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    PolyGlide Ice Rink Blanket (Indoor Use)

    Protect your indoor rink surface from dirt, debris and parked vehicles with a heavy duty rink blanket. The PolyGlide Ice rink blanket is a must-have for every hockey/skater mom or dad.

    Set these in place and you can rest easy knowing that your rink surface will stay clean and in great condition after every use.


        • Professional-grade: Oversized, 80" x 72" premium quality blankets that provide exceptional damage protection from scratches, nicks, dirt, and moisture to protect your synthetic ice rink surface from debris.
        • Superior cushioning: Constructed with thick, padded virgin cotton batting with polyester binding, these rink blankets offer superior protection compared to most competitor's blankets made from inferior materials. Zig-zag stitching holds inner cushioning in place for consistent padding protection and prolonged pad life.
        • Durable: Weighing approximately 3-1/2 pounds apiece, these heavy-duty blankets feature a reinforced double-lock stitched fabric with polyester binding that is highly resilient to tears and built-to-last
        • Multi-purpose: Ideal for both professional and do-it-yourself home rinks, these versatile, general purpose blankets are well suited for safe, breathable protection for items in storage, as well as protecting floors, car upholstery, and much more.
        • Dual-sided: Quality, double-sided construction allows for added convenience and protection when removing and resetting onto your rink surface.

        Keep your rink clean and protected all season long so you can enjoy a perfect skating experience every time you lace-up! (Available in multy pack sets)


        slip seam tapeUse along with our Slip Seam Tape to set your blankets in place and prevent them from sliding.
        Simply fasten tape to the corners of your rink blankets to secure them in place. It also enables you to overlap blankets to create one large cover.  CLICK HERE FOR POLYGLIDE SEAM TAPE