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    PolyGlide Rink Packages

     PolyGlide Starter Kits

    PolyGlide Ice is leading the way in technology and innovation and the Starter Kit is leading the Charge! This patented design is the perfect size portable panel that gets the job done and offers an optimal skating experience for the whole family...any age young or old!....BRING THE RINK HOME WITH POLYGLIDE!!!

    • Each 2' X 4' panel offers eight (8) Square feet of ice coverage.
    • Solid Core and Double-Sided (skate on both sides) unlike hollow flooring tiles...and a lot less work to install!
    • Patented Propriatary slip agent only available with PolyGlide Products.
    • Premium grade special formulated polymer plastic complete with 5-year warranty.
    • Self-Lubricating infused surface requires no spraying..
    • Patented Grip-Lock dovetail interlock providing secure installations.
    • Safe for outdoor use with UV inhibitor protection.
    • Built for any skater young or old!!
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