  liquid protective coating that you apply to your skate blade before each skating session. 

    Liquid synthetic ice products by PolyGlide Ice are revolutionizing off-ice Figure skating and ice hockey training. 


    If you're looking for a maintenance program and product to help maximize your rinks performance then liquid synthetic ice products by PolyGlide Ice will help you get there.

    No matter the age, brand or or surface condition of your ice we can help design you a plan that will reap maximum results.

    Reach out to us today and we'll put you on a path to a clean, conditioned and coated surface that will bring the glide back to your surface AND skate blades!

    Take a look at some of our most popular rink packages!

    PolyGlide Ice - Home Ice Tiles

    PolyGlide Ice - Pro-Glide Panels


    Keep on Skating! 

    Jim Loughran, PolyGlide Ice


    Synthetic Ice Skating Fun with Coach Michelle Hong

    Synthetic Ice Skating Fun with Coach Michelle Hong

    Skating firms and Coaches alike have pivoted to online classes and building virtual communities by implementing synthetic ice skating.

    One particular Coach stands above many others in social media reach, online classes, and pivoting through the pandemic.

    Michelle Hong, a former competitive skater, turned coach and entrepreneur, was already "ahead of the curve."

    Coach Hong is also an ambassador for PolyGlide Ice and has done a fantastic job integrating our brand with hers and showing new way to implement synthetic ice skating.

    We’re going to talk about Coach Hong, her use of social media, and how she has supported PolyGlide Ice.

    We’ll also cover how other Coaches can use PolyGlide Ice to their advantage when rinks are not a viable option.


    synthetic ice skating

    A Little About Coach Hong

    Coach Michelle Hong is based out of Oakland, California.

    Before her coaching journey, Hong was a competitive figure skater at Junior and Senior levels.

    Her noticeable achievements as a competitive skater include the 2009 Central Pacific Regional Silver Medalist as a Junior and the 2010 ISI World Champion at the Senior Level.

    She eventually moved on to coaching and choreography, starting the company, Coach Michelle Hong.

    Hong’s company is dedicated to bringing training and skating-related content to the masses


    Michelle Hong Socail Media


    The Power Of Social Media

    Social media has been a central part of Hong’s business model.

    She’s been slowly building her YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok channels to help grow the sport of figure skating.

    Hong’s content surrounds simple to advanced techniques helping skaters to build a solid foundation.

    From a one-foot glide, loop jumps, crossovers, and more, Hong covers them all.

    She even answers her follower’s questions with video tutorials. 

    Hong also creates content off the ice, helping her followers learn stretches and exercises to improve strength and flexibility, a crucial part of figure skating.

    Functional movements make the content accessible to people who don’t skate, significantly improving her reach.

    Tik Tok has been incredibly useful in growing her brand, as she’s seen significant growth on the platform over the last year.

    With over 350,000 followers, her hard work on content creation has paid off, landing her in publications like Disrupt Magazine and US Figure Skating.

    Coach Hong shows us all the indelible power of social media.

    Her work since 2016 has positioned her to be ready for the demands of digital connection.

    Many hope to continue their training during a pandemic, and Hong’s content has delivered with the use of synthetic ice skating.


    Michelle Hong Stretch

    Making Skating Accessible Through The Pandemic

    With a headstart online versus other skaters and coaches, Hong has consulted, provided coaching, and mentorship during the pandemic.

    A host of content since 2016 built her social proof, allowing her to offer classes via Coach Michelle Academy.   

    She turned her popular stretching videos into a Stretching course for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced skaters.

    The course, taught live by Hong via Zoom, covers the techniques skaters should practice executing moves on the ice.

    There will be more content to come, including Pre-Recorded courses.

    Even if you don’t have access to a rink or have synthetic ice tiles at home, these exercises are geared towards bringing you massive value and preparing you to be a stronger skater.

    Other coaches and skating instructors must find ways to connect with students and still earn an income.

    Start by leveraging tools like Zoom and course creation software like Teachable.

    To get the word out, focus on a social media platform like Hong, giving as much value as possible. 


    Highlighting Diversity In Skating



    Coach Hong is passionate about teaching others to skate and making what many consider a privileged sport more accessible.

    She’s on a mission to improve diversity and accessibility in the sport. Her Cambodian-American heritage places her in a position of empathy. She also struggled with inclusion, affordability, and accessibility.

    These experiences make her a key Membership Growth Consultant for US Figure Skating

    Coach Hong regularly highlights skaters of color and differently-abled skaters on her social media platforms.

    Her weekly IG Live segment, Paving The Way, highlights diversity and inclusivity in the sport. 

    Her efforts have also led her to co-found FSDIA, the Figure Skating Diversity, and Inclusion Alliance.

    The movement and its petition seek to drive the conversation and bring about change in the sport.

    Diversity has always been a concern in all aspects of skating.

    While decision-makers in skating acknowledge an overall discrimination issue, FSDIA feels little has happened to turn those words into action.

    FSDIA seeks to “foster a more diverse & inclusive figure skating environment worldwide through policy change, program development & funding for the next generation of athletes.”

    Hong has collaborated with Diversify Ice Fellowship and Foundation, a nonprofit we’ve had the privilege of working with as well.

    These initiatives align with our belief that skating should be accessible to all. 

    Skating In Your Kitchen?

    Like Coach Hong, the pandemic has affected thousands of skater’s ability to visit rinks at will.

    She had to pivot, and PolyGlide Ice’s Spin Station was a great solution.

    We provide High Molecular Weight panels that can be installed on almost any hard service. 



    These panels interlock like puzzles and are perfect for skates.

    The Spin Station is specially made for figure skating.

    Its triangular panel design helps set up the tiles that allow skaters to spin, turn, and jump safely.

    We’ve always encouraged setting up Spin Stations in your driveway, spare room, basement, or backyard.

    But we were pleasantly surprised to see Coach Hong set up in her kitchen!

    Since then, she’s created unique content on Tik Tok and Instagram. 

    For starters, she created content on what it feels like to skate in your kitchen.

    PolyGlide Ice feels close to natural ice, which allows Coach Hong to train in her own space.

    Since then, her kitchen skating videos have gained popularity on Tik Tok, with some earning over 400,000 views, like this one, where she confirms our Spin Station does not ruin blades.

    She continues to be a great ambassador for the brand, showing off amazing YouTube content as well.

    As a takeaway, people who can be themselves while being authentic, original, and consistent can find success online. 

    Are you getting the best out of your synthetic ice panels?

    If you’re an ice skating coach or enthusiast, you can gain an edge on the competition with synthteic ice skating.

    We see our Spin Station and other products as an investment in your long-term skating career since synthetic ice panels last many years.

    Here are some ways you can use your at-home rink during the pandemic:

    1. Have one-on-one (or more) classes in person: Move your training from the crowded rink to the safety of your home. Have your student come over to your location to practice on your Spin Station. Make sure to follow the proper safety protocols so everyone can train without the risk of infection. If done right, you can have several students creating a sustainable source of income during the day. 
    2. Create skating related content: Like Hong, you too can start teaching your audience your skating techniques and tips. Social media is not a zero-sum game. More followers for someone else does not mean fewer followers for you. You can build your own tribe with consistent content. Synthetic ice panels allow you to skate at home while expressing your personality. Aim for platforms like TikTok and Instagram. In your bio, find a way to connect with your audience personally (for example, by collecting emails or text messages).
    3. Seek out sponsorships and collaborations: Exposure to the right person can open the door to sponsorships or partnerships with businesses. Influencer Marketing can add an extra income source to sustain your business or practice during the pandemic. Don’t be afraid to pitch to companies in your field, even with a small following. Micro-influencers (someone who has between 1,000 and 10,000 followers) can be valuable as they are more engaged. 


    Skating is not just a way to earn income for Coach Hong.

    It’s a way for her to be herself, be creative, and impact the lives of others.

    The pandemic has no doubt created a strain on her business, but she powered through.

    It’s not been easy as Hong still skates at her local rink, making sure to follow the proper safety protocols.

    Even there, she posts helpful (and funny) content.

    She’s a key ambassador for our products since it allows her to hone her skills and keep her competitive edge.

    If you want to learn more about Coach Hong, check out her website or follow her YouTubeTikTok, and Instagram accounts.

    While things may come back to some semblance of life as we remember, virtual learning is the future, regardless of your niche. Consider setting up space for your ice skating needs at home.

    You get to skate year-round and can use your at-home station to navigate the pandemic.

    Feel free to contact us for more information or a consultation on providing panels to suit your needs. 

    Take a second and check out some of our most popular rink packages!

    PolyGlide Ice - Home Ice Tiles

    PolyGlide Ice - Pro-Glide Panels


    Keep on Skating! 

    Jim Loughran, PolyGlide Ice