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    Transform Your Pickleball Court into a Winter Wonderland for the Holidays!


    Introducing the PolyGlide Synthetic Ice "Pickleball Court Conversion Rink", the quickest, easiest, and most innovative solution for businesses looking to maximize their space and elevate their holiday offerings.

    Convert your existing pickleball court into a gleaming ice rink in a matter of minutes, creating a magical Winterfest attraction for your customers.


    1. Quick & Easy Setup: The genius of our design lies in its simplicity. Most conversions can be done in just about an hour, so you can shift from pickleball matches to ice skating festivities in no time!

    2. Maximize Your Space: Use the infrastructure you already have. Instead of letting your pickleball court remain unused during the winter months, transform it into a lucrative, enchanting winter attraction.

    3. High-Quality Synthetic Ice: PolyGlide Ice is renowned for its impeccable quality. Experience a smooth glide that rivals natural ice, ensuring a memorable skating experience for all.

    4. Low Maintenance: Say goodbye to the constant worries of ice maintenance. Our synthetic ice is designed to be both durable and low maintenance, so you can focus on creating magical moments rather than upkeep.

    5. Boost Foot Traffic: The allure of a shimmering ice rink can be irresistible. Capitalize on the holiday spirit, drawing in more visitors and increasing potential revenue for your business.

    Benefits for Businesses:

    Versatility: Seamlessly transition between pickleball and ice skating, offering a diverse range of activities for your customers.

    Seasonal Attraction: Stand out from the competition by creating your own Winterfest. With the Conversion Rink, you can offer a unique ice skating experience even if natural ice isn’t available.

    ROI Boost: By transforming an existing space into a fresh, new attraction, you’re set to see a return on investment through increased foot traffic and potential rental opportunities.

    Package Includes:

    - PolyGlide Synthetic Ice Panels
    - Edge trim for safety
    - Simple Installation Guide

    Upgrade your holiday offerings, make the most of your space, and watch as your business becomes the talk of the town with the PolyGlide Synthetic Ice "Pickleball Court Conversion Rink".

    Dive into the season of joy with a rink that promises fun, excitement, and countless cherished memories.

    Order yours today and be ready to slide into the holidays!