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    Our new PolyGlide Pro-Roller surface, with its textured finish for enhanced wheel traction, represents the pinnacle of roller skating surface technology.

    This 3/8" thick panel is designed to offer optimal performance and durability, ensuring a superior skating experience for roller skaters.

    Our new Pro-Roller Panel sets the standard for the latest advancements in poly roller surfaces.

    For those seeking the premier smooth roller skating experience, the PolyGlide Pro-Roller delivers unmatched quality and a feel that enthusiasts will appreciate.

    Color Options: True Blue, Slate Gray, or Frosty White.


    Key attributes of every PolyGlide Pro-Roller Panel include:

    • Solid Core, one-piece construction for lasting durability.
    • Textured finish designed specifically for wheel traction.
    • Patented proprietary technology exclusive to PolyGlide Products.
    • High-grade specially formulated polymer plastic with extended warranty.
    • Patented Grip-Lock dovetail interlock for secure, stable installations.
    • UV protected for outdoor use without degradation.
    • No weight limit, accommodating skaters of all sizes.

    This description retains the essence of the PolyGlide Ice product while accurately reflecting the unique qualities and specifications of the PolyGlide Pro-Roller skating surface.


    *Use the following dimensions for accurate sizing of your rink:

    • Full Panel: Each full-size panel is 3/8" thick, measures 46" X 92", and weighs 80 lbs, featuring a 1-1/2" interlock for seamless assembly.
    • Half Panel: Each half-size panel is 3/8" thick, measures 46" X 46", and weighs 40 lbs, also with a 1-1/2" interlock for easy installation.

    Note: Requires Freight Shipping/ Call for Quote 855-765-9423)

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