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    Step One: Pick-A-Panel

    After years of receiving customer feedback as to what best suits their synthetic ice "needs" we have narrowed it down to three (3) options for you to consider while going through the decision-making process. We have listed some of the most popular rink packages to help you get an idea of what product best suits your overall needs and budget (If you're not quite sure please "Request a Quote"):


    Home Starter Kits 

    Pro-Glide Panel



    Infused, Self-Lubricating

    Infused, Self-Lubricating

    Panel Sizes

    When trying to determine "Actual Size" dimensions of your assembled rink be sure to use the panel sizing below then subtract the seam dimension.

    • Home Starter Kit (4-per) = ¼” thick X 24” X 48” (1" Seam), 10lbs.each
    • Pro-Glide Panel = ½” thick X 46” X 92” (1-1/2" Seam), 80 lbs. each

      Infused Surfaces

      infused surfacesIf your rink will be primarily used for ice skating then you may want to consider an infused surface for your project. These panels are manufactured with a slip agent additive that reduces surface friction (coefficient of friction) and does not require any glide enhancers.

      • Ideal for Ice Skating
      • Great for Dedicated Spaces
      • Commercial or Residential installations.
      • No surface Enhancers Necessary

      Non-Infused Surfaces

      non infused surfaceIf your rink will be used for ice skating and/or shooting gallery (in shoes or sneakers) then a non-infused surface may be your best choice. Non-infused surfaces do require a light application of glide enhancer for ice skating but tend to be a little easier to keep clean over the lifetime of the rink.

      • Ideal for Skating Events and Shooting Galleries
      • Non-Slip Textured Surface for Heavy Foot Traffic Areas (prevents slipping)
      • Durable Skating Surface with light application of enhancer.
      • Easy to Keep Clean and Maintain


      rubber malletAll PolyGlide Synthteic Ice panels are fabricated with our patented "Grip Lock" interlocking Dovetail profile to insure a flat skating surface and secure connection. Panels can be easily assembled on any hard, flat surface using a heavy rubber mallet or tamper with protective wood blocking.


      zamboniBoth infused and non-infused surfaces need to be kept clean and free of dirt, dust and debris to maintain optimal performance. Use any PH neutral soap to break-up dirt accumulation on your surface and wipe clean. A soft-scrub mop or brush may be used to loosen-up stubborn scuff marks.

      For outdoor rinks simply rinse with a hose or power-wash with a fine spray. In cold climate areas, provisions must be made to allow for expansion and contraction to avoid stress cracks over time.

      Synthetic ice is a "floating floor", much like indoor laminate flooring and is not to be mechanically fastened in any way. Be sure not to impede the surface around the perimter and to leave a gap if boards or fencing is to be installed.