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    PolyGlide Ice uses proprietary Pro-Glide technology in polymer plastic manufacturing that offers optimal glide and performance when compared to our competitors. PolyGlide Ice has quickly become a leader in the industry through research and development combined with customer feedback that has helped take our product to the next level.

    Unlike many other competitors flooding the market distributing standard cutting board sheet, we actually make our own polymer formualtion for the sole purpose of ice skating that is second to none!

    While doing your research keep in mind:

    1). We will beat any panel price on quality and performance.

    2). We will match or better any warranty offer from our competitors.

    3). We offer our customers a lifetime LOCKED-IN PRICE GUARANTEE on any additional panel purchases!

    4). PolyGlide is Designed, Manufactured and MADE IN THE USA!


    Please be sure to email us at: should you have any questions or need any additional information about our product!