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    Attention All Skaters...

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    Here's Exactly What's Included

    green checkmark 32 SF of Ice Surface per Bundle - $330 Value

     green checkmark Free Shipping - $39 Value

    green checkmark Slip Surface Conditioner - $37 Value

    green checkmark Frost Blade Coat - $17 Value

    green checkmark Slip Seam Tape - $15 Value

    green checkmark Total Value = $438

    On This Page Only...Yours today for just $325!!

    Take Control Of Your Ice Time With

    Your Own Home Rink!

    Right Now, Get Everything For Just $325 

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    To take the worry out of your decision-making, ware willing to give you a full Risk Free 100% money back guarantee.

    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase upon delivery, simply ship it back for a full refund!!


    Now, look...

    For every devoted skater, there's a story of challenge that we all share.

    Picture this... 

    The excitement of lacing up your skates is often dampened by the realization that you have limited time to improve your skills.

    First off, the many rinks always seem to be a bit too far away, demanding a long drive or commute, eating up the precious hours of your day. 

    How do you value your time?

    In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Lost time is never found again."

    Even if you decide to make that journey, there's the next hurdle. 

    Peak hours mean crowded rinks, where your dream of working on your skating elements (skills) swiftly turns into a dodging game to avoid collisions.. 

    The spontaneous late-night urge to skate?

    Sorry, the rinks are closed

    And let's not forget about the climate concerns. 

    Those living in warmer regions are often deprived of the seasonal joy of skating outdoors, their hopes melting away like the nonexistent winter ice.

    But let’s say you’ve considered other at-home alternatives.

    Disappointment awaits there too. 

    Many offer synthetic ice tiles that promise an 'authentic feel' but fall dramatically short. 

    They either need constant upkeep, break down quickly, or just can't replicate that genuine icy smoothness you yearn for. 

    Thus, you're left in an endless cycle of anticipation and letdown, with your passion for skating being constantly tested.


    SharkTank Appearance


    Greetings, Skaters! 

    I'm Jim Loughran, and my lifelong love for ice hockey brought me face-to-face with the same struggles you experience. 

    Yearning for a "Home Ice Solution", I embarked on a mission to craft the ideal synthetic ice surface. 

    My journey culminated in the creation of PolyGlide Ice.

    It also led me to pitching my PolyGlide Ice product on ABC's "SHARK TANK"

    But PolyGlide isn’t just another synthetic ice product; it’s a testament to countless hours of research, testing, and refinement. 

    Designed with precision and a deep understanding of what skaters truly desire, it aims to replicate the magic of real ice in every possible aspect.

    The touch, the sound, the feel... everything has been fine-tuned to perfection.

    Why did I invest so much passion into this? 

    Because I believe in the transformative power of skating! 

    With PolyGlide Ice, I wanted to offer every dedicated skater the freedom to embrace this passion without constraints.

    Every panel of PolyGlide embodies dedication, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to quality.

    So, from one skating lover to another, I present to you the future of skating – anytime, anywhere, and just as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

    The PolyGlide Difference

    In today's market, flooded with so many different synthetic ice products, many claim to be the 'real deal', making it hard to decide which one to buy.

    Yet, as many skaters have experienced firsthand, many will leave you disappointed. 


    the polyglide difference

    But what makes these alternatives fall short, and why has the quest for the perfect synthetic ice been so elusive?


    • One-sided Use: Most synthetic ice tiles are single-sided and once one side wears out, they’re rendered useless, redusing the lifespan of the product.
    • Inadequate Glide: The essence of ice skating lies in the glide. However, many other products lack that authentic glide factor, feeling more like dragging rather than skating.This not only diminishes the joy of skating but can also hamper proper skill development and training.
    • Maintenance Hassles: Some panels demand frequent upkeep, be it cleaning, smoothing, or additional treatments.This not only disrupts one’s regular skating rhythm but also adds hidden costs and labor.
    • Limited Durability: Often, synthetic tiles may show quick wear and tear signs, especially at high-contact points, leading to unevenness and potentially unsafe conditions.
    •  Material Flaws: Many brands resort to cheap, injection-molded materials in an effort to cut costs. These can wear out quickly, leading to uneven surfaces and compromising the skating experience.

    It's these persistent pitfalls that deter many from fully embracing synthetic alternatives, keeping the dream of perfect at-home skating always just out of reach.


    green checkmark 32 SF of Ice Surface per Bundle - $330 Value

    green checkmark Free Shipping - $39 Value

    green checkmark Slip Surface Conditioner - $37 Value

    green checkmark Frost Blade Coat - $17 Value

    green checkmark Slip Seam Tape - $15 Value

    green checkmark Total Value = $438

    Yours today for just $325!!

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    Skating has always been about freedom, passion, and the exhilarating sensation of gliding effortlessly. 

    With PolyGlide Ice, we've harnessed these feelings and paired them with unmatched convenience and innovation.

    Here's a deeper dive into the unique benefits that PolyGlide Ice provides.


    1. Unlimited Ice Time: Gone are the days of scheduling, waiting, or compromising.

     With PolyGlide, you have 24/7 access to your personal ice rink. 

    Whether you're a late-night skater or an early bird, the rink is always open for you.

    2. Save Money: Think about those ever-increasing rink fees, travel expenses, and time costs.

    With a one-time investment in PolyGlide, you gain a lifetime of savings. 

    Over time, it pays for itself, all while providing you with infinite ice time.

    3. Master the Skill: Continuous access to a genuine ice feel means consistent practice opportunities to improve your skills. 

    This is invaluable for serious skaters or beginners just learning to skate. 

    Every spin, every move, every skill can be perfected right at home.

    4. All Weather Product: Why be just a seasonal skater and limit your skill sets? 

    With PolyGlide, you get the real feel of ice without the unpredictability of outdoor conditions or the cold.

    5. Low Maintenance: Bid farewell to time-consuming maintenance routines. 

    Designed for durability and ease, PolyGlide requires minimal upkeep, ensuring more time for pure skating enjoyment.

    6. Limitless Locations: Be it your backyard, basement, or living room, transform any space into your personal ice haven. 

    The versatility of PolyGlide breaks all barriers, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor setups.

    In essence, PolyGlide isn’t just a product; it's a revolution, bringing in a new era of skating freedom and convenience.


    The Proof is in the Glide

    While words can paint a vivid picture, true belief often stems from evidence and experience. 

    With PolyGlide Ice, it's not just about promises; it's about tangible results that countless users have felt beneath their skates.

    Realism: One of the first things skaters notice when they step onto PolyGlide is its uncanny resemblance to natural ice. 

    The sound, the resistance, the responsiveness—it’s all eerily similar, proving that we’ve cracked the code of mimicking the real thing.


    social media platform


    Endorsements: Renowned skaters, coaches, and institutions within the ice-skating realm have vouched for PolyGlide. 

    Their stamp of approval doesn’t come easy; it's earned through consistent performance and reliability.

    Scientific Backing: Our claims aren't just anecdotal. 

    Rigorous tests, conducted in state-of-the-art labs, have shown that PolyGlide's glide coefficient matches that of natural ice, solidifying its standing in the synthetic ice hierarchy.

    Community Feedback: Beyond professionals, the skating community, with hobbyists and enthusiasts, has embraced PolyGlide. 

    Their stories, shared across platforms, speak of joyous reunions with a beloved sport, practice sessions without boundaries, and dreams taking flight on a sheet of PolyGlide.

    At the heart of it, PolyGlide is not just a solution—it's a transformation.

    And as every skater will attest, when you're on it, you truly feel the magic. 

    The proof, as they say, is undeniably in the glide.


    Here From Our Satisfied Skaters

    It's one thing for us to extol the virtues of PolyGlide, but the real testimony lies in the experiences of those who've integrated it into their skating lives. 

    Here's a deeper insight into the glowing reviews and transformative journeys of our cherished users:

    Lori B.

    5 stars

    We tried a few other synthetic ice panels and all were horrible until we tried PolyGlide! This stuff is amazing! It’s been a life saver for off season hockey practice! We built a platform in our backyard and my son can go practice anytime! It’s seriously the best stuff and pays for itself in less than one off season between all the ice time we’d have to pay for him to practice! Customer service is awesome too!! Highly recommend!!!

    David C.

    5 stars

    My kids love it! My son loves to skate and shoot the pucks, it’s very realistic. My daughter is a figure skater and she loves going on there. Keeping the ice very clean is key for good performance for the ice, my rink is outdoors in California so keeping the dust and dirt off, makes the performance of the ice much better. This is a great way to keep your kids practicing hockey when they can’t be on actual ice all the time.

    Pamela A.

    5 stars

    We absolutely love PolyGlide! We got it for my 2 kids and they have so much fun on it. My husband and I also love to get our skates on and skate around with them. It is really easy to put to get and take apart!

    Christopher B.

    5 stars

    We got PolyGlide to start teaching our kids how to ice skate. It was very helpful for our family being able to use it comfortably in our own home. It was easy to assemble and the kids loved it. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to start their young children on ice skates.

    Melissa O.

    5 stars

    PolyGlide synthetic ice is absolutely the best! I wish I would have purchased this a long time ago. Transforming my spare bedroom in to a winter wonderland with PolyGlide ice as the center focus amazed all my guests over the holidays. Thanks for such a fantastic and innovative product! I would highly recommend this to families that have kids interested in hockey or figure skating!


    The PolyGlide Ice Home Bundle: Our most sought-after package, carefully curated to ensure you have everything you need for a premium home skating setup.

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    Right now, with PolyGlide's unparalleled synthetic ice solution at your fingertips, you're in the midst of one such defining moment.

    Act now, because tomorrow might be just too late!


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