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    If you're looking for a new, creative and innovative way to train you've found it here with the original synthetic ice, Slip Slide Board! This low impact slide board is perfect for any age group or skill level making it easy to get a great workout without putting any unnecessary strain on your lower body.

    This board provides a smooth as ice glide that helps you achieve a rapid stride. The ultimate cardio program for anyone looking for a simple work workout.


    Each Slip Slide Board is Made in the USA with our proprietary self-lubricating synthetic ice polymer blend that offers optimal glide and performance. The latest in synthetic ice technology makes this a stand alone board with extra slip!

    Whether you're looking to improve your balance, coordination, or skating skills, the PolyGlide Ice Exercise Slide Board is the perfect tool for you!

    • Slip Slide Board measures 1/4" thick X 20" X 48"
    • Each board comes complete with a pair of Slip Socks.
    • (2) Comfortable cushioned foot stops.
    • Easy built-in carry handle.
    • Skid proof board pads for any surface.
    • Self-Lubricating infused surface (No spraying required).
    • UV Protected for outdoor use.
    • 5-year board warranty.
    • Ice-like. premium grade surface provides maximum glide.

    Lightweight and Portable

    Each portable slide board weighs only 14lbs. and can be easy transported and stored away between uses. Sets up in minutes for a quick workout. (Box Shipped)