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    Slip peel & stick tape can be used during installation to to help secure your surface in place to keep it from sliding. Each roll provides 45 LF of tape, enough to secure up to 2-Starter Kit packages.

    This Extra Sticky Double-Sided Seam Tape is the strongest double-sided tape on the market and adheres to almost all surfaces.   

    Can be used on the following (but not limited to):

    • - Delicate wooden finishes and surfaces
    • -  Stone and marble tiles
    • - Cement, concrete, and brick
    • - Metal & Plastic


    polyglide ice rink blanket

    This product can also be used to secure PolyGlide Rink Blankets and prevent them from sliding.

    Simply fasten tape to the corners of your rink blankets to secure them in place. It also enables you to overlap blankets to create one large cover.