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    "We have loved having our own rink in the house. Our kids love going down there to play. Our 8 year-old loves to practice all his hockey moves. Our 5 year-old loves to practice dancing on ice! Even our 2 year-old loves to get dressed-up in hockey gear and shoot around. His coordination has really improved since playing on the ice. We had a party the other day and all the adults got together to have a shoot-out competition. It was so much fun! We love our PolyGlide rink!! Thank you for all your help in getting us set-up!"

    Allyn & Dan, Fishers. IN

    "Your PolyGlide product went down in boy's tell me it's just like the real thing!...they skate two hours a night at a fraction of the cost of real ice...Great practice tool!"

    Dan, Pensacola, FLA

    "Last Christmas we decided to get our 1-1/2 year old son PolyGlide Synthetic Ice as his present. Over the past year we have worked with him on skating and playing hockey. He is now 2-1/2 years old, and we are very excited to be doubling the size of his ice rink for Christmas this year! Several times a day he insists that we go to the basement to play hockey. Just last week we took him for the first time to an ice rink. The skills he learned on the PolyGlide Ice transferred directly to the real ice. He stepped right out onto the rink and was off on his own, without help. We saw kids who were several years older than him struggling as they used the skating walkers - Jaxton was fine all on his own. He LOVED it!! This would not have been possible without all his practice on the synthetic ice in our basement. We look forward to seeing how his hockey skills develop this coming year!"

    Jen - Grove City, PA.

    "The PolyGlide ice is down and it is outstanding!! My son has already logged 4+ hours. His team finished 3rd at OneHockey in Philly. The team he played against was loaded with talent, better than last year and we came up against a hot goalie. My son improved as the week went on, he's been working with his hands and eyes in close quarters with PolyGlide and has improved those skills tremendously!" -

    Bob, Hollis, NH

    "I wanted to let you know that my son won a shoot-out competition that was held at the Wells Fargo Center during the Philadelphia Flyers game. We couldn't believe he made it to the finals....but then he won the whole SHABANG!! We were thrilled!! Of course, PolyGlide helped him get there!!!"

    Tami, Newton, PA