PolyGlide Synthetic Ice by Home Ice Supplies has become a leader in developing synthetic ice surfaces designed for both commercial and residential installations offering quality and affordability for all clients and customers. Some panel options include the following:

  • Grip-Lock Dovetail Edging Flush Perimeter Edging
  • Radius Corners Lines & Face-Off Circles
  • Goalie Creases
  • New Self-lubricating panels
  • PolyGlide-Pro Skill, Skate & Shoot Pad
  • Dasher Board laminates

In order to provide customers with a large array of panel choices, Home Ice Supplies built an inventory of multiple standard panel designs to accommodate virtually any size rink dimension. Many Home rink customers call us looking for help in finding the best place to install their rink whether it be in the garage, basement or backyard deck the size of the rink is the number one consideration along with the size of the panel. By inventorying so many different panel sizes Home Ice Supplies customers can avoid having to pay additional charges for custom fabrication and keep their synthetic ice rink project on budget.

Our company caters to the customers we serve and along the way we have launched many new innovative panels to make the Home Ice Rink a reality to many customers who felt they couldn't afford one. Our PolyGlide synthetic ice rink polymer plastics are made in the USA and is of the highest grade quality plastics that will insure both performance and durability.

PolyGlide synthetic ice panels and products are fabricated with our special Grip-Lock dovetail interlock profile that insures a tight, almost seamless connection that will give your synthetic ice rink a consistent smooth surface. Let us help you build your rink project to fit your needs and layout design. By providing us with a simple sketch we can fabricate your rink to any dimension, shape or design. If you're looking for radius corners, finished edges, special profiles or shapes we will fabricate your synthetic ice rink or training facility to fit your needs. Colored lines, goalie creases and face-off circles are all part of our vast inventory and are available to those customers looking for a professional ice rink design.

With PolyGlide synthetic ice surfaces, supplies and PolyGlaze glide enhancers you have found your one stop online store to make all your rink purchases without having to use multiple vendors to address all of your needs and concerns.