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    This comprehensive installation kit is essential for setting up synthetic ice panels.

    It includes a 2-pound rubber mallet, designed for efficiency and comfort, reducing installation fatigue.

    The mallet's advanced non-marring face ensures no damage to surfaces, and its ergonomic, fiberglass handle with a rubber sleeve offers a secure, vibration-reducing grip.

    Additionally, the kit contains 15 yards of durable 2" Seam Tape, tailor-made to resist low temperatures and moisture, guaranteeing a smooth and enduring bond for your skating surface.

    • Efficient Installation: 2-pound rubber mallet with non-marring face and ergonomic design for easy and safe panel fitting.
    • Enhanced Durability and Control: Strong fiberglass handle with a non-slip rubber sleeve, designed for lasting, controlled use.
    • Specialized Seam Tape: 15 yards of 2" wide tape, perfect for enduring low temperatures and moisture, ensuring a seamless ice surface.

      Mallet Product Details

      Robust Yet Gentle: This 32-ounce black rubber mallet boasts a state-of-the-art non-marring face, ensuring no marks are left behind on your surfaces.

      • Enhanced Control: Featuring a robust fiberglass handle, this mallet is equipped with a rubber sleeve for a non-slip grip, enhancing control while also diminishing vibration.
      • Built to Last: Crafted with a solid black rubber head, this mallet is designed for longevity. Its strong fiberglass handle complements its durability, allowing for forceful use without damaging either the surface or the tool itself.
      • Superior Quality: Powerbuilt products adhere to, or surpass, ANSI standards, assuring a high level of quality.

      Lifetime Reliability: Engineered for durability, this rubber mallet is not just a tool, but a dependable partner guaranteed to serve you for a lifetime.

      Seam Tape Product Details

      Resilient Two-Sided Adhesive Tape: This robust tape firmly sticks to various surfaces, whether they are sleek, rugged, or irregular.

      • Powerful Yet User-Friendly Adhesive: Its adhesive strength rivals that of heavy-duty glue, yet it remains simple to handle, cut, and peel manually.
      • Multipurpose Protection: Perfect for shielding surfaces from pet scratches, as well as for sealing, repairing, and mounting tasks.
      • Clean Removal, No Damage: Leaves no sticky residue upon removal and is safe for painted surfaces, avoiding any peeling of paint.

      Weatherproof Tape: Designed to withstand the challenges of moisture, humidity, UV rays, and a wide range of temperatures.