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PolyGlaze Glide Enhancer

Glide enhancers are an important element for synthetic ice surfaces as they help create more of a "natural ice" feel to enhance your skate glide. As important as chlorine is to a swimming pool, glide enhancer is to your synthetic ice rink to achieve optimum performance. The use of a skate glide enhancer will reduce the amount of friction on your skate blade, thus maintaining your edge a little longer between skate sharpening's.

Home Ice Supplies has developed PolyGlaze glide enhancer to provide synthetic ice owners with a product that is both effective and safe. PolyGlaze is a non-toxic, environmentally safe, glide enhancer that achieves ice like results with just a light application. Simply broadcast an even mist of PolyGlaze across your synthetic ice surface to enhance the performance of your rink. By using PolyGlaze glide enhancer you will help protect skate edges from dulling too quickly.

Our specially formulated PolyGlaze solution is water soluble and can be easily applied to your synthetic ice surface with a garden sprayer. Whether it be for leisurely skating or synthetic ice training, PolyGlaze will enhance the performance of your surface while skating. There can be no question about it, PolyGlaze is the enhancer for your rink if you're looking for that natural ice feel. Our concentrated PolyGlaze solution can be mixed with water to achieve your desired glide performance by following our simple instructions. Any polymer skating surface can benefit from the use of PolyGlaze glide enhancer and has been the choice of many rink owners and training centers

Order your PolyGlaze glide enhancer today and enhance your rinks performance. Call today for pricing or order direct right here at our online store for synthetic ice panels and products!