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The PolyGlide-25 panel measures 1/2" X 5' X 5' and weighs approximately 62lbs.  The "PG-25" is a portable panel that can be used for any type of synthetic ice application both indoors and outdoors. (NOTE: THIS PANEL CAN BE USED WITH THE POLYGLIDE-50, 5ft X 10ft PANEL)
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PolyGlide Synthetic Ice 5 X 5 Half Inch Thickness
PolyGlide Synthetic Ice Panel 5 X 5 Half Inch Thickness
List Price: $255.00
Our Price: $235.00
Sale Price: $200.00
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The PolyGlide-25 synthetic ice panel measures approximately 1/2" X 5' X 5'. This smaller panel can be used with the PG-50 if needed to accommodate mutliple size rink dimensions. PolyGlide panels have a specially beaded surface that helps enhance the skate glide for optimal performance. With our new Pro-Slide technology skaters can achieve an ice like feel and execute all the same maneuvers that can be performed on natural ice. PolyGlide Synthetic ice surface is a stress reduced polymer compound used for both residential and commercial applications. Home Ice Supplies has developed a special "grip-lock" dovetail joint that offers a strong interlocking connection and easy assembly. Special Features Include: • TIGHT, INTERLOCKING PATTERN • QUICK AND EASY SETUP • USABLE ON BOTH SIDES • DURABLE & WEATHER RESISTANT • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE - CALL TODAY FOR SHIPPING DISCOUNT ON ALL PANELS!! FREIGHT SHIPPED 1-855-765-9423