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Is it harder to skate on Synthetic Ice?
All synthetic ice surfaces require more effort to perform maneuvers due to the added friction of skating on a polymer surface. This is one of the reason's why synthetic ice is used throughout the industry as a training tool for skaters of all ages. Once skaters are introduced to synthetic ice they often adjust quickly to the surface and make a smooth transition in just a short time

Can I perform a "Hockey Stop" on PolyGlide Synthetic ice?
Yes. All the same maneuvers that can be executed on "natural" refrigerated ice such as stops, starts, crossovers, backwards crossovers, toe kicks and jumps can all be performed on PolyGlide Synthetic Ice.

How long does PolyGlide Synthetic Ice last or will it wear out?
One of the great things about PolyGlide Synthetic Ice is the more often you use it the more the surfaced is "enhanced" by skating. Normal wear from skating reduces friction and skate blade contact with the surface. PolyGlide is built to last many years under normal use.

Can both sides be used to skate on?
Yes, both sides of PolyGlide can be used for skating and can be easily flipped-over and re-installed if needed. PolyGlide is a solid core panel that has a special "Beaded" surface on both sides that can be used for skating.

What type of maintenance is required to maintain a synthetic ice surface?
Obviously an indoor surface that is not exposed to the outside elements will require very little maintenance. Just spray-on and even mist of "PolyGlaze" glide enhancer and you're ready to go. Depending on the amount of usage your rink is getting will determine on how often you will need to clean your surface. If your rink is exposed to excess dirt or dust your skate glide will become compromised.

How often do I need to apply a glide enhancer?
The amount of glide enhancer applications is strictly a matter of preference depending on how you want your synthetic ice surface to perform. Indoor rinks not exposed to rain will require less glide enhancer applications than an outdoor rink.

Is it necessary to use a glide enhancer with PolyGlide Synthetic Ice?
You will not find many synthetic ice manufacturers that will tell you not to use a glide enhancer to improve your skating glide. Some insist that their product does not require enhancers yet they will not steer you away from using them. We have formulated our own "PolyGlaze" glide enhancer that achieves a "natural ice" feel and helps protect skate blades from added friction. If you opt not to use enhancers you may find it necessary to sharpen your blades more often.

Does PolyGlide Synthetic Ice come with a warranty?
PolyGlide comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects that leads to damage to the panels (excluding normal wear).

What separates PolyGlide Synthetic Ice from some other synthetic ice surfaces on the market?
Home Ice Supplies offers PolyGlide Synthetic Ice in four panel sizes which can accommodate virtually any size rink dimension. Our PolyGlide-50 panel offers more synthetic ice surface per square foot and less seams on your rink which is great for any size rink. We also manufacture smaller panels and starter kits for those looking to grow their rink over a period of time. Home Ice Supplies prides itself in offering it's customers a synthetic ice product that provides both quality & affordability!