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    Holiday Home Rink

    The PolyGlide Holiday Home Rink package with Free Shipping is the ideal way to Bring the Rink Home without breaking the Bank!

    Our lightweight and portable synthetic ice tiles are built of a solid-core, one-piece construction that is simple to install and disassemble.

    PolyGlide Ice is leading the way in technology and innovation and the Starter Kit is leading the Charge!

    The Starter Kits are glide-infused panels that offer optimal glide and performance!


    This patented design is the perfect size portable rink panel that gets the job done.

    These panels are durable and offer an optimal skating experience for the whole family...any age young or old!

    Bring the Rink Home with PolyGlide Ice! 

    Note: Consider using our starter kit seam tape to prevent the surface from sliding and help flatten-out seams on not-so-perfect subfloors.


    Each Holiday Home RInk Package contains:

    • 16-individual panels, each measuring 1/4" X 24" X 48".
    • 128 Square feet of ice surface per box (prior to assembly).
    • Solid Core, one-piece construction (no pins).
    • Double-Sided and can be skated on both sides.
    • Patented Proprietary slip agent only available with PolyGlide Products.
    • Premium grade special formulated polymer plastic complete with 5-year warranty.
    • Glide Infused surface (No spraying required).
    • Grip-Lock dovetail interlock providing secure installations.
    • UV protected for temporary outdoor use (not long term)
    • No weight limit.


    FREE SHIPPING is included with all Home Ice Tile packages! (Lower 48 USA)


    Learn To Skate At Home

    Our easy to intall synthetic ice panels allows you to easily setting up an ice rink at home for your kids to practice their skills in matter of minutes.

    Train Like Professionals

    Our synthetic ice are endorsed by professional NHL Hockey players and would offer you the same training advantages like the pros.

    Beyond Training

    Our product have been used in many different venues, ranging from Disney films, hockey training facilities, to figure skating studios.

    Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank

    I love the product, skating on the ice felt really good. This is a great business.

    Stan Bowman, Senior Vice President/General Manager of NHL Chicago Blackhawks

    Having the ability to develop your skills at home is an advantage for any player. Both my sons enjoy training at home on PolyGlide Ice.

    Mike Rozsival, NHL Chicago Blackhawks

    PolyGlide Ice is a great home training tool for anyone that wants to improve their game. My boys love it!!

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