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    If you enjoy ice skating but dread the idea of having to constantly sharpen your blades, then this special spray formulation is for you.

    Frost Blade Coat protects your skate blade edge from becoming too dull and helps enhance the glide when skating on synthetic rink surfaces.

    Skaters can now reduce synthetic ice surface friction and reduce the amount of sharpening's by treating their blades with a protective coating of Frost.

    Simply apply a fine mist spray to the included microfiber cloth and wipe across the entire skate blade to create a protective barrier that will prolong the sharpness of your blades and make skating that much more enjoyable.


    • 8 ounce spray bottle.
    • Single pump spray head and cap.
    • Microfiber pad.
    • For use with all types of ice skates.


    If you’re an ice skater, then you know that your skate blade edges need to be well-maintained and protected throught the lifetime of the skate.

    Frost Blade Coat is a must have for any skater that wants to limit the amount of sharpening's between training sessions and enjoy more of a natural ice feel while skaing on synthetic ice.

    The best part is that it’s easy to apply—simply coat your blade and start skating!

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