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    The PolyGlide Pro-Glide is an infused, self-lubricating panel that does not require any surface lubricants or enhancers.
    The Pro-Glide is the "cream of the crop" when it comes to the latest technology in synthetic ice surfaces.
    The Pro-Glide panel measures *1/2" thick X 46" X 92", offers optimal glide and performance with a durability that is built to last.
    If your looking for the ultimate synthetic ice skating experience with a natural ice feel...look no further.

    The Pro-Glide panel can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor installations and provides the latest in synthetic ice technology that is durable and built to last.
    Our product has been used throughout the industry ranging from Disney Feature Films, International Hotels, Hockey Training Facilities, Figure Skating Studios and
    Multiple Organized Events.

    *It's important to use the following dimensions to determine the "Actual size" of your rink when assembled: Each panel measures approximately 1/2" thick X 46" X 92"
    and weighs 80 lbs with an 1-1/2" interlock. (Requires Freight Shipping)

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