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    PolyGlide Ice continues to lead the way in innnovation with the release of the first Hexagon Shaped Synthetic Ice Rink that's strong enough for figure skaters and durable enough for hockey! The PolyGlide Spin Station allows skaters to get a 360 degree workout and offers mutliple rink patterns and designs. 


    • 12-individual triangular panels measuring 1/2" X 47" X 67".
    • 1 -  1/2" X 32" Circular Spin Panel.
    • Multiple layout options and patterns (see map detail below).
    • Hexagon layout measures 14' X 16' when assembled.
    • Solid Core, one-piece construction (no pins).
    • Can be Skated on both sides.
    • Patented Proprietary slip agent only available with PolyGlide Products.
    • Premium grade special formulated polymer plastic complete with 8-year warranty.
    • Self-Lubricating infused surface (No spraying required).
    • Patented Grip-Lock dovetail interlock providing secure installations.
    • UV protected for outdoor use.
    • No weight limit

    Patterns and Designs

    The triangular panel profile allows skaters to assemble mutiple shapes and patterns to create endless rink patterns and designs!

     Here are just a few of the rink patterns that can be created (Highlighted in Blue):

    Spin Map


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